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House Tacitus

Alder Viscount Thibodeaux Gustav Belmont - Dynast and Founder

Alder [Victor Creed] - Eclipsed Dynast
Alder [Silas Barton] - Eclipsed Dynast

Concept: Historians/Adventure Seekers
Nickname: "The Archivists"
Motto: Knowledge is the Power, guard it well


House Tacitus, named for the ancient Greek historian of the same name, is an Invictus bastion of historical scholars and loreseekers. Each with their own skills and focuses, but combining their knowledge and capabilities for the pure purpose of acquiring more.


There is no clan membership restriction on joining House Tacitus, simply that the pending member be inclined toward studying relics of the past and provide some knowledge or specialty to the house that was previously unheld.


The house of Tacitus has had mixed results with many of the other covenants. Their best relationships are often with members of the Second Estate and the Ordo Dracul. They are often rivals in the procurement of artifacts but share interests and can be quite cordial when relics are not on the line. Many leads on exploration sites and "jobs" come from both covenants however, and in some cases, members of the house are contracted to acquire objects for either of the other covenants or Invictus elders. The circle of the crone is often not acknowledged due to their preference for word-of-mouth information passage, though the occasional result of the creative side of some ancient Hag may come into contention on occasion. The Carthians seldom have anything to offer members of House Tacitus outside of generic thuggery or menial tasks.


Benedictus does not maintain a uniform nor does it hold to colors. However, House Benedictus tend to wear dark colors and older fashion as appropriate to their age as a status symbol as sorts. A black suit with a tie is common for most modern Benedictus. Enforcers tend to dress for function, finding some balance between formal attire and their station. Members often adorn themselves with trinkets such as rosaries or cross pins. Rings, medallions, and things attributed to wealth or of occult or historical significance are also commonplace.


The most distinguished of the House are those within the Dynastic Compact, who stand as the pillars of the House. Otherwise, House Tacitus incorporates many roles and functions such as Archons, Soldiers, Commissioners, Judexes, Au Pairs, Notaries, etc. who swear their Service to the Dynasts themselves and the good of the House in blood. Any function is welcome, should their involvement increase the collective knowledge of the house. The House Tacitus dynastic compact expects all members to be sworn to a Lord of the House directly or through intermediaries in some manner.

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