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This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade (C/A/I) in Grand Rapids, MI.

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This page contains information about Grand Rapids, Michigan that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

VST: Nathan Marzolf

Regular Schedule: 4th Fridays of each month (Sign-In: 6:30 PM, Game-On: 7:00 PM, Game-Off: 11:00 PM)

Out of the Box Gaming (Attached to TC Paintball)
5212 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49548


Current Setting

Mt. Pleasant was the capital of the Michigan Imperium, which was ruled by the Malkavian Elder Mircea De Luna. In November 2013, after the death of his Sire, Mircea De Luna, Prince John Smith declared Grand Rapids as an independent domain -- which it has remained to this day.

The Court

= Primogen Council

  • Brujah - Jassinia Shaw
  • Gangrel - Macy Ashford
  • Malkavian - Jinx
  • Nosferatu - Ivan Ivanovich
  • Toreador - Aislin Fox
  • Tremere - Gabriel Cromwell
  • Ventrue - Catherine Pershing

Citizens of Grand Rapids

Former Residents and Visitors

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who were former residents of this city or whose activities in the city's history might be known to others. Completely clandestine interactions may be listed, but should be listed with a disclaimer making that clear.

Please provide the character's name with a wiki link, a date or date range, and brief information about the character's role in the city.

Welcomed Visitors

Historical Residents

  • Salvatore Giovanni (2011): Salvatore pays a visit to Grand Rapids after the city’s court is devastated by a Sabbat raid. While there, a pack of shovelheads unearths itself in a cemetery and its members begin feeding off of each other. Salvatore accompanies a coterie of locals and other visitors from |Mount Pleasant to eliminate the threat and repair the breach in the Masquerade, attributing the cannibalistic behavior of the Sabbat vampires to consumption of “Bath Salts”.
  • Reading Gaol (1999): The Ancilla Malkavian set down roots in the then-Praxis of Prince John Smith - Childe of Elder Mircea de Luna.

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