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Asylum Requiem

A venue of The Asylum.

"A vampire lives in a constant state of desire and disgust. His nature often revolts him, but he doesn't have the will to deny his indulgences. There's the killing, but there's also the pleasure, the sensuality, the lust. The sheer ecstasy of it all."
- Forever Knight


Lords and the Unconquered: Des Moines, Iowa, the Asylum, at night.

"There are such beings as vampires, some of us have evidence that they exist. Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples."

--Bram Stoker

Welcome to the capital of Iowa - Des Moines.

We invite you to come by, but bring your political agenda with your switchblade. The night is young, and there are bloodsuckers here. The Asylum presentation of Requiem offers you the monsters who struggle to maintain what's left of their humanity... what am I saying. We'll admit it. We are the monsters who will stop at no costs to get what we want, when we want it. However, when everyone in the group is doing the same.... are you a leader or merely a follower?

The Silent War has went back and forth between the gathering of the Satanists of the Belial's Brood and that of the Kindred of the City's Court. The goal of the game is simple, and yet complex. Utter annihilation of the other, and only one will continue their grip upon the mortals and the influences of the city of Des Moines. Yet, the old Traditions held true, for all good games need rules and guidelines. From the first volley of the war, these rules have held true. First, The Masquerade must be upheld by both sides. You cannot poison the well that you fight over. Two, You make no new childer for the sole purpose of joining the war. Third, No interference from other supernatural creatures. Fourth, the downtown areas of the Des Moines metropolis will be a Sanctuary of the war. It is the place for negotiations, for settlements. For paying blood price if one side or the other breaks the rules. It is a place for feeding.... and the rules of war apply to all in the Sanctuary. No one remembers why the war started, or when. But there are rumors that what both sides are playing for is more than just the ripe of humanity within Des Moines. Somewhere, out in the city is something more precious than blood. More precious than a Requiem....

  • Venue Storyteller: N. Thurston
  • Game Schedule: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month
  • Downtimes: (due by Thursday before game)

  • Requiem Timeline
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  • The Asylum News|Public Rumors and Events

Edicts & Policy

  • The Court-established Elysium is the grounds and building of Salisbury House and where formal court is located (IC) unless otherwise stated by the Master of Elysium. It is only polite to notify your Covenant or Clan representatives before attending Court, hunting, or staying within the Domain boundaries. Outside interference in city matters is not looked upon in a good light.

  • The Fourth Tradition: Elysium: The Salisbury House was built between 1923-1928, and is a Tutor, Gothic and Carolean style manor house. Rumor has it that an Invictus Prince had the house arranged to be built for himself and his vassals before moving to a different house in Des Moines in the 1940s. Upon vacating the Salisbury House, the house was formally used for gathering throughout the 1950s until the Prince's destruction by the Brood in 1959. Strangely though, Salisbury House has maintained it's strange supernatural status as an Elysium and an icon of the Des Moines kindred history since the 1940s, even when the house was among the territory of Belial's Brood.

Persistent Rumors

  • Southern Iowa is like the wild west. With all the Brood, it might as well the Little Round Top all year round.
  • The "first" Prince of Des Moines like to play "disappear" with vampires, Brood or Kindred, that were ill mannered towards one another. No one was happier to see him go than the young and fiery-tempered.
  • The Floods of 1993 wiped out a large populace of the Kindred Court, including the Prince of the Lancea Sanctum.
  • Living in Southern Iowa is not for the faint of heart. Their ways are hard, and they play for keeps. Cowards need not apply.
  • There never seems to be very many Lancea Sanctum in the Des Moines Praxis area. It must be something in the water.
  • When new kindred enter court without invitation or escort, something strange seems to happen. It seems the court of Des Moines has a high sensitivity to Predator's Taint.

The Court of Des Moines, Iowa


The Praxis Court

  • The Prince: Daniah, Nosferatu Lancea Sanctum
  • The Seneschal: Phoebe, Mekhet Ordo Dracul
  • The Master of Elysium: ????, Nosferatu, Invictus
  • The Sheriff: Stephen McCully Mekhet , Carthian
  • The Scourage: Ronan Donnelly, Gangrel, Circle of the Crone

Social Authority

  • The People Harpy: Major Stone, Gangrel, Carthian
  • The Princes Harpy: Vacant


Regencies None at this time


  • Glendale Cemetery, Held by the Circle of the Crone
  • Sky walk system, Held by Daniah

The Council