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House Asteria

To Know, To Feel, To Express

The House Asteria is said to have originated in Cahersiveen, Ireland some 400 years ago with three founders. There are three major lines, each branching off from a founder. The House is entirely Mekhet, but find itself comprised of four out of five covenants. The only covenant that is not, nor will ever be represented is the Lancea Sanctum. For all the Carthian influences of line members, the House maintains friendly ties to the Invictus.

House of Ages

A Staircase, NBI

Some Houses stress their members are the best, the blood of royals, of gods. Excellence for the sake of excellence. Perfection, prized above aught else.
This is not the Asteria.
The founders were three siblings born in obscurity with the blood of peasants as their pedigree. Yet the Outsider, came and embraced them. If it wasn't for their breeding, nor for their wealth, nor their incredible excellence, why were they embraced?
To be Asteria, is to dwell upon the bridge, to survive, and to stand at the crossroads of the past, the present, and the future.

For All Time

Asteria remember. The ravages of time on a Kindred mind muddy the past and foretell a cyclical future. An Asteria’s clear vision and forward-thinking natures allow them to benefit the Kindred by breaking the Fog of Ages and allowing society to progress without the shadow of the past. We stand at the crossroads, the bridges between worlds, to remember the past, foresee the future, and to experience the present.

Together we find current events which will shape both the past and the future, and passionately seek their resolution. Unhindered by jealousy and driven by the wisdom of the ages, Asteria are not afraid to reach out to others to aid in the pursuit of a better future. No man is an island, and no one person can solve it on their own. As we use history our guide in the present, we look to others, to work with others, perhaps not on all of our endeavors, but on many.

The Asteria need not always concern themselves with the pursuits of the Danse. Members of the House find enrichment and enlightenment in the company of their house mates. There is no such thing as a “bored” Asteria; the founders have fought off ennui, so do they expect their “youngsters” to do the same.

The Quotable Asteria

"The mother tongue... Well it could be Gaelic or it could be blow jobs." *Finn MacMurray

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