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This is the venue page for Mage: the Awakening in Grand Rapids, MI.

VST: CJ Bates

Regular Schedule:
2nd and 4th Sundays of each month (Sign-In: 2:30 P.M., Game-On: 3:00 P.M.)

Battle Front Gaming
4560 Bowen Blvd, Ste F
Kentwood, MI 49508


Early 19th century – Joseph and Madeline La Framboise establish a trading post in what is now Ada (the first permanent mercantile in the West Michigan area). A local Ottowa Apostate named Crow takes an interest in the couple.

1826 – Grand Rapids is officially founded by Louis Campau. He builds a cabin, a trading post, and a blacksmith shop on the east bank of the Grand River near the rapids. Campau returns to Detroit.

1827 – A skirmish breaks out between Crow and a Diamond Cabal that has followed the trading boom. This sets off a number of smaller conflicts between the Ottowa cabal and the Atlanteans, as the Atlanteans attempt to force the indigenous people to conform.

1829 – The conflicts escalate quietly, with both sides calling upon their allies for aid. Among the influx of new mages is a small Praetorion Pylon of the Seers of the Throne. The Shdaow is rapidly changed into an even more dangerous place due to the lingering violence, worsened by both sides of the struggle bargaining or compelling local spirits to fight for them.

1831 – The Apostates and the Diamond form an uneasy truce due to evidence of a Scelestus operating in the area. In November, the Scelestus is cornered and killed in the Shadow, though the fight leaves a terrible Wound there. After his death, the fighting resumes. The Seers of the Throne begin to infiltrate the local consilium posing as Apostates.

1837 – The last of the Ottowa Cabal agrees to leave the area, but warns the Diamond mages that the land will exact it's blood tithe from them.

1845 – After slowly building their resources, the Seers of the Throne lash out at the local consilium in a devastating pre emptive strike. Five of the twenty mages are killed in the first night, with seven more slain in the resultant days of confusion.

1847 – The remaining Diamond Mages give up on Grand Rapids and abandon it completely to the Seers of the Throne. A single progressive member of the Silver Ladder stays behind, Hezekiah Smith (Shadow name Peter) and purchases land in Spring Lake from the state and plans to establish a colony of free blacks. Threats from white settlers instigated by Seers force Smith to disband the colony three years later.

1853 – With no outside opponent to keep them united against, the Praetorian pylon quickly falls into infighting and backstabbing as they all try to improve their own standing. The Diamond mages return in autumn and a cold war begins as both sides try to eliminate the other without sleeper witnesses.

1867 – After almost a decade and a half of fighting, the last known Seer of the Throne is executed. June 3rd is made a day of remembrance of all those who died in the fight on both sides.

1870 - Frances Rutherford is appointed Grand Rapids city physician, the first woman in the United States to hold such a title. Several orders have claimed her to be a member of their organization though no proof exists that she was Awakened at all.

1900- The Nameless Orders are recognized as the Free Council, unambiguously rejecting an offer of membership from the Seers of the Throne and transforming the Diamond into the Pentacle. Within a matter of years, the conflict between the two great magical factions has gone from a slow game of carefully-considered move and countermove to a mad scramble for advantage, mystical power, and social influence.

1903 – The first Free council cabal, The Freed Slaves, takes residence in Grand Rapids.

1904 – A man dying of influenza awakens as an Obrimos, though the experience erodes his already unstable mind. His powers build and lash out culminating in the Flood of 1904. He is found 3 days later and executed by the local Interfector. October 5th sees the dedication of the Ryerson Library to the public. The resultant spirits of knowledge and information readily accept an alliance with the local Pentacle.

1907 – The Alabastine mines open in Wyoming.

1911 - The Seers of the Throne are distracted by a strike of furniture laborers that lasts 4 months. The pentacle presses the advantage and rapidly outgrows the Seers in local influence. The Freed Slaves Cabal spearheads a movement that causes a new charter to be adopted for the city.

1917 - Due to increasing tensions locally between the Seers and Pentacle, the Hierarch who is a Silver Ladder, forbids the Awakened from participating in the War to End All Wars.

Late 1920's - The stock market crash causes 1/2 of the local furniture factories to close, leading to an unemployment of a full quarter of Grand Rapids laborers. Spirits of Desire, Hunger, Famine and the like all grow greatly during this time period.

1940's - A new Hierarch has assumed control of the Consilium and when the US joins WW2, the Awakened are left to their own consciences about whether to join.

1960's - A waning of Awakenings leads to dwindling Pentacle presence. When the Seers are found to have been enticing more than half of the new awakenings with offers of power, the Pentacle attacks. The Seers counterattack is vicious and effective. The last member of the Freed Slaves Cabal is killed, and the handful of remaining pentacle go underground to survive.

1975 - Efforts begin to reclaim territory where Pentacle Consiliums had gone silent and counterattack against Seer Pylons. While it will be many decades more before many lost Consiliums are reclaimed, the apparent disaster of the 1960s is largely reversed.

1986 - A cabal of Seers is found brutally murdered. The Consilium finds evidence of a Werewolf attack. Having mostly scholars and only one Adamantine Arrow, they decide to send a thank you note to the werewolves.

1988 - An apostate named Genevieve has joined the Adamantine Arrow and received martial training. She quickly gathers a cabal and becomes one of the major powers of the Consilium.

2001 - A ghost mage is discovered haunting the Gerald R Ford museum. Eventually the consillium discovers that it's the ghost of "Crow", the Ottawa Apostate who first met the Diamond mages. The Hierarch grants him an honorary citizenship forbidding any mage from compelling, attacking or dismissing him. In return he is usually willing to speak with the Pentacle mages.

2011 - The protests that come to be known as the Occupy Movement are touched off by widespread dissatisfaction with economic inequality. While traditional state power apparatus prove incapable of managing the protests, private organizations step in to back, organize, and bankroll private responses. The fingerprints of Seer manipulation are all over the whole affair, but there's no evidence of it supporting any of their usual objectives.

2012 - Towards the end of the year, Awakened prophets begin experiencing visions of a renewed conflict, though the particulars remain shrouded in mystery. Werewolves kill the mad Hierarch and when they turn their attention to the other mages, Genevieve steps forth to defend them and kills one of the wolves bare handed. The others death rage. The spirits are the only witnesses to the fierce battle but after that the word quickly trickles in that the spirits are absolutely terrified of her and refuse to deal with the Consilium anymore. Genevieve becomes Hierarch.

2013 - Genevieve steps down allowing a council to rule in her stead. Later this year, the council is attacked. Saul and Hertz (the Mysterium and Free Council representatives) are both killed, Genevieve is missing as is her entire cabal, the Silver Ladder representative leaves to gather a pylon of Seers and the Guardian Interfector is missing; presumed dead. The Tremere send it's newest member as an envoy to the Consilium that has new leadership and gains rights to heritage hill in exchange for not leaving their domain. The Tremere count it as a win and begin to fortify their territory for an assault that surprisingly never comes.

2015 - A member of the left-handed legacy "Cult of the Doomsday Clock" successfully infiltrates the Vault, a Mysterium Censorium. He manages to free a higher ranked member (second attainments), who activates his clock and then steals the remaining magic items from the rubble.

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