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The City of Dallas

The City of Dallas

The Ivory Tower

Since its inception as a Kindred city, Dallas has mostly been politically run by the Brujah clan, which being manipulated from the shadows by the Tremere. In 1969 the Brujah began running rampant in the city, their numbers had increased beyond what they could control and the clan was being led towards anarchy by the current prince. The Tremere were making moves to assassinate him. The Malkavian Arikos learned of this plot and informed the current Brujah prince with the ultimatum of Arikos taking praxis, or the Tremere would kill him. The Brujah agreed, and left the Praxis to the Malkavian. Arikos has not called court since he claimed the city in November 1973. Arikos was able to gain the support of the Tremere by decreeing that he would settle the Brujah issue, and rebellious Brujah were known to show up at Elysium, publically acknowledge their transgressions, and then leave the city, never to be seen from again.

During a particularly nasty psychological break from Prince Arikos in late 2013, the Tremere stepped in again and their then Primogen, took over as Prince until a more suitable option came available. Former Prince Arikos was then sent "to his room".).

The Court:

Prince: Marcellius Adams, Clan Brujah

Seneschal: Alexis Lane, Clan Tremere

Harpy: Gideon the Eldest, Clan Nosferatu

Sheriff: Dean, Clan Gangrel

Keeper of Elysium: Vacant

Scourge: Connor (Silent Bob), Clan Gangrel

Primogen Council:

Clan Brujah: Marius Elder
Clan Gangrel: Talion Messina
Clan Malkavian: Arikos
Clan Nosferatu: Gideon the Eldest
Clan Toreador: Michael
Clan Tremere: Alexis Lane
Clan Ventrue: Aaron Windsor

Known Residents:

  • Marcellius Adams, Clan Brujah
  • Marius Elder, Clan Brujah
  • Justin Welles, Clan Tremere
  • Jack Sanders, Clan Tremere
  • Alexis Lane, Clan Tremere
  • Markus Trens, Clan Tremere
  • Wade Allen Rampart, Clan Gangrel
  • "Silent Bob", Clan Gangrel
  • Natasha Wolfe, Clan Gangrel
  • Talion Messina, Clan Gangrel
  • Thaddeus Bentusi, Clan Gangrel
  • Tesla d'Murani, Clan Toreador
  • Aleister Fry, Clan Malkavian
  • Aaron Windsor, Clan Ventrue
  • Wernerus von Marienburg, Clan Ventrue
  • Cicero Giovanni, Clan Giovanni
  • Horace Watts, Clan Follower of Set

Frequent Visitors:

  • Name, Clan
  • Name, Clan
  • Name, Clan

(The Dallas Feeding Territories Map can be viewed here.)



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Clan Domain Grants:

  • Brujah -
  • Gangrel -
  • Malkavian -
  • Nosferatu -
  • Toreador -
  • Tremere -
  • Ventrue -
  • Giovanni - See Feeding Territories map above.
  • Followers of Set - Garland, TX.

Other Locations:

  • Deep Ellum - "The Rack" of the Dallas praxis, it's open to all Kindred in good standing.
  • Anarch Territories - Collin County, TX.


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Dallas NN.jpg

  • Tensions between members of the Ivory Tower and the Anarch Movement are high.
  • Clan Gangrel & Ventrue are secretly potting a praxis seizure from Clan Brujah.
  • Clan Nosferatu is not wanted in the city.

VST Andrew Thompson

DST Bert Sanders

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Our game site is located at a private residence in Plano, TX. Visiting players should email the VST and RSVP their attendance, also check our Facebook & the domain website for game location and more details.

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