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Dark River Masquerade



-- Wiki page for the MES Cam/Anarch game in Columbus GA.

The Prince's Seal
"Fremonte Crusoe"
Elder Brujah Prince
Columbus GA

Dark River Masquerade
MES, Columbus GA


Twilight Basin Boundaries

Praxis Seat: Columbus GA and Phenix City AL
GA Counties: Harris, Marion, Muskogee, Stewart, Talbot, Troup, Webster.

Twilight Basin Elysia Shown on Map (( OOC: MES Guidelines ))

Praxis Traditions

The Rack is Broadway

VST: User: Nathan P. US2015050103
Assistant Storyteller: User: John H. US2002056163

The Praxis

Prince - Elder Fremonte Crusoe Brujah Symbol.png
Seneschal / Master of Elysium - Elder Dorian Castille Tremere Symbol.png
Sheriff - TBD
Scourge - TBD
Harpy - TBD

Brujah Brujah Symbol.png - TBD
Gangrel Gangrel Symbol.png- TBD
Malkavian Malkavian Symbol.png - TBD
Nosferatu Nosferatu Symbol.png - TBD
Toreador Toreador Symbol.png- TBD
Tremere Tremere Symbol.png - Elder Dorian Castille
Ventrue Ventrue Symbol.png - Elder Michael Donavan

Giovanni Don Giovanni Symbol.png- TBD
Anarch "Baron"- TBD

Prince's Decrees:

Blood Hunted:

Known Kindred Residents of the Area:

Elder Dorian Castille Tremere Symbol.png
Elder Fremonte Crusoe Brujah Symbol.png
Elder Michael Donavan Ventrue Symbol.png
Elder Warren Nosferatu Symbol.png
Ahmed Hassan Toreador Symbol.png
Alexander Castille Tremere Symbol.png
Allen Thorrson Brujah Symbol.png
Bo Bo Honeychild Toreador Symbol.png
Buckaroo Bullseye Toreador Symbol.png
Bustiano Giovanni Giovanni Symbol.png
Carlotta Putanesca Giovanni Symbol.png
Chafulumisa Toreador Symbol.png
Cheshire Williams Brujah Symbol.png
Chet Donahue Brujah Symbol.png
Crowbar Collins Brujah Symbol.png
Donald Giovanni Giovanni Symbol.png
Elizabeth Castille Tremere Symbol.png
Fremonte Crusoe Brujah Symbol.png
Haruku Giovanni FollowersofSet Symbol.png
Isaac Dunsirn Giovanni Symbol.png
Isabella Banks Tremere Symbol.png
Ivan Otrovsky Tremere Symbol.png
Jackie Ripper Brujah Symbol.png
Janie Gangrel Symbol.png
Johnny Amos Ventrue Symbol.png
Jonathan Christoff Toreador Symbol.png
Kieran O'Sullivan Gangrel Symbol.png
Kova Gangrel Symbol.png
Lazerus Gladden (Known Dhampir)
Lizzy B. Malkavian Symbol.png
Mina Gangrel Symbol.png
Morrigan Whitestrake Toreador Symbol.png
Mr. Chimpums Malkavian Symbol.png
Mystery ?
Ned Andrews Nosferatu Symbol.png
Phoebe O'Hara FollowersofSet Symbol.png
Precious Black (Ghoul) OnyxPathGhoul.png
Richard Secrets Malkavian Symbol.png
Saul Feinberg Caitiff Symbol.png
Shavry Malkavian Symbol.png
Skreech Nosferatu Symbol.png
The Miner Nosferatu Symbol.png
Tragedy Gangrel Symbol.png
Ulfric Gaines Gangrel Symbol.png
Vincenso Abramo Tremere Symbol.png
Waldo Goodbar Ravnos Symbol.png
[Jack] Tremere Symbol.png
[Sunshine] Ravnos Symbol.png

In Memoriam:
Rendal the Wicked Giovanni Symbol.png
Tony Rotzi Giovanni Symbol.png
Comedy Ravnos Symbol.png
John A. Smith Assamite Symbol.png
Elder Louisoix Leveilleur Ventrue Symbol.png
Elder Anthony Giovanni Giovanni Symbol.png
Elder Everitt Lawson Malkavian Symbol.png
Amaunet Saliha FollowersofSet Symbol.png

Phenix City is predominantly controlled by the Shadow Court
Columbus is predominantly controlled by the Camarilla
Ft. Benning is considered Off limits

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Meta-gaming Disclaimer
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