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The end of Winter didn't not go out willingly or quietly. In March, the real world DC was hit with large scale snow storms and then ending with heavy rains. In the Hedge this was magnified several times over, covering at first everything over to give an appearance of an arctic wasteland then the rains washed away all the snow and created heavy flooding and high winds created cyclones. Then as suddenly as it happened, it suddenly stopped. The sun has been warm and lovely in the Hedge and then the renewal came with Spring...and kept going and going. Now the local Hedge is a jungle like forest of thorny vines forming a distinct canopy, mid level and ground level. On the ground it is darker and many new Hedge Beasts lurk that have not been seen before. Whole new locations have seemingly sprouted up overnight. With the shift of weather, the rain, snow and now the defrosting some of the older flora have died off and rotted away, revealing various bit of junk such as cogs, gears, wheels, furnaces and whatnot. There is bits of what appears to be wreckage of boats, airships and other vehicles as well. The thorns are always growing however and are slowly covering up these things.

New visitors from a faraway Freehold have arrived. Claiming to come from a "dying freehold" called "The Freehold of Nowhere" they have sought out a new home and to seek their fortune. Some seem benign and helpful, others seem to have a sinister agenda to their dealings. Recently their has been an arrival of helpful Hobs that locals have called "hedge scouts" or "hob scouts" that seem to be bound in a pledge to "help those in need". Why do they do this is anyone's guess.

A horrible Beast calling himself "Baron Fairchild, the King of the Hedge" challenged the Congress of Oddfellows. He sought allies and conscripted Hobs in the Spring, growing an army to challenge the status quo. The army he built decimated many Hob settlements and disrupted life in the Freehold. Once the heat of Summer was upon the Freehold, they skillfully negotiated and allied with the Hobs militas of both Beetle Town and Chyna Towne as well as the Hob Scouters of Local 1503, to fight against this interloper and would be usurper. The Crimson Court of the Iron Spear lead a hunt and slayed Baron Fairchild on the field of battle.

All is quiet as Summer wanes, except now someone has sponsored a contest. Just a simple scavenger hunt...take a picture of this or that. More points if you bring it in. Harmless of course until Lost realize that the items of the least many in part are Token and other items of power. This coupled with Changelings who once were hidden that are now more present makes for troubling and fearful times to come.

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  • Sign in for games can be found here "Lost Check-In" and is required for all players who attend in order to be awarded XP. The VST, Coordinator on Duty and the Site Host will work together in order to ensure that players can sign in. If electronic sign in is down, not working or otherwise not available then other means will be made available.

Proxy Rules

  • Full rules and procedures are pending. There are no "soft proxies" in the EC Region including in the Freehold of the Congress of Oddfellows. All players wishing to proxy need to contact the Lost VST in order to proxy and CC your own VST.

The Court Officials

Congressional Changelings

Congressional Hobs, Fae Touched and Persons of Interest

Hobgoblins, Faeling and Inhabitants of the Hedge

Flora, Fauna, Beasts and Underfae

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Fae Touched, Insane and Those Who Know

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Others Strangeness

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Motleys of DC

Locations of Note

Real World

The Hedge

The Graveyard

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NPCs and events of note

Non-Player Characters

  • Legate of the Black Apple, Her Grace Jennifer Kalte-Augen, Queen of Winter
  • Baron Morgenstern, Friend to the Congress of Oddfellows.