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This page is for the GL region's Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity. For the MES Sabbat-focused continuity in the GL Region, see the GL Sabbat Continuity page.

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GLaRE 2016 Information

OOC Information about GLRE Masquerade:

  • GLaRE
  • GLaRE Masquerade C/A/I
  • GLaRE Masquerade C/A/I
  • GLaRE Masquerade C/A/I

IC Information about GLaRE Masquerade:

  • Information about the hosting Camarilla city of Twin Cities
  • Information about the nearby Camarilla city of Milwaukee
  • Information about the nearby Camarilla city of Chicago
  • Information about the nearby Anarch Free State of Green Bay

Index of Documents for Camarilla/Anarch/Independent in the GL

US National Document Links

Other MES National Support Documents for Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent


  • MES Masquerade Addendum
  • Cam/Anarch Character Creation Document
  • Lore Chart (for the MES chronicle)
  • Dark Renaissance Setting Guide (how our chronicle interacts with BNS setting and history)
  • Prominent Conclaves in History (historical material for the MES chronicle)
  • Cam/Anarch Timeline (historical material for the MES chronicle)
  • US NPCs of Note (material for the MES chronicle)
  • Clanhead Guide (material for the MES chronicle)
  • MES chronicle clan guides for the 7 Camarilla clans and the Giovanni
  • Index of MES Mailing Lists
  • Index of MES List Premises (the IC idea of how/why the list works)

There you will find the selection of lists available from MES. Especially important for play in the larger MES chronicle:

  • owod-masq-ooc
  • owod-masq-anarch
  • owod-masq-anarch-ooc
  • owod-masq-camarilla
  • owod-masq-cam-anarch-independent-ooc
  • owod-masq-character-ties
  • owod-masq-st (for Storytellers)

And hosted by MES for the GL region:

  • us-gl-masq-camarilla-ic
  • us-gl-masq-anarch-ic

Global Background Registry Form

Global Background Registry

GL Regional Links

OOC Help and Information Documents

Interested in Regional Prestige for playing NPCs in the GL? (non-GL players welcome to apply): GL NPC Casting Call Registry (Masq C/A/I only)

Regional Style Sheet Documents

Character Creation Guides for the GL Region

Storyteller Documents

GL Regional Setting Materials

GL Regional Clan Materials

GL Regional Masquerade E-mail Lists

Chronicle Launch GL Boon Lottery Information

This page is for the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity in the GL region. Email the ARST at Rebecca S. If you are looking for the Sabbat continuity, try the Great Lakes Sabbat page.


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