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The Sword of Caine has taken the metropolitan city of Phoenix from the Camarilla. A long shadow stretches over the Valley of the Sun and its conquerors are determined to keep it that way, but the fight is far from over. As word spreads of the Sabbat’s victory, the enemies of the Sword already maneuver against the Cainites. Will Caine’s chosen be able to solidify their claim or will they buckle under the mounting pressure of their enemies?

From the Desk of the VST

Welcome to the Dead Man's Hand Sabbat Venue!

For those of you who do not know me I have been involved in role-playing in some fashion or another since 1996. The Sabbat Venue has always held a special place of honor for me as a player and a storyteller. The Cam/Anarch Venue typically focuses on Kindred struggling to hold onto the fleeting wisps of their humanity. However the Cainites of the Sabbat Venue embrace their darker nature and explore what it truly means to be damned.

Throughout the course of my tenure as Venue Storyteller it will be my goal to highlight the Gothic Horror intrinsic to the World of Darkness. With this in mind there will be a significant focus on Ritae & High Holidays. Additionally, I hope to showcase the complex nature of many Cainites attempting to coexist within the same Diocese. Finally, my aspiration is to leave the legacy of a fully fleshed out Sabbat controlled city of Phoenix.

Any comments, concerns, or questions my be directed to the Sabbat Venue Storyteller email account.

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