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April 1 - June 30, 2017

Champions against Disease & Illness

Regional Drive Duration: 4/1/2017 - 6/30/2017

Together the East Central Region can help make a difference for Disease Research Groups and the Charities who help those still fighting Chronic Illness and Disease. Great charities exist that not only help cure the sick, but also ease the financial burdens of the suffering. This Region is filled with so many caring and compassionate people. This quarter, the East Central Region would like to sponsor you giving to your favorite charity that aids the sick, or that hopes to find a cure for the future.

There are a variety of ways that you can earn prestige for this charity drive, listed below.

  • Any charity of your choosing which provides funding for disease research or patient care/support! We are offering prestige at the standard rate of $3 = 1R. Places like…
  • Contact your local hospital! With the summer fast approaching, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring sunshine to the life of those stuck in the hospital. Contact your local Pediatric center or Hospital to volunteer however you can! (1 hr = 10R; max 30R/month)
  • Organize a day for your domain to volunteer at a local hospital or cook dinner at a Ronald McDonald House. (1 hr = 10R; max 30R/month)

If you think of something else that you believe fits with this theme, please feel free to contact me at arc.charity@ec.mindseyesociety.org, and we can discuss! If it’s in theme, I’m pretty open to suggestions.

Charity Reporting

Participation in this charity drive MUST be listed in a separate section on the DC Report, under "Recommendations to Regional," please do not include a total of prestige recommended. The final award determination will be made by the EC Regional Coordinator and listed in the monthly RC report.

In order to receive prestige, some form of documentation must be received. In the case of item donations to a non-MES drive please take a photo of the items donated and send it either with or in lieu of a receipt. Supporting documentation should be emailed to your direct coordinator and copy the aRC Charity (arc.charity@ec.mindseyesociety.org). The prestige is reported on your domain report under the Regional Prestige section.

Every month of this drive, you can earn a maximum of 30 Regional Prestige.

General Example

Regional Prestige Recommendations

Arthur Pendragon US199923422 Donated money (Org name)(Amount)(4/14/17)---include receipt

Lancelot Du Lac US200421476 Donated Clothing to Mothers with Cancer Support Charity (Total Cost of supplies and clothing) (4/14/17)--include screenshot & receipt

Morgan Le Fey US200113422 Organized domain Visit to (Hospital name) Pediatric wing (# of hours) (4/14/17)

Merlin US201703416 Performed magic tricks for the Elderly in Hospice Care (Photo of You at the event - preferably smiling) (# of Hours) (4/14/17)