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With origins shrouded in rumor, those of Clan Gargoyle are reported to have been seen starting in the 12th century. Originally seen as savage monsters and mindless slaves, through the years, the clutch has grown in influence among their kind. They have freed or aided many Free Gargoyles. Importantly, the line has a dislike of the infernal.

Modern Gargoyles are Embraced and the process still eradicates all traces of the vampire’s memory, rendering each new Gargoyle a blank slate. Older Gargoyles teach their childer the story of the bloodline’s enslavement, ensuring that each generation knows the atrocities suffered at the hands of the Tremere. With their hideous appearance, Gargoyles are a threat to the Masquerade and must always keep themselves hidden from mortal eyes.

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Gargoyle Lineages

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