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"History is an account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools."
Ambrose Bierce

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The City

Those who have status within the city of Colorado Springs may be found at this page.

The Court

The Prince

The Prisci Council

The Primogen

Princes Harpy

  • Alan Minoru

Prisci Harpy



Keeper of Elysium

The Covenants


  • General Withers, Nosferatu Carthian
  • Maximillian Stanley, Ventrue Invictus
  • Dr. Felix Mir, Ventrue Sanctified
  • Harold, Ventrue Carthian
  • James, Ventrue Carthian
  • Alexander Harland, Ventrue Sanctified
  • Gray, Mekhet Carthian
  • Robert Paulson, Gangrel Sanctified
  • The Pythia, Ventrue Acolyte
  • The Ukrainian, Ventrue Acolyte
  • Buck Dale Overlock, Gangrel Carthian
  • Ying Tao, Gangrel Invictus
  • Alan Minoru, Mekhet Unaligned
  • Apollo, Ventrue Acolyte
  • Hadus Winthyr, Gangrel Invictus
  • Jacob Raven, Gangrel Acolyte
  • Jonathan Ravenhawk, Mekhet Carthian
  • Ruby Ravenhawk, Mekhet Carthian
  • Valentina Ravenhawk, Mekhet Carthian
  • Vincent DeLozier, Mekhet Invictus
  • Marcus M. Mallory, Gangrel Carthian
  • Father Isiah Burroughs, Nosferatu Sanctified
  • Sophia Blackwood, Ventrue Invictus
  • Dimitri Vladnovich Ostrovsky, Ventrue Carthian (currently missing)
  • Nicholas Valinov, Ventrue Carthian
  • Abigail Carter, Ventrue Sanctified

City Allies

City Enemies