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This is the venue page for NWOD Combined: the Accord in Grand Rapids, MI.

VST: Rocky Batton

Regular Schedule:
2nd and 4th Sunday of every month (Sign-In: 4:00 P.M., Game-On: 4:30 P.M.)

GrandLAN Gaming Center
55 Division St N.
Grand Rapids MI 49503

Or go to this Maplink.

For parking, enter the alley behind the gaming center that opens up onto Fountain St. and park there.


Grand Rapids Cell

The Grand Rapids Accord Cell and Status write up can be found here.

(Status •••••)

(Status ••••)

(Status •••)

(Status ••)

(Status •)

The Missing

The Fallen

OOC Information and Resources

Downtime Procedure
Downtimes are to be submitted via the Grand Rapids Accord Downtime Submission Form.
If a Player lacks the ability to use the form, Downtime Actions can be handed to the VST in writing at the conclusion of each scheduled game.

Non-Accord Status

News Items

As the chronicle progresses, in character actions which result in news coverage will have that coverage compiled in this Google Group.
Players are encouraged to sign up and participate in the Group Page as it is possible to gain XP through these means.

Non-Accord Supernatural Societies

Grand Rapids City Guide

The City Guide can be found here.

Accord Addenda and Guides

The Accord website can be found here.

The Accord section of the Minds Eye Society website can be found here.

The list of Accord specific addenda can be found here.

The list of MES supported Accord mailing lists can be found here.

The Reality Quotient Calculator for determining a Player Characters personal RQ can be found here.

Accord character sheets developed by MES member Jamie Roy (US2004080053) can be found here. Note that these are effectively custom sheets. They are works in progress.

The Accord Magic Item Guide can be found here.


Grand Rapids Accord Style Sheet

nWoD: Accord VSS

1. Basic Information
a. VSS Name: Tainted Designs
b. Domain: MI-017-D
c. Game Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude): 42.9633° N, 85.6681° W
d. VSS Physical Boundaries: Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon Counties
e. VST: Rocky Batton
f. DST: Emilie Flynn
g. Usual Game Time and Place: GrandLan Gaming Center, 55 Division St., Grand Rapids MI 49503
2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

2. Style of Play (rate 1-5 each)
a. Intrigue: (How intense the Politics are in the Cell): 3
b. Domestic Focus (How much time each PC needs to spend managing their relationship with non-Accord NPCs from their Template): 4
c. Interspecies Cooperation (How well members of the local Cell are expected to get along): 5
d. Graphicness: (How intense the blood, violence and evils are): 5
e. Scale of Stories: (How epic and huge the stories are): 4
f. Action Level: (How much action and combat is there): 3
g. Enigmas: (How much mystery and investigation is there): 3
h. Corruption: (How dark and tragic it gets): 2
i. PvE: (How much focus is on general PvE): 4
j. PvP: (What kind of PvP is there): 2

3. Venue Synopsis

a. Basic Description: Grand Rapids, MI has been a city void of any supernatural activity for a long time. Then suddenly, an incident occurs in the middle of the city. It takes a group of mortals, who are just coming into their supernatural existence, to battle the incident and overcome it’s reality bending effects. General focus of most plots: Mortal interaction with limited supernatural taint in the beginning. The longer the venue goes, the more supernatural interaction there will be.

b. Focused Realm: Most of the game will be played in the Mortal World, though there will be a push for players to experience all of the different realms, and find their own way to cull the approaching storm.

c. Brief History: The Cell formed due to an incident that occurred, and they had to combat it. They then realized that once the battle was over, their lives would forever be linked.

4. Character Restrictions

Target Character RQ: 0-60
Max Character RQ: 100
What is the max allowed RQ for locals and/or Visitors? 120 for Visitors
Template Restrictions: None at this time

5. Venue Specific Notes
The Player should provide the ST access to the materials related to their character sheet – books, rules, etc. if the ST does not have access to them on their own. Powers do not always quite work as they should – the VST has ultimate authority in the case of rules calls. Remember that the VST may not have every access to every book to help in cross-venue madness. They are given the benefit of the doubt by the ST chain in most cases.

6. Proxy Rules
PCs must gain VST approval to be simultaneously present both in the jurisdiction of the storytelling staff and outside of it. Characters that come into the game with effects cast on them by other characters will be required to provide the name of the casting character, the name and contact information for the player of the casting character and the name and contact information of the ST who supervised the casting, as well as any item cards with or without effects placed upon them; this information should be provided at check-in. All such effects must also be approved by the VST before the characters upon whom such effects are cast may enter play.

No proxy will be accepted later than 36 hours before the game in question, though late entries may plead their case and be accepted at VST discretion. Players must have a printed copy of their character sheet, with approval and xp logs with them before they will be allowed to participate in the game.

7. Travel Risks
Traveling into the city is can be dangerous at this time. There is a chance that upon traveling in or out of the city, a scene will be ran to see if you make it in or out.

8. Experience Awards

Exp Awards: The max amount awarded each month is 14xp.

5XP Per Game Session whether or not you are in costume
4XP Per Monthly Down Time Action

Other ways for you to earn 2 XP outside of the normal xp award:
Win the Exceptional Roleplay Award for the Evening
Win the Best Costume Award for the Evening (available only if you are in costume)
Win the “OMGWTFSTFUBBQ” Award for the Evening

Other ways for you to earn XP outside of the normal xp awards:
Participation in the IC Google Group – 1xp per 100 words of relevance, and not filibuster.
You must have a character on the VSS Database before these XPs will be awarded.

9. Current VSS Reality Quotient: 488

10. Aberrations (House Rules)
Venue Specific Governmental bodies will be controlled by the VST. Each governmental body is a set of NPC, and if the PC becomes the leader of said body, then they must purchase Merit Retainers 5 (Venue Government Body), i.e. Retainer 5 (Kindred Court).

This Venue uses the standard Armory and Armory Reloaded books for all Armory options. If a player wishes to use Armory Reforged, then they are allowed to do so.

More Aberrations will be added as needed.

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