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Pack Totem

Owl watches and strikes silently. He holds hidden wisdom, and inspires his favored children, the Silent Striders, to do the same. He flies with death even into the Dark Umbra; the widespread belief that owls are spirits of the vengeful dead aren't completely baseless.

Traits: Wings in the Umbra (Speed of Thought flight speed), Wise x1, Quick x1, sees through all darkness, +2 traits for comparison of ties and overbids in Occult and Stealth challenges, Occult x2, Stealth x1, three temporary Wisdom on joining.

Ban: Owl requires that the pack leave small rodents in the woods for him and his children.


Pack Position Character Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Sept Positions
Alpha Sees the Hard Truths Silent Striders Philodox Homid Elder Master of Challenges & Eldest Philodox
Rages unto Glory Wendigo Theurge Homid Adren
Cuts the Cord Uktena Ahroun Homid Cliath

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