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About HI-005-D

Hawaii 5 oh! is a Domain Level organization of the Camarilla Fan Club. We are located in the on the Island of Oahu.

For Game location or to be put on one of our many In Character or OOC email lists, please contact the appropriate Venue Storyteller, Domain Storyteller, or Domain Coordinator.

The Hawaiian Islands

Domain Resource Links

  • Domain Website: Hawaii Cam forums - This is an IC forum to help character interact between games with the ST staff there to help out.
  • Domain Yahoo Group: Cam-Yahoo Group - Find info about Socials, & Charity events here.
  • Facebook: Hawaii 5-OH! Camarilla Fan Club

Extended Resources

Hawaii Venues:

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City: Honolulu, HI Requiem

VSS: Blood in the Water VSS

Status: ACTIVE


Consilii: Honolulu, HI Awakening

VSS: A New Awakening

Status: ACTIVE


City: Honolulu, HI Giest

VSS: Blind Leading the Blind

Status: ACTIVE


City: Honolulu, HI Masquerade

VSS: Hawaii Camarilla/Anarch

Status: ACTIVE


Freehold: Honolulu, HI Lost

VSS: HI005 Lost VSS


Domain Schedules

The Calendar below is updated with the domain games. If there is a problem with the schedule e-mail me at DC Online Services

If you would like to post an event to the Domain Calander send an e-mail to Calander


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