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The Fenrir Terms

Fostering - Breed
Gode - Spiritual leader of the Sept (Most often the Master of Rites)
Holmgang - Challenge
Hov - Sept
Jarl - Sept Leader
Jormungandr - The Wyrm
Jotunn - Servent of the Wyrm
Len - Bawn
Ragnarok - The Apocalypse
Ting - Moot
Vandring - Stepping Sideways

The Fenrir Rank Terms

Cliath - Junge
Fostern - Voksen
Adren - Elev
Athro - Laerer
Elder - Eldre

The Fenrir Breed Terms

Homid - Manskr
Metis - Metis
Lupus - Ulfr

The Fenrir Auspice Terms

Ahroun - Modi
Galliard - Skald
Philodox - Forseti
Theurge - Godi
Ragabash - Rotogar

More information to come..This is for the MES Werewolf Apocalypse Venue.


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