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The Oldest and Most Traditional House of the Silver Fangs. Hailing from Russia the home lands of the Silver Fangs. There is no House as close to Fang Tradition as this one.


From its height as the paragon of Silver Fang elan, it fell far during the terrible trials of the Hag's reign over the Mother Country. The Crescent Moon King went mad and dissolved the Lodge of the Sun, losing their valuable counsel when it was needed most. But blood as pure as the Crescent Moon's cannot completely fail. Scions arose to retake their ancient honor, proving themselves over and over against the terrible monsters that served the Hag. Finally, the witch was overthrown and her empire destroyed. We rose victorious thereafter, hunting down her allies and slaying them before they could burrow into their niches in the earth. Certainly, not all the Hag's minions suffered our justice, but those that remain hide, quaking in fear of our anger.

Crescent Moon is strong once again for it has regained its passion. Queen Tamara Tvarivich has walked the lands of the dead and spoken with ghosts long departed. The lore she learned from them prepared her well for the battle against the Hag and her vile Zmei dragons. The Queen is a fearsome figure to confront but all know she is more fearful by far to the Wyrm, who dreads those times when she took the battlefield.

King's Court

Champion of Twilight

Lodge of the Sun (Exiled)

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Lodge of the Moon

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