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General Information

Peace Center

Greenville and Spartanburg's constant growth in upstate South Carolina has brought them far from their textile roots. The area is burgeoning with international business and a renewed interest in the arts. But there exists at its center a dark undercurrent which strives to maintain control, influencing growth at every opportunity. Those who know where to look can easily find two worlds within their borders: one an idyllic community espousing growth in business and arts, the other a den of corruption where unknown creatures struggle in the shadows.

One bears dreams of utopia. We are Dreams of Blood.

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Vampires of Greenville

Prince: Lady Elizabeth Barringer
Seneschal: Rutherford Dunwright Sheriff: Rosa Salazar Scourge: Unknown Harpy: Unknown Keeper of Elysium: Gavin Slate


Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Others

Rosa Salazar
Avalon Salazar
Marisol Estrada
Salvador Garrone Fedele

Jean-Baptiste Armand Du Marais
Jenny O'Brian ?

Eris Applewhite

Chloe Bertan
Erich Graf von Schlieffen

Ambroise Faulkner
Gavin Slate

Luc St Croix
Anastasia Winters
Abigail Winters

Thomas Finley
Elizabeth Barringer
Skittles Smith

Murigen Liban Paien

Feeding Territories

feeding map


July 4, 1963

As the evening wore on, the party was becoming both dull and tedius. The Prince Stephen Bartolini, who was never late and insisted others never be so.. Was late.

That anticipation of something in the air, combined with the fireworks shooting nearby in the downtown set everyone’s nerves on edge a bit as they waited. Why a party on the 4th?

How droll, that we would celebrate mortal holidays. But to not attend a festive occasion of the prince was to risk his ire.

Stephen had been prince for nearly 100 years and as the kindred population grew, so did his arrogance and prejudice. He favored not having kindred of lesser pedigree in his domain. He felt that those of the colored persuasion were not worthy to be among us. And often killed such kindred as abominations, especially if he felt no one else would know.

Boredom set in as the 2nd hour approached and still no prince and several members of the city trangely absent.

Elizabeth Barringer and her assistant, and sometimes leg breaker, Thomas Findley arrived. With clan Ventrue present it seemed that an air of normality presented itself. Then as Luc St. Croix of Clan Tremere arrived.

The setting seemed almost complete as the elders positioned themselves in places of both observation and to let those of lesser standing to come to them seeking their audience. Three of the cities elders present, Nathaniel Hawke of Clan Toreador, Elizabeth Barringer of Clan Ventrue and Luc St Croix of Clan Tremere.

As Silence settled on the gather, Elizabeth spoke up. “As my clan mate has made some grievous errors in judgment, he will no longer be joining us. I seize praxis. Would anyone care to dispute my claim?”

The night rolled on as the call of seasons made and the turmoil of a new praxis settled. The clans who had enough representation for Primogen in the city were, Clan Ventrue, Clan Tremere, Clan Toreador, and Clan Brujah.

Clans Malkavian, Nosferatu and Gangrel, while left from having a direct voice are able to petition the Primogen and the Prince in their matters.

The previous Seneschal Eric France is still missing, and Ryan James the Keeper of Elysium has retained his position. Raphael of Clan Brujah retained his position as Harpy.

May 27 2002

Once again, a time of mortal celebration, a moment to ease the tension of recent nights and to try to enjoy the evening: The last 40 years have been guided by Prince Elizabeth Barringer. She rules with both a strong hand and deals harshly with those who cross her. The return of Eric France, of clan Toreador, was discovered that he was sent away by Prince Bartolini to negotiate and attempt peace talks with the Sabbat. In failing that he returned and with the blessing of Prince Barringer, he has stepped up and led the charge as Sheriff in the city.

A scourge, Rogan of Clan Nosferatu has been very busy both directing the Camarilla members and removing those kindred who do not belong in the Princes territory.  He has been quite busy and claims to put the dust of fallen kindred into an abandoned warehouse.  He claims his goal is to fill the warehouse.  There is quite the tall mound of ash there.

The sheriff and the scourge have worked together near ceaselessly to eliminate the enemy and contain the anarchs. As the war with the Sabbat has heightened, there are more and more anarchs roaming. Respect from them is rare unless in formal settings. But since they don’t attend them as a norm, they don’t often show respect.. It’s dangerous to go anywhere alone. While the city of Greenville has not been overtly dangerous outside the city has been. All kindred had essentially hunkered in Greenville till. The loss is most keenly felt in that the Keeper of Elysium Ryan James was killed. He was staked out on his car outside of the Elysium where he saw the sun one last time while looking over his beloved Chateau. This was a clear indication that the location may no longer be safe. As it was abandoned, recently the location has come up for auction. Sentimentality might reign a bit as everyone had private retreats custom made for their clan upstairs, while downstairs was a gallery of art both of statuary and paintings from across the eras.

As the heat of the year started up, there was a malaise over the city. Disappearances on an excessive scale were happening and the air of fear in the air.

In an effort to boost morale in the city the prince had a celebration in memoriam of the times past and those lost recently. The memorial celebration moved forward.

Eric France the Sheriff had not been seen all evening, and Rogan let it be known that there were enemies of the camarilla around including in the sewers. He had dealt with some and certainly more to deal with.

Martin Forbes the keeper, hosting the event at his small gallery. He made an appearance noting the excessive darkness around and how dangerous it was.

Some decided to look into the old Elysium and others took to the park where Martin noted the danger. They found they Elysium desecrated. The heartfelt sadness that moved thru all that entered, and the rage burned in them as they realized whoever had done this was still out there.

Hunting for clues at the Chateau resulted in realizing that many of the staff had been turned and buried in a mass embrace and either directed or set loose on the city Hunting in Falls park led to a point where they found mortals were being jumped, where the scourge killed some of the offenders, and finally found the remains of Eric France as the park neared the warehouse area.

In finding the warehouse full of younger kindred, the city assaulted and slew most of the kindred there. With only 1 of age being able to run.

A triumph for the city with a minimal cost.

In return to the Elysium, it was found that Mr Forbes had been killed with a picture frame driven thru his skull. As he quietly disintegrated before everyone's eyes in closing for the evening.

The success of the Sabbat attack in 2002 sparked a push of Prince Barringer’s reign in Greenville to something more. At this time the tone of the Camarilla took on a harsher edge. The success spurred on other successes as the confidence in the city grew.

The loss of Eric France was a blow to clan Toreador, who involvement in the arts and the investigation of the city had been paramount in keeping its members safe and helping the world evolve to in wonder at the new arts.

The Sabbat was hounded in 2002 thru 2004 when an emphatic strike at a location in Mauldin was shown to be a Sabbat nest and purged with fire. Ultimately it was seen that the Anarch movement, in their childish displays of temperament rejected the document that protected them for so long. And like so many other elders, Prince Barringer took action and the anarchs, especially those the Tremere uncovered as being in contact with the Sabbat, were purged with prejudice from the domain often ending with the final death to the anarch. The wounds of those killed by the anarchs before the Treaty of Thorns were still fresh in some minds.

Many were allowed to join the Camarilla, leave or die. Some foolish ones fought and were destroyed by the Rogan leading the local Nosferatu with the Gangrel as they were hounded and met final death.

Hunters began to arrive in the city but as the Prince wisely deemed that all should lie low, certain sacrificial lambs were sent and destroyed. The hunters left in victory, none the wiser to the duplicity. And it was quite easy to feed the anarchs to them in the last of the purging.

A group of Giovanni settled into Greer (may change if I went to far on the map.) They have made all the cursory visits. And the Tremere have visited them a couple of times to ensure their Blood magic is not heresy. So far everything has been cordial. The Sheriff, Dr Eric Mundo has been making regular visits among them to ensure there are good relations and no problems that have arisen between the Camarilla and the Giovanni.

Over the years the legal battle for the Chateau of Ryan James battled. Ultimately it was settled and the Ventrue as victors claimed the estate in late 2009 after over 7 years of legal battles. Now with months of renovation, it is once again the model of the Elysium desires as any kindred could want. And Prince Barringer has noted a celebration to have its re-opening.

This gather is that celebration.

With eyes to the future Prince Barringer wishes to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity and kindred of the city may all come to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Transition of 2008-2013

The interaction of the past Five years has been at a breakneck pace, while in the mortal world everything seemed the normal day to day of interactions. Kindred society moved at a breakneck pace.

Prince Berrenger lead the nights with poise and dignity. And only thru the stability of her rule, as well as the strong arm of the brujah, did the Camarilla prevail.

It was discovered that at some point Dr. Mundo and his assistant Arianna were either turned or replaced. Initially thought only to be clones, the Tremere twins eventually uncovered that the dr and his assistant were either part of the sabbat or had been replaced by them, which cost one of them their existence.

They had gone thru the city purging nearly indiscriminately all the kindred of the area. Betraying the kindred of the area to the sabbat at every turn, it was years before they were discovered. Nathaniel was among the first to go, followed by many of the gangrel and the nosferatu of the city.

During the time with turmoil and in-fighting with the Giovanni was seen. It was discovered that Vincent had stole the artist from the Camarilla. His public execution happened at the delight of the camarilla and to repay the debt and lost face the camarilla suffered.

The Toreador suffered many losses beyond Nathanial. Brian Lipke, the Keeper of Elysium died defending the sacred place as did a neonate of the Camarilla. It was ultimately defended by the Camarilla and the sacred grounds were not defiled. Newcomers had arrived and some of the kindred of Five Forks showed up. The Followers of Set, warned the Camarilla of the impending attack and aided directly in the Elysiums defense. Some of them passed in the fight as well. Some of the independents showed, enemies of the sabbat as well, they fought to keep their freedom.

Thru the aid of the new brujah in the city and others, Elysium was held sacred. But at the cost of many kindred.

Within the last year the independents suffered from an unknown assailant. Rumors of a great fight with a great beast of the wild or perhaps an elder gangrel, the independents fell back to Travelers Rest and have been licking their wounds. However, their enemy retreated into the hills and hasn’t been seen since.


Nathaniel Hawke

Eric Mundo

Arianna Walker

Eric France

Brian Lipke

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