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This page is for information on local Chapters and Domains, including a Coordinator/ST contact, website/wiki, venues of play, etc.

East Central

The Delmarva Peninsula

Where Darkness Falls - DE-001-I
DST: Jay T. Levy, US2005053502
Venues: *Requiem: VST DE VtR VST *Lost: VST Julian Getz (iADST)
DC: Matthew McGowan
Websites: *Where Darkness Falls (Official DE-001-D Domain Wiki) *viagra en ligne *Requiem of the First Capital (Official DE-001-D Requiem Wiki) *The Radiant Lunacy of the First State (Official DE-001-D Lost Wiki) *Lancea Sanctum of Delaware (player-maintained) *Paris turf


Angels in Rapture  - KY-002-C - Union, KY 

Nox Aerternus -KY-003-C - Burlington, KY 

House of Eternal Night - KY-004-D - Owensboro/Western Kentucky
DC OwensboroDC
DST election under way
VST Requiem Bill Fry
VST Awakening venue closed at reset
VST Forsaken venue closed at reset
VST Lost venue closed at reset
Homepage: [1]
Blood in the Bluegrass - KY-006-D - Lexington, KY
DC James Townsend
DST Brandon Wooten
Venues: Requiem (VST Elmer Gilbert), Awakening/Werewolf (Erik Schlintz), Changeling (VST Scott Hicks)
Homepage: Blood in the Bluegrass 
Local email list: Chapter Yahoo! Group
Nocturnum Theatrum - KY-008-I - Paducah -Murray - Mayfield, KY
CC Caleb Bogaczyk
VST Requiem James Yohe
Venues: Requiem
Wiki: Nocturnum Theatrum
Homepage: Nocturnum Theatrum and Chapter Yahoo! Group

Derby City Doublecross - KY-009-I - Louisville, KY


Shrouded Radiance - MD-001-C Maryland

New Jersey

The Reason You Can't Have Nice Things - NJ-006-I - NewJersey


Dark Heart of Ohio - OH-010-I - Columbus, Ohio & Surrounding Areas
Chapter Website
Chapter Coordinator: Chris Neill
Asst. Chapter Coord: Matt Quillen
Requiem VST: Adam Temple
Requiem aVST: Matthew Cotterill

The_Black_Swamp - OH-016-D North West Ohio (Wood, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Hancock, Putnam, Henry, Fulton, Lucas Counties)
Black Swamp Domain Wiki
Domain Coordinator: Dave Diepenbruck
Domain Storyteller: Tim Hodgden
aDST - General:Cat Rinaldo 
Requiem VST: Kayla Hodgden
aVST - General: Rob Archer
Awakening VST: Yvonne 'Bonnie' Day
Lost VST: Rob Archer
aVST: Kayla Hodgden
Masquerade VST: Dave Diepenbruck
Forsaken VST: None Email the DST

Dark Aria - OH-017-D - Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky Ohio (Butler, Hamilton, Warren, Clermont, Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Grant & Pendleton Counties)
Dark Aria Website
Domain Coordinator: Brian Johnson
aDC: Katherine Bond
Domain Storyteller: Adam Lake
aDST - Dave Hahn
Requiem VST: Geoff Green
aVST - Rules and Regs: Dave Hahn
aVST - IC Resolutions: Katie Bond
Lost VST: Colleen Green
Masquerade VST: Jamie Wilkenson
Sabbat VST: Patrick Cahill
Geist VST: Kevin Bolte
aVST: Heather Vigil
Flames From Ashes - OH-019-D - Southern Ohio (Adams, Brown, Highland Counties)
Flames from Ashes external Wiki
DC: Willie Jones
DST Christopher Service
Requiem VST Steve Kelly
Forsaken VST Kevin Bolte
Awakening VST Mouse Irick
Lost VST Kevin Bolte
Geist VST Dan McNamara
Masquerade VST VST
Forgotten Sins - OH-020-D  (Summit, Stark, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties)
Domain Storyteller: [mailto:]
Domain Coordinator: [mailto:] 
Requiem VST: [2] Adam Smith
Lost VST [3] Larry Lee
Sabbat VST [4] Larry Lee
Cam/Anarch VST [5] Adam Smith
Forsaken VST [] Adam Smith

Eerie Shores Resurrected OH-022-D -- Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Medina Counties, including the city of Cleveland
Google Group
CC: Jim Blaylock

Paradise Found - OH-025-I - Location: Dayton, OH


Steel Shadows - PA-016-D Pittsburgh, PA and Allegheny County
CC Dan Murphy
VST Masquerade Anthony C.
Speakers of the Lost - PA-013-D - Harrisburg PA And South Central PA
DC John Weimer
DST Wendy Showell
VST Lost Tristan Stasiulis
Domain Wiki
Shadow's Veil - PA-003-D - Indiana and Westmoreland Counties
DC Michael Prettiman
DST Kevin Tapper
Shadow's Veil Wiki
The City of Brotherly Love - PA-015-D Metro Philadelphia, PA
DC Cliff Hebner
DST Thomas Wilson
VST Requiem Kenneth Young
VST Lost Ben Little
VST Sabbat Chris DiAngelo
VST Geist Shad Scarboro
VST Mage Colin Cherry


Domain of House Divided - VA-013-D - Richmond, VA
DC: Laura Maynard
DST: Adam Warman
Awakening VST: Brian Shipos
Requiem VST: Justin Sisson
Camarilla iVst: Chris Ost
Sabbat iVST: Chris Ost
Masquerade Wiki: Richmond, VA Masquerade
Local e-mail list: Yahoogroup HD_OOC
Website: Richmond VA Camarilla
Domain of the New River Valley - Va-019-D - Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford and surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator John Reeder
ADC: Schedules April Asbury
CC Midnight Watch Emma Bennett
Domain Storyteller Roger Asbury
ADST:Masquerade Influence April Asbury
ADST: Masquerade J.E. Hambly
VST:Requiem Emma Bennett
VST:Changeling John Reeder
VST:Masquerade Mathew Watts
VST:Sabbat Jason Herman
Domain of the Dark Capital - VA-020-D - Washington D.C. and Northern VA
DC Cindy Jackson
DST Jen Kuiper
Please visit our webpage for a complete listing of VSTs and assistants.
Requiem Wiki: D.C. Requiem
Changeling Wiki: The Diamond Path
Geist Wiki: Unconsecrated Ground
Awakening Wiki: Fall of Long Night
Forsaken Wiki: Washington D.C Forsaken
Mage Wiki: Washington D.C. Consilium
Domain of Hampton Roads - VA-021-D - Hampton Roads, Virginia
DC Malina Armatys
DST Jon O Noble
VST Requiem Charles Masten
Requiem Wiki: DHR Requiem
Domain Deliverance - VA-025-D - Harrisonburg, Staunton, Waynesboro, and surrounding counties, VA
DC John Morgan
ADC Schedules Mel McKinney
DST Chris Ridings
VST Sabbat Chris McKinney
VST Lost Helen White
VST Requiem Chris Ridings
Wiki: Domain Deliverance
Requiem Wiki: Requiem
Changeling Wiki: Children of the Road
Masquerade Wiki: Masquerade
Website:[ Domain Deliverance Meetup]
Domain Title - VA-026-C - Location

Great Lakes

Updated as of 5/21/10


The Asylum - IA-001-D - Des Moines, IA & surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator: Zach Keyt
Domain Storyteller: Lewis Baustian
Venue Storyteller (Lost): Chris Sherwood
Venue Storyteller (Requiem): Nathan Thurston
Venue Storyteller (Masquerade-C/A): John Prutzman
Red Queen's Race - IA-005-D - Ames, IA & surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator: Skylar Rippke
Domain Storyteller: Brandon Windus
Venue Storyteller (Requiem): Michael Moser
Venue Storyteller (Accord): Andrew Adams
Venue Storyteller (Lost): Jeremy Pour-El
Venue Storyteller (Forsaken): Vacant
Shadows of Ankeny - IA-007-D - Ankeny, IA & surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator: John Lind
Domain Storyteller: Rebecca Murphy
Venue Storyteller (Requiem): Keegan Potter
Venue Storyteller (Awakening): Austen Swearinger
Venue Storyteller (Lost): Vacant

Arsenal Nights - IA-008-D - Quad Cities Metro Area (Davenport and Bettendorf, IA and Rock Island and Moline, IL)
Domain Coordinator: Joseph Spennicchia
Domain Storyteller: Chip Porter
Venue Storyteller (Requiem):


Eden Theatrical Society - IL-009-D - Bloomington, IL & Surrounding Areas
Domain Coordinator: Laura Vitale
Domain Storyteller: Joe Vitale
Website: ETS IL009D
Wiki: ETS IL009D
Venues: Werewolf: Apocalypse, BNS: Vampire Masquerade, Changeling: Lost
Under New Management -IL-013-D - Chicago, IL & surrounding areas
DC: Larry Trost
DST: Chris Frye
VST Awakening: Dennis Kuhn
VST Geist: None, see Chris Frye
VST Lost: None, see Chris Frye
VST Requiem: None, see Chris Frye
Domain Wiki: Chicago, IL
Venues: Requiem, Lost, Mage, Geist, Masquerade (Sabbat)
Barb City IL-017-D - DeKalb, IL & surrounding areas
DC: Jessica Woollcombe
DST: Jared Kreplin
VST Lost: Jon Pessin
VST Requiem: Raechel Henderson
VST Sabbat: Alex McConachie
Domain Wiki: DeKalb, IL
Venues: Requiem, Lost, Masquerade (Sabbat)


Twisted Reality - IN-012-D - Terre Haute, Indiana & Surrounding Areas
Domain Coordinator: Charles Oliver -
Domain Storyteller: Jenn Jenvey -
Venues: Requiem - Coming Soon: Masquerade; Geist
Grave Secrets - IN-013-D - Bloomington, IN & surrounding areas
DC: Ruby Elliot
DST: John Scott
VST Lost: Joe Vitale
VST Requiem: Mark Elliott
VST Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent: Jim Moore
VST Apocalypse: Tony Taboas
VST Accord: Keera Ford
Domain Wiki: Category:IN-013-D
Midnight Crossroads - IN-014-D - Indianapolis, IN & surrounding areas
DC: Byron McCullough
DST: Ryan “RJ” Walters
VST Forsaken: Daniel Holton
VST Lost: Matt Quiett
VST Requiem: [ Steven Black]
VST OWoD: UMcCullough
Domain Website:
Domain Wiki: IN-014-D
Middlewhere - IN-016-D - Muncie, IN & surrounding areas
DC: Ben Snyder
DST: Josh Songer
VST Geist: Apryl Warner
VST Lost/Requiem: Zach Scott
VST OWoD: Dave Buckley
Domain Website:
Domain Wiki: Muncie


Domain Title - MI-008-D - Location
Veil of Dreams - MI-014-D - Detroit, MI & surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator: Jen Bussell
Domain Storyteller:Joshua Wong
VST Requiem: Lindsay Shaner
Domain Website:
Domain Wiki: Detroit, MI
Mount Pleasant By Night - MI-015-D -  Mount Pleasant, MI & surrounding areas
Domain Coordinator: Tanya Stewart 
Domain Storyteller: Josh Rebmann 
VST Awakening: Neal Brannan
VST Forsaken: Chelsea Cheney
VST Geist: Interim Nick Farrant
VST Lost: Kay Brannan
VST Masquerade: Jayson Turner
VST Requiem: Michael Ervin
Domain Website:
Domain Wiki: MI-015-D
Domain Title - MI-017-I - Location


Caine’s Karnival - MO-017-D - Columbia, MO & surrounding areas
DC:  Patricial Dartt 
DST: Michelle Marsh
ADST Forsaken: Jim Moreland
VST Requiem: Shad Van Den Hul
VST Masqerade: Jerry Zeits
VST Awakening: Geoff Scott
VST Lost: Jerry Zeits
Domain Website:,_MO
Wiki: Columbia, MO
Domain Title - MO-021-I - De Soto, MO & surrounding areas
Gaslight Memories - MO-028-D - St. Louis, MO & Surrounding Counties
Domain Coordinator: Mitch Mayberry
Domain Storyteller: Matt Maerli
Requiem Venue Storyteller: Eric Hughes
Awakening Venue Storyteller: n/a
Lost Venue Storyteller:  n/a
Forsaken Venue Storyteller:  n/a
Masqerade Venue Storyteller:  Michael Santschi
Sabbat Venue Storyteller:  Don Slinkard
Web Site:
Wiki: Gaslight Memories
Domain Title - MI-029-I - Location


Southeast Wisconsin - WI-001-D - Kenosha & Racine, WI
Domain Coordinator: Matt Gnepper
Domain Storyteller: Miranda Gnepper
Requiem Venue Storyteller: Ed Backing
Forsaken Venue Storyteller: Ed Backing 
Lost Venue Storyteller: On Haitus
Website: [Under Construction]

North Central


Ashen Plains - NE-005-D - Omaha and Lincoln, NE
Domain Coordinator:  Rusty "Rusty Bukoski"
Domain Storyteller: Angel"Edna Hughes"
Accord Vst: Arron Cox
Requiem VST (Omaha):VACANT-
Lost VST: Vacent
Forsaken VST: VACANT- 
Requiem VST (Lincoln): Vancant
The Kearnies - NE-006-D - Kearny, NE


Shrine of the Crimsonstar - CO-012-D - Pueblo, CO
Domain Code: CO-012-D
Website: Shrine of the Crimsonstar
Wiki: CO-012-D
DC: David Stephenson
DST: John Gordon
VST Requiem: Delaine Shambo
VST Awakening: Gabe Romero
VST Forsaken: Melissa Adams
VST Geist: Kenneth Green
Shadowed Peaks - CO-015-D - Colorado Springs, CO
Website: Shadowed Peaks
Wiki: Shadowed Peaks
Chapter codes: HoAH - CO-005-C
               KoR - CO-006-C
DC - Anastasia Storer
DST - Raymond Bruells
VST Requiem - Korri Smith
VST Forsaken - Mykle Mcgovern
VST Awakening - Jerad Sayler
VST Lost- Russell Duff
VST Geist - Jason Shick
VST Masquerade - Russell Duff
Corazon de la Obscuridad - CO-016-D - Denver, CO
DC- Juliet Meyer
DST- Val McManamy
VST Requiem, Denver - [6]
VST Requiem, Golden - [7]
VST Lost - Emily Rathwaetdh
VST Masquerade, Cam/Anarch - Selina Ostberg
VST Masquerade, Sabbat - Audry "Fox" DePierre
The Imagination Foundry - CO-017-D - Brighton, CO
Domain code: CO-017-D
Website: The Imagination Foundry
CC- Andrew Trujillo
VST Masquerade, Cam/Anarch - Charlotte "Kiz" Anderson


Dark Heartland - KS-020-D - Kansas City, KS, Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas.
Domain code: KS-020-D
Domain Coordinator: James Holman
Domain Storyteller: David Doherty
Requiem Venue Storyteller: Eric Breckencamp
Awakening Venue Storyteller: Scott Milner
Cam-Anarch Venue Storyteller Geoff Hinkle
Sabbat Venue Storyteller: Tom Willis
Wheat Wolves - KS-011-D - Lawrence KS
Prairies of Darkness - KS-024-D - Manhattan KS & Topeka KS


Legion of Shadows - Missoula, MT - Missoula, Flathead, and Ravalli Counties
Domain code: MT-001-I
Chapter Coordinator: Ryan Goble
Lost Venue Storyteller: Adrienne Keith
Cam-Anarch Venue Storyteller April Douglas

North Dakota

Nuclear Winter - ND-001-D - Minot ND
Domain Coordinator: Adrian Ward US2007101123
Domain Storyteller: Todd Hickel US2007059914
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Lost

North East


Midnight Rose - CT-005-D - Norwich,CT
Domain Coordinator: Cara Scheck US2010096615
Domain Storyteller: Joseph Figlar US2003102317
Website: Midnight Rose
Venues: Requiem, Lost


Pending Doom - ME-008-D - Presque Isle, ME
Domain Coordinator: Jason Hair US2011098049
Domain Storyteller: Derrick Burbee US2002022150
Website: Pending Doom
Venues:  Accord
Domain of Endless Winter - ME-009-D - Portland, ME  
Domain Coordinator: Tim Sawyer US2010055987
Domain Storyteller: Matthew Dobson US2002022023  
Website:  The Domain of Endless Winter Wiki
Venues: Sabbat, Lost, Requiem


Shattered Antiquities - MA-003-D - Boston Metropolitan Area and Southern New Hampshire
Domain Coordinator: Pamela Brozowski US2014060061 
Domain Storyteller: Krista P US2014020102
Venues: Requiem, Forsaken, Masquerade, Accord, Lost

New York

NY-004-D Children of the Lost Eden
Area: New York City
Domain Coordinator: Ephraim Gregor US2012030038
Domain Storyteller: Matty J US2009104868
Website: Children of the Lost Eden
Venues: Lost, Requiem, Accord, Awakening, Cam/Anarch (Orphan Venue)
NY-006-D Lost Souls
Area: Rochester, NY
Domain Coordinator: John Christensen US2002021510
Domain Storyteller: Dave Hart 
Venues: Forsaken, Requiem
NY-008-D Requiem of Albany
Area: Albany, NY + 30 mile radius
Domain Coordinator: Phil Armstrong US2002096585
Domain Storyteller: Marina PatelosUS2004061581
Website: Requiem of Albany
Venues: Lost, Requiem, Accord

Rhode Island

RI-002-D The House on 276 Angell St
Domain Coordinator: Tim Brosnan US2009023655
Domain Storyteller: Jenn Gerardi US2005116891
Website: The House Next Door
Venues: Awakening, Requiem


VT-001-D Rutland by Night
Domain Coordinator: Ted Brooks
Domain Storyteller: Jeramiah Desautels
Website: Rutland Forums
CityBook: Rutland CityBook
Venues: Requiem, Forsaken, Lost

North West

Regional Coordinator: John Gruber
Regional Storyteller: Tony Davis
Website: NorthWest_Region
Website: in construction
Google Calendar: Linked 
Updated: February 2, 2013


Domain of Seattle - WA-73-D - Seattle, WA
Domain Coordinator: Lindsey Douglas
Domain Storyteller: Jason Goodwin
Website: The Dark Emerald Social Club
Facebook: Domain of Seattle
Venues: Accord, Apocalypse, Changeling, Geist, Masquerade, Requiem
Updated: Feb 13, 2016
Vancouver After Dark - WA-077-D - Vancouver, WA
Domain Coordinator: Brian Buckley
Domain Storyteller: Jason Sullivan
Website: http: N/A
Venues: Masquerade & Sabbat
Updated: September 4, 2011
Domain of Olympia - WA-075-D - Olympia, WA
Domain Coordinator: Timothy Snyder
Domain Storyteller: Timothy Austen
VST Accord: Trason Dazell
VST Cam/Anarch: Tim Austen
Website: [Domain of Olympia]
Venues: Accord, Cam/Anarch
Updated: June 12th, 2013
Domain of Tri-Cities - WA-076-D - Tri-Cities, WA
Domain Coordinator: Chana L. Holt
Domain Storyteller: Loren Kallio
VST Masquerade: Loren Kallio
VST Sabbat: TBA
Website: WA-076-D
Venues: Masquerade, Sabbat, Tri-Cities Lost 
Approved for: Requeim, Forsaken and Awakened but not running at this time.
Updated: August 26, 2010


Shrouded Arbor - ID-002-D - Boise, ID
Domain Coordinator: Bonnie Mosley
Domain Storyteller: Ian Mosley
Venues: Masquerade
Updated: March 6th, 2010


Theater of Roses - OR-036-D - Portland, OR
Domain Coordinator: Jessica Kleczynski
Domain Storyteller: Matt Brooks
Website: Theater of Roses cam wiki
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Forsaken, Lost, OWoD Vampire the Masq Cam/Anarch & Sabbat, and Werewolf the Apocolpse 
Google Calendar: Yes
Domain of Dreams - OR-039-D - Lane and Benton County, OR (Eugene)
Domain Coordinator: Autumn Wright
Domain Storyteller: Keegan Clements-Housser
Website: Domain of Dreams Cam wiki
Venues: Masquerade: Cam/Anarch, Masquerade: Sabbat, Requiem
Google Calendar: Yes


[Frozen Sun] - AK-012-D - Fairbanks, AK
Domain Coordinator: Amber Fulkerson-Interim
Domain Storyteller: Jack Cote-Interim
Venues: Forsaken, Awakening, Requiem, Lost, Geist
Updated: 28-JULY-2012
[Eternal Night] - AK-003-D - Anchorage, AK
Domain Coordinator: Shuniqua Dietz
INTERM Domain Storyteller: Mattias Flensburg
Venues: Requiem: 2nd and 4th Sundays noon-night. 
        Masquerade: 1st and 2nd Sundays Noon-Night
Updated: 9-JUNE-2011

South Central


Shadowed Towers - AR-008-D - West Memphis/Jonesboro, AR===
Domain Coordinator: Lee Stuart
Domain Storyteller: Aaron Coleman
Venues: Masquerade (Cam/Anarch)
Triumvirate of One - AR-012-D - Little Rock, AR===
Domain Coordinator: Krista Guthrie
Domain Storyteller: Christopher Morris
Venues: Awakening, Forsaken, Requiem, Lost, Geist, Sabbat
Website: Little Rock, AR
Fayetteville By Night - AR-013-D - Fayetteville, AR===
Domain Coordinator: Cory Gray
Domain Storyteller: Ryan Moore
Venues: Changling, Requiem


Nights of the Red Tables - LA-002-D - Ruston Area, LA
Domain Coordinator: Pending Election
Domain Storyteller: Bobby Lee
Venues: Masquerade (Cam/Anarch)
Blood, Fire, and Fidelity - LA-003-D - Shreveport-Bossier Metropolitan Area, LA
Domain Coordinator: Matthew "Kert" Caillouet
Domain Storyteller: David McFarland
Wiki site: Shreveport
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Masquerade(Independent and Sabbat)
Hilarity Ensues - LA-006-D - Baton Rouge, LA
Domain Coordinator: Alexadner Mckey
Domain Storyteller: Justin Merrell
Website: In the Works
Venues: Mage, Lost, cam/Anarch
NoLaStCall - LA-005-D NoLaStCall - New Orleans, LA
Domain Storyteller: "Krazy" Mike Anderson
Domain Coordinator: Aaron "Duckie" Lirette
Website: [8]
Wiki: New Orleans (Vin Blanc)
Venues: Requiem, Lost, Awakening, Sin-Eaters, Sabbat, Cam/Anarch


The Midnight Yell - TX-057-D - Bryan/College Station, TX
Domain Coordinator: [mailto: Jennifer Cross]
Domain Storyteller: [mailto: Jed Tressler]
Website: in progress
Wiki: Domain of The Midnight Yell
Venues: Requiem, Changeling
Collateral Damage - TX-058-D - Dallas, TX
Domain Coordinator: Debi Hodges
Domain Storyteller: Joshua Taylor 
Wiki Entry: Dallas, TX
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Lost, Forsaken
Civitas de Immortalis - TX-059-D - San Antonio, TX
Domain Coordinator: Melissa Wabler
Domain Storyteller: Ryan Knight
Wiki: San Antonio
Venues : Requiem Live, Requiem IRC, Forsaken Live, Forsaken IRC,
Lost, Awakening, Geist
Midnight Magnolias - TX-061-D - Houston, TX
Domain Coordinator: Kat Rheinbold (
Domain Storyteller: Sam (
Wiki Entry: TX-061-D
Venues: Werewolf, Cam/Anarch Masquerade
Silent Redemption - TX-064-D - Beaumont, TX
Domain Coordinator: Shelley Brian (rizzella at
Domain Storyteller: Kevin Brian (paradoxprophet at
Wiki Entry: The Meritocracy of Southeast Texas
Website: in rebuild          
Venues: Requiem
No Witnesses - TX-065-D - Austin, TX
Domain Coordinator: Lucas Clendenen
Domain Storyteller: Peter DeSalvo
Website: No Witnesses website
Wiki Entry: Austin, TX
Venues: Requiem, Cam/Anarch, Sabbat, Awakening
Structured Dreams - TX-066-D - Huntsville, TX
Domain Coordinator: Carlie Cox ([9])
Domain Storyteller: Joshua Davis([10])
Wiki-Entry: [[Huntsville_TX|Huntsville, Texas]
Venues: Requiem, Mortals, Troupe
Westward Haven - TX-068-D - Fort Worth, TX
Domain Coordinator: Ryan Wilson [mailto:]
Domain Storyteller: Matthew Maddoux
Website: none
Venues: Requiem, Sabbat, Forsaken (Downtime/Proxy), Changeling (Downtime/Proxy), Mage (Downtime/Proxy), Geist (Downtime/Proxy)
Iron Orchid - TX-029-C - Austin, TX
Chapter Coordinator: Folded
Parent Domain: No Witnesses (TX-065-D)
Website: Iron Orchid
Killeen Fields - TX-055-D  - Temple/Killeen/, TX
Domain Coordinator: Matt Rockhold
Domain Storyteller: Susan Rockhold
Website: in progress
Wiki: Domain of Killeen Fields
Venus: Requiem,


Native Nights - OK-008-D Tulsa, OK
Domain Coordinator: D. A. Boone
Domain Storyteller: Mitch Remy
Requiem VST: Will Laymance
Awakening VST: David Lanning
Accord VST: Meredith Fajardo 
Website/Wiki: Native Nights
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Accord
Ivory Tower Domain- OK-011-D Stillwater, Ok
Domain Coordinator: Gary Hailey
Domain Storyteller: Mike Wells
Awakening VST: Sarah Munn
Forsaken VST: Sharon Wells
Lost VST: Vernon Reich
Requiem VST: Vernon Reich
Venues: Awakening, Forsaken, Lost, Requiem
Eternal Midnight Domain- OK-010-D Oklahoma City, OK
Domain Coordinator: Harley Cox
Domain Storyteller: Josh Jaques
Changeling VST: Kristina Brummett
Requiem VST: Robert Curtis
Venues: Requiem, Changeling
Website: wiki Eternal Midnight

South East

A complete listing of chapters and domains in the SE Region can be found on the Southeast Region Website.

Regional Calendar on Google: Camarilla Southeast


AL-001-D - Shadowed Plains - Auburn/Opelika, AL
Domain Coordinator: Charlie Vick
Domain Storyteller: Scott Brown (US2002021082)
Awakening VST: Victor Cross
Requiem VST: Seth Steele
AL-009-D - Big Fire - Huntsville, AL
Domain Coordinator: Carrie Paulsen 
Domain Storyteller: Deb Clark  US2002022584
VST Masquerade, Camarilla/Anarch: Ryan Holdbrooks (US200202363)
VST Masquerade, Sabbat: Deb Pelletier Clark (US2002022584)
VST Requiem: Jason Clark (US2002022190)

AL-016-D - Southern Nights - Montgomery, AL
Domain Coordinator: Pending Election
Domain Storyteller: Pending Election
Requiem VST: Pending Election
AL-020-D - Noctis Ferratilis - Birmingham, AL
Domain Coordinator: James Strader (US2004081680)
Domain Storyteller: [mailto: Scott Melvin] (US2002022332)
Requiem VST: Jacob Schiermann (US2010116931)
Sabbot VST: James Strader  (US2004081680)


FL-005-D - We Bleed Peace - Brevard County, FL
Domain Coordinator: Courtney Jurcak
Domain Storyteller: Robby Rindone
Sabbat VST: Jay heaney
Masquerade VST: Tony Zinni
Mage VST: Selena McDevitt
FL-011-D - Poisoned Absinthe - Gainesville FL - see wiki page
FL-019-D - Dimensions of Discordia - Marion, Lake, Citrus, Volusia, Hernando and Sumter Counties 
Domain Coordinator: Jennifer Hastings
Domain Storyteller: Eddie Nelson
Masquerade VST: Jaime Walter
FL-024-D - A Flooded Stage - Pensacola FL
Domain Coordinator: Mir Shasteen-US2002022426
   Assistant Domain Coordinator:  Clay Larrabee-US2002022454
Domain Storyteller: Vince Childs-US20072059928
Masquerade VST: Steve Shasteen-US2002022290
Awakening VST: JJ Morris-US2008092950
FL-032-D - Sangre Del Sol - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Domain Coordinator:                    Lior Gonda US2010066100
   aDomain Coordinator - Prestige:     Sean Cook US2002023593
Domain Storyteller:                    Brian Welch US2008113208
   Venue Storyteller - Accord:         Josh 'Thunder' Herman US2008113208
   Venue Storyteller - Apocalypse:     Katie Viola US2012070087
   Venue Storyteller - Cam/Anarch:     Ariel Barkhurst US2011108161
   Venue Storyteller - Sabbat:         Sean Cook US2002023593
FL-034-D - Bay of Tears - Tampa FL
Domain Coordinator: Brian Quinn
Domain Storyteller: Justin Diaz
Awakening VST: Emmet Negrette
Forsaken VST: []
Requiem VST: Carl Richter
Cam/Anarch Masquerade VST: Becky Quinn
Sabbat/Indy Masquerade VST: [Leah Chase]
Domain Calendar
FL-035-D - Dark Embrace - Orlando, FL
Domain Coordinator: Hannah Vaughn - US2007101215
Domain Storyteller: Keith MacArthur - US2008092884
Cam/Anarch Masquerade VST: Mike Mershon - US2002021405
Apocalypse VST: Keith MacArthur - US2008092884
FL-037-D - Lee County, FL
Domain Coordinator: Owen Sutter - US2005096569
Domain Storyteller: B. "Simon" Smith - US2004011047
Awakening VST: Kris Marlowe - US2004051430
Requiem VST: Kimberly Cooper - US2005116880
FL-040-D - The Devil's Playpen - Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties
Domain Coordinator: Erik E. Mederos
Domain Storyteller: Stacey Mell
Requiem VST: Josh Chaney
FL-042-D - Fair Escape - Seminole County
Domain Coordinator: Trinity D'Agostino (US2005106652)
       ADC Web: Rich Hurvitz (US2006088317)
Domain Storyteller: Brian I (US2006088263)
       Mage VST: Christopher Zdenek (US2006057834)
       Geist VST: Austin Zeigler (US2004011014)
       oWoD Sabbat VST: Carlos Ramos (US2006067999)
       oWoD Toreador VST: D Leahey (US2006067969)
FL-045-D - Caseus Sto Unus - Charlotte County
Domain Coordinator: Richard Miller-US2004122512
Domain Storyteller: Rae Barnett-US2005012695
FL-046-D - Black Sheep - Lee County, FL
Domain Coordinator: Charlyne Lees-US2007059972
Domain Storyteller: David Hofmann-US2002106704
Lost VST: Julie Peloquin-US2007019308
Mage VST: Owen Sutter-US2005096569
FL-001-C - Scarlet Sin - Tampa FL
Chapter Coordinator: Jason Price-US2005033137
Website: None
FL-038-C - The Crimson Coast - Sarasota County, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Teresa "T.J." Weghorst - US2005022839
Requiem VST: J.T. Tremaine - US2005075811
FL-039-C - Children of the Forgotten Way - Charlotte County, FL
Chapter Coordinator: R.J. Miller - US2004122512
Requiem VST: Robert Scott - US2005075725
FL-043-C - Fort Misery - Lee County, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Jim Kovacs-US2008042143
FL-044-I - This Land - Jacksonville, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Daniel Conner-US2002023478
FL-047-C - The Wrong Turn - Gainesville, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Constance Lloyd-US2008113183
Chapter Storyteller: Ryan Morgan-US2003112512
FL-048-C - Wolf Moon - Hernando County, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Jennifer Hastings-US2009054115
Chapter Storyteller: John Story-US2002034299
FL-050-I - The Black Point - Cutler Bay/Homestead, FL
Chapter Coordinator: Jonathan Reyeros-US2006017216
Requiem VST: Jorge Reyeros-US2006037440


GA-009-D - Marionettes in Night's Performance - Rome GA
Domain Coordinator: Bryan Tocco
Domain Storyteller: Quentin Brown
Awakening VST: Justin Melton
Forsaken VST: Josh Graham
Lost VST: Dixie Tocco
Requiem VST: 
Domain Website:
GA-010-D - Black Dog of the Camarilla - Atlanta GA
Domain Coordinator: Luciann Draper
Domain Storyteller: Patrick Gerrity
Awakening VST: Clay Draper
Forsaken VST: Kaeli Chambers
Requiem VST: Jason Rummel
Domain Website:
GA-011-D - Garden of Good and Evil - Savannah GA
Domain Coordinator: Lonnie Thompson
Domain Storyteller: Jeremy Norton
Awakening VST: Jason Arons
Cam/Anarch VST: Lonnie Thompson
Forsaken VST: 
Lost VST: K Lynskey
Requiem VST: 
Domain Website: Facebook: Savannah Camarilla
GA-012-D - River Reflections - Augusta GA
Domain Coordinator: Alan Saul
Domain Storyteller: James David Williams
Requiem VST: 
GA-013-D - Twilight Basin - Columbus GA
Chapter Coordinator: Viriatha Cordova
Chapter Storyteller: Phil Palmer


MS-001-D - Radiant Triad - Starkville MS
Domain Coordinator: Daniel Maldonado
Domain Storyteller: Drew Summers
Awakening VST: Daniel Austin
Forsaken VST: Drew Summers 
Requiem VST: John White
Lost VST:  Greg Daniels

North Carolina

NC-006-D - Wisterian Nightmares - Raleigh-Durham NC
Domain Coordinator: Gretchen Adragna
Domain Storyteller: Alex Adragna
Cam/Anarch VST: Nathan Kelly
Sabbat VST: Richard Miller
Forsaken VST: Matt Price
Requiem VST: Jared Novak
Awakening VST: Casey Annis
NC-007-I - Queen City Nights - Hickory, NC
Domain Coordinator: Shannon Small
Domain Storyteller: James Ingram
Interim Awakening VST: Larry Henson
Changeling VST: Tonya Henson
Mortals VST: Shannon Small
Interim Requiem VST: Larry Henson
Domain Website:
Venues: Awakening, Changeling, Mortals, Requiem
NC-008-D - Hidden Mysteries - Charlotte, NC
Domain Coordinator: Ben Walker
Domain Storyteller: Ralph Goniea
Awakening VST: Kevin and Lucy Steele
Requiem VST: John Foster
Lost VST: Christina Dillon
Masquerade VST: George Farmer
Forsaken VST: Stephanie Puett
Domain Website:
Venues: Awakening, Requiem, Lost, Forsaken, Masquerade, Geist (on hiatus)

Puerto Rico

South Carolina

SC-011-D - Dreams of Blood - Greenville, SC 
Domain Coordinator: Jeanine McMicheals
Domain Storyteller: Sean McLaughlin
Camarilla/Anarch VST: Randy Adams
Sabbat VST: Matt Slaton 
Domain Website:  D-Greenville
SC-012-D - Charleston by Night - SC
Domain Coordinator: Elizabeth Namiotko
Domain Storyteller: James Johnson
Requiem VST: Eric Mattson
Camarilla/Anarch VST: Bryan Namiotko
Sabbat VST: [11]
Domain Website:  D-Charleston


TN-011-D - Nashville Nocturne - Nashville TN
Domain Coordinator: Nashville DC
Domain Storyteller: Nashville DST
Werewolf the Apocalypse VST: Nashville WtA VST
Masquerade VST (Cam/Anarch):Masquerade CA VST 
Domain Website:
TN-013-I - Fabricati Diem Pvnc - Johnson City TN
Chapter Coordinator: 
Awakening VST: 
Forsaken VST: 
Requiem VST: 
Chapter Website:
TN-014-D - Knoxville TN
Domain Coordinator: Shae
Domain Storyteller: Suzanne Johnson  
Lost VST: Brian Baker 
Forsaken VST: David Hargis
Requiem VST: Raven
Geist VST: Chris Thornton
Masquerade VST: Suzanne Johnson
Domain Website: Knoxville Camarilla
TN-015-D - Rock City Torment - Chattanooga TN
Covered Counties: 
    Tennessee - Bradley, Catoosa, Marion, Sequatchie, Walker, and Hamilton.
    Georgia - Dade.
Domain Coordinator: DC Shannon Whitworth
Domain Storyteller: DST John Fiddler  
Lost VST: Lost VST Philip Booker 
Forsaken VST: Forsaken VST [Currently Unfilled]
Requiem VST: Requiem VST [Currently Unfilled]
Geist VST: Geist VST [Currently Unfilled]
Masquerade VST: Masq VST Amanda Fletcher

South West


Dead Man's Hand - AZ-010-D - Phoenix, AZ
Domain Coordinator: Valerie Pless
Domain Storyteller: Brandon Thompson
Website: DMH
Chapter: Tithe of Souls - AZ-016-C
 Coordinator: Geoff O'Hara
Chapter: Delusions of Grandeur - AZ-017-C
 Coordinator: Kyle Detrick
Chapter: Fear & Loathing in Arizona
 Coordinator: Anthony Fuentes
Venues: Requiem, Forsaken, Awakening, Lost, Geist, Cam-Anarch & Sabbat
Nomads of Twilight - AZ-009-D - Sierra Vista, AZ
Domain Coordinator: Jared Royka
Domain Storyteller: Jeremy Ambrose
Website: N/A
Venues: Requiem, Forsaken, & Lost


Dark Tower - CA-022-D - Fresno, CA
Domain Coordinator: Michael Ditto
Domain Storyteller: Byron Miracle
VST: Masquerade: Ron Edens
Venues: Masquerade, Requiem, Changeling
La Maison du Sanguinaire - CA-028-D - San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA
Domain Coordinator: David Mercer
Domain Storyteller: Matthew Patrick
Venues: Cam/Anarch, Sabbat
Domain of the Twilight Chronicles - CA-037-D  Modesto & Stockton, Ca
Domain Coordinator: Kim L. Fuentez-Anderson
Domain Storyteller: Stephen Russell
VST: Modesto Requiem: Mike Houston
VST: Stockton Requiem: Tyson "Pickle" Murphy
VST: Awakening: Kwei-Cee Chu
VST: Sabbat: Dutch Nored
Website: Pending
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Sabbat
Domain of Myst - CA-051-D - San Francisco, CA
Domain Coordinator: Corissa Hinkley 
Domain Storyteller: Vernon Dorethy
Website: Domain of Myst
Venues: Requiem, Changeling
Black Magic Kingdom - CA-052-D- Orange County, CA
Domain Coordinator: C.R. "SpiderTeo" Teodoro
Domain Storyteller: Jeremy Wood
Website: Orange County, CA
Venues: Awakening, Lost, Requiem
Domain of Los Angeles - CA-053-D - Los Angeles, CA
Domain Coordinator: Justin Searles
Domain Storyteller: Ryan Brandos
Venues: Changeling, Requiem, Forsaken, Geist, Sabbat
Strange Bedfellows - CA-056-D - Sacramento, CA
Domain Coordinator: Sarah Caviness
Domain Storyteller: David Majesie
Masquerade - Cam/Anarch VST: Chris Kummer
Masquerade - Sabbat VST: Chris Foster
Apocalypse VST: Edward Monical-Vuylsteke
Lost VST: Huibert Knoester
Website:  Strange Bedfellows
Venues: Sabbat, Cam/Anarch, Apocalypse, Lost
Veil of Shadows - CA-057-D - San Diego, CA
Domain Coordinator: Matthew Giezentaner 
Domain Storyteller: Joseph Moon
Website: Veil of Shadows
Venues: 2 C/A, Sabbat, Requiem
Unconquered Sun - CA-058-D - Sonoma and Napa Counties, CA
Domain Coordinator: Sasha Dillman
Domain Storyteller: Jon Grimmer
VST: Requiem: Nick Pilon
VST: Awakening: Chris Campione
VST: Masquerade Sabbat: Chris Campione
VST: Masquerade Cam/Anarch: Matt Weinstein
Website: Sonoma and Napa Counties or
Venues: Requiem, Awakening, Masquerade: Cam/Anarch, Masquerade: Sabbat
Last Refuge - CA-000-D - San Bernardino County, CA
Domain Coordinator: Ken Letteer
Domain Storyteller: Michael Jackson
VST: Masquerade Cam/Anarch: Michael Jackson
Website: Last Refuge
Venues: Masquerade: Cam/Anarch


Hawaii 5 0h! - HI-005-D - Honolulu, HI
Domain Coordinator: Heath Withrow
Domain Storyteller: Richard Barlett
Requiem Venue Storyteller: Josh Collins
Awakening Venue Storyteller: Richard Barlett
Masquerade Venue Storyteller Heath Withrow
Geist Interim Storyteller: Richard Barlett
Venues: Requiem, Masquerade, Awakening, Geist

New Mexico

Dark Desert - NM-001-D - Albuquerque, NM
Domain Coordinator: Marco Terrazas
Domain Storyteller: Matt Moorman
Website: Mailing List and The Dark Desert
Requiem VST: Jon Cottrell
Forsaken VST: Mark Truman
Changeling VST: James Bronaugh
Chapter Moonlit Damnation
Chapter Coordinator: Leslie E. Dawson-Bevill
Chapter Requiem VST: James R. Bevill


Ancient Gamble - NV-008-D - Las Vegas, NV
Domain Coordinator: Chris Avila
Domain Storyteller: Neil Merrick
Website: None Currently
Venues: Requiem, Cam/anarch, Sabbat

Songs of the Sand - NV-004-D - Reno, NV
Domain Coordinator Aaron Gomez
Domain Storyteller: Jeff Wilson
Venues: Requiem, Changeling, Mage, Masquerade


Domain of Salt Lake - UT-014-D - Salt Lake City, UT
Domain Coordinator: Stacie Bullough
Domain Storyteller: Mike Elledge
Venues: Awakening, Requiem, Masquerade - Camarilla/Anarch, Masquerade - Sabbat

Global Independent Regions

NC: Raymond Sweetsir GIR NC
NST: Kevin Drugan GIR NST


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