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In the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent venue continuity, this city is run as a GL Dark Place on the Map.

This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade (C/A/I) in Green Bay, WI.


This page contains information about the Green Bay, WI that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

ST Contact: GL ARST Masquerade CAI

Games in Green Bay: MES has no OOC presence in Green Bay, so no LARP games are run there. Some GL IRC games may be set there.

Current Setting


Closer even than Milwaukee to the ancient strength of the Lupines in the North of the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland, Green Bay stands on the edge of Kindred civilization in the United States, far removed even from the courts of Canadian Kindred farther north. But fed by the political castoffs and refugees of harsh Camarilla rulers elsewhere in the region, Green Bay has existed for nearly 100 years as a Free State, if only a small one with little power to influence Kindred society beyond the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland. The Free State arguably only came to exist because the Camarilla had "bigger fish to fry" in Detroit and Chicago, but the Anarchs of Green Bay are not above taking their stand while "the Man" is down, so to speak. "You do what you have to do," is a common phrase in Green Bay for that reason.

Life in Green Bay is hardly easy for the Anarchs, even with their political autonomy. While the Camarilla enjoys the dedicated and skilled force of the the Anubi to specialize in the the defense of Milwaukee, Green Bay lacks such a contingent. While they endeavor to be tough enough to endure, they are much closer to the Lupines home range, and so they bear the brunt of more attacks, especially during the northern summer, when nights are short and daytime maneuvering affords the Lupines an incredible advantage. If the Anarchs had more of Clan Gangrel among their numbers, perhaps matters would be different, but they lack that advantage enjoyed by the Camarilla.

An additional challenge is their isolation. The Free State is bounded to the south by the domain of the infamous former Archon Vladimir Penzl, known by some as "the real Chicago slaughterhouse". Notably, the current Archon Samuel Vesper also resides in Milwaukee, keeping a watchful eye on any Anarchs who dare to come around since they quit the city in the 1990s. To the west sit the Twin Cities, a powerful and stable Camarilla court which has never had room for Anarchs. Finally, removed by the waters of Lake Michigan to the east is the Michigan Imperium, ruled by an autocratic Madman who somehow seems to hold the Lupines at bay single-handedly, and who has no pity for those whose loyalty lies anywhere but the Camarilla. The Free State of Green Bay is, in effect, boxed in. Only the enemies weakness and distractions with other threats truly prevent them from falling upon Green Bay with full force. But until that happens, the Anarchs of Green Bay are free, and they will defend that freedom valiantly. Meanwhile, their leaders guide them in crippling the Camarilla by its own mechanisms, such as the masterful application of prestations at the worst possible time for the Camarilla - a skill Baron Tommy Hinds learned from the best.

The nearest Camarilla court is located in Milwaukee, WI. No other Free States exist in the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland, though a significant presence of Anarchs led by Helene, Rev, and Vanhook in Indianapolis gives the Movement hope for some dynamic changes in the future.

Identitatis Populi

Pp anarchs.jpg

Baron: Tommy Hinds (Ventrue)
Other leaders of the Green Bay Anarchs:
Constable: Edward Scott, "The Black Prince" (Brujah)
Ambassador: DJ Barth (Toreador)
Architect: Tommy Walker, a.k.a. “Elucid” (Nosferatu)

Green Bay News Reports

Gangs of Green Bay

The Kingsmen

Amendment the First

Clan Destiny

Free Agents of Green Bay (i.e., Anarchs without a gang), nicknamed "The Tommy Guns"

Former Residents and Visitors

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Former Residents

Historical Visitors

History of Green Bay and the Surrounding Area

Green Bay 1867.jpg

Before the end of the 19th century, Green Bay was just a small town of less than 10,000 Kine: hardly worth the notice of the Camarilla. But like many other Midwestern cities around 1900, Green Bay's population exploded. Even so, it wasn't until the 1920s, when the population broke 30,000, that small groups of Kindred began to take shelter there from the political pressures of the larger Camarilla courts.

As it turns out, anti-Anarch policies furthered in Chicago under Lodin helped shape the destiny of Green Bay by driving Anarchs into the relative safety of the northern city, far enough away from the Windy City that Lodin didn't care what they did, as long as it wasn't in his city. Meanwhile, the Camarilla court of Milwaukee under Terence Merik wrestled with its Anarchs, who enjoyed support from Green Bay and the option to withdraw there when the going got too tough and they needed to let things cool down. As politics turned more and more against the Anarchs in the later 20th century, their numbers in Green Bay swelled. As it turns out, this was necessary, because the Lupines of the North have resurged in a big way during the last few decades as well, and the Anarchs of Green Bay lack a dedicated defensive force such as the Anubi of Milwaukee.

When Tommy Hinds arrived from Chicago in 1994, he used his knowledge of the Camrilla's courts and his leadership skills to organize and galvanize the local gangs, so that by the start of the 21st century, Green Bay was no longer a haven for Anarchs to take cover in, but a political force and stronghold of the Movement. Perhaps the Anarchs might not have achieved such autonomy if not for the Camarilla's losses in Detroit (1967) and Chicago (1994), but now that they have it, they intend to keep it, and Hinds, with the backing of the gangs and the complementary leadership of the long-time Anarch leader Edward Scott, "The Black Prince", the Free State of Green Bay is a political force to be reckoned with.

Timeline of Green Bay and the Surrounding Area

Masquerade specific (read: made up for game) history is noted by brackets []; everything else is RL but still used for historical purposes and should be considered IC, as well. An asterisk denotes a national architectural landmark.

History of Milwaukee and the surrounding area:

  • 1634: French explorer, Jean Nicolet, arrived in the Green Bay area.
  • 1659-1660: French fur traders, Groseilliers and Radisson, explored western end of Lake Superior, surrounding area.
  • 1671: Jesuits establish the Mission of St. Francis Xavier on the rapids of the Fox River near De Pere to proselytize the native peoples of the western Great Lakes.
  • 1673: French explorers, Jolliet and Marquette explored the area for the King of France, including upper waters of the Mississippi River and a water route from Lake Michigan to Mississippi River.
  • 1687: The mission of St. Francis Xavier was destroyed in an Iroquois attack.
  • 1755: British General Braddock defeated by Wisconsin Indians, led by Charles Langlade.
  • 1764: Charles Langlade established first permanent Euro-American settlement at Green Bay.

19th Century

  • 1804: Land Act of 1804 passed to entice settlers westward from the State of Ohio into the Northwest Territory.
  • 1814: Fort Shelby built at Prairie du Chien, captured by British, name changed to Fort McKay.
  • 1815: British abandoned Fort McKay.
  • 1818: Wisconsin area included in Michigan Territory; territorial governor created two Wisconsin counties: Brown and Crawford.
  • 1822: Indians from New York moved to Wisconsin. Lead mining began in southwestern Wisconsin.
  • 1836: U.S. Congress created Territory of Wisconsin, including Minnesota. Madison selected as territorial capital.
  • 1848: Wisconsin became 30th U. S. state; first telegram reached Milwaukee.
  • 1871: Forest fire devastated Peshtigo area, over 1,200 died.
  • 1875: Oshkosh nearly destroyed by fire.
  • 1899: Lumber boom in northern Wisconsin, 3.4 billion board feet harvested in one year. Antipass law enacted prohibiting railroads from giving free rides to public officials.

20th Century

  • Early 1900s (MN, WI): Due to bounties for dead wolves, wolves were eliminated from southern Minnesota and Wisconsin by this time.
  • 1904: Wisconsin state capitol burned.
  • 1911: John Schwister of Wausau, flew first home-built airplane in the state.
  • 1917: 120,000 soldiers from Wisconsin served in WWI, nearly 4,000 died.
  • 1920s: [Rebellious neonates flock from Camarilla cities all over the Midwest to Green Bay, founding a new Anarch territory. The population of Green Bay itself is still not very large, so feeding is tightly regulated for the sake of the Masquerade, driving many to animals and visitors to the city. A local culture of discretion builds up, making it easier for the Camarilla to leave the city to its own devices on the fringes of Kindred society. Anarch gangs began to frequent, and then permanently inhabit, Green Bay without contest from the Camarilla.]
  • 1931: [Starting in 1929, certain neonate Anarchs get involved behind the scenes with the Green Bay Packers, tasked with making the team a positive industry and source of morale for the city’s mortals. It's rumored that the 1930 and 1931 league championships and 30-home-game winning streak are the product on kindred meddling. Investigation shows that the Masquerade was endangered by the coterie’s recklessly intense actions, and the gangs of Green Bay (three at the time) gather for the first "matter of government" in Green Bay Kindred history.]
  • 1933 (WI): Dairy farmers out on strike.
  • 1940 (September): [A small Sabbat pack pulls off a covert, surprise attack against a small Anarch gang in Green Bay, destroying them all in one night without betraying their presence. A week later, the Sabbat are discovered and open fighting begins. The remaining gangs are able to maintain control of the city, but it becomes clear that the Anarchs must recruit in order to maintain control of Green Bay.]

1946: Progressive Party dissolved, members rejoined Republican Party.

  • 1950s (early): [Attacks from the Sabbat trickle to near nothing, likely due to recruiting spikes among the Anarchs thanks to Lodin's increasingly anti-Anarch policies in Chicago. Green Bay experiences a sudden boom of Kindred population.]

1957: Wisconsin protected the wolf, after the species was extirpated.

  • 1959: Inner Great Lakes ports gained access to the Atlantic Ocean with opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which cost $470 million Canadian, $336.2 million of which was paid by the Canadian government. [The Camarilla of Detroit and Kindred of other Great Lakes ports including Chicago, Milwaukee and Green Bay felt the Giovanni “noose” tighten on Detroit as the St. Lawrence Seaway was completed, but the Giovanni had practical control over all water shipping through Detroit. The Brujah of Detroit, including Prince Paul Foucault (Brujah Elder) sought support from other major Camarilla cities in the region, but Brujah-Ventrue politics seemed to be responsible for the lack of meaningful direct support from Chicago and Milwaukee.]
  • 1965: Legislation passed banning housing discrimination; grand jury investigated illegal lobbying activities in legislature.

1969: Student strikes at University of Wisconsin in Madison demanded Black Studies department, National Guard activated. Wisconsin's Interstate Highway System completed.

  • 1977: State employees union struck, lasted 15 days, National Guard ran prisons. [ Brice Engstrom’s gang of Nosferatu arrive in Green Bay and take residence (also Sully Powers, Ian Poulson, Alexander Phillippi). Their skills and experience add greatly to the overall management of the free state.]
  • 1981-1985: [The Anarchs revise their management strategies, expending a great deal of effort into the development of the northern and western Lake Winnebago area around Appleton and Oshkosh while Kindred politics in Chicago stalled for several years.]
  • 1996 (July 2): [ The Anarchs of Milwaukee Edward Scott (Brujah Elder), Akawa (Brujah Elder), Wrecker (Brujah Ancilla) and Turk (Caitiff Neonate) relocated to Green Bay. Also, DJ Barth (Toreador Neonate) joined the Anarchs and relocated to Green Bay.]
  • 1998: [Following the Hmong people’s migration into Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Giovanni lesser family della Passaglia first appeared in the Midwest, including representatives to the Camarilla courts of the Twin Cities and Milwaukee, as well as the Anarchs of Green Bay.]

21st Century

  • 2006 (February): [There is a heavy Sabbat attack on Green Bay itself. The invaders are repelled and the city is held, but Elliott Schiffer and his gang of Brujah (Matthew Constance, Ricardo Dominguez, Hank Talley & Fred Ecco) are destroyed in the defense effort.]
  • 2011: Winter storm dumped nearly two feet of snow in some areas, wind chill temperatures were between -20 to -25°F.

Further details about the History of Green Bay.

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For information about the Green Bay, WI free state, please contact the GL ARST Masq Camarilla/Anarch/Independent.