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This Tribe follows the teachings of Rabid Wolf (Gurim-Ur), revering things such as disease and religion.

"Let not a false statement lie."

Fanatics, Zealots, Con-Men

The Fire-Touched are the most populous of the Pure Tribes and the most welcoming of outsiders into their ranks. The Tribe refuses to forgive the Forsaken for the murder of Father Wolf, building their entire function of the Fire-Touched tribe around that hatred. The Tribe will not rest until the Forsaken pay for their deeds against Father Wolf in blood.

It would be a grave mistake to think of the Fire-Touched as composed solely of fanatics with little perspective. Many of the Tribe are skilled orators and understand the inner workings of both the human and the Uratha mindset. They are skilled manipulators, twisting words and legends to their own ends. The Fire-Touched use doubt and hesitation as effectively as any claw or klaive.


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