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The North County Protectorate is the Tribal Caern for the United States for all Silver Fangs. The traditional House seat of the Wyrmfoe Kings, the Sept of the North County has been a powerful Caren for more than four centuries. The patron totem spirit of House Wyrmfoe is Eagle. House Wyrmfoe is seen as one of the most progressive of the Seven Houses. They are keen young heroes, eager to take the fight to the Wyrm. House Wyrmfoe Garou are often received better by members of other tribes, simply because of the reputation of their previous king, Jonas Albrecht. They adapted easily to the modern world and don't necessarily value blood purity over capability.


House Wyrmfoe is our youngest house. It arose in England, France and Spain in the mid-1300s, born in the chaos of the Inquisition when the Garou needed heroes at the most. A Century after its creation the new world was discovered and the house moved out of Europe en masse. Doing this it brought people from other houses as well. It was first in the 20th Century Harano appeared among WyrmFoe and it worsened during the World Wars. Jacob Morningkill became King shortly after the World War II and in his early reign it was as a just and vigorous ruler. Unfortunately King MorningKills sanity faded along with his youth, and he and much of his house fell into indolent shambles until a Black Spiral pack killed him in a sneak attack. The Throne lay empty but contested by Arkady of Clan Crescent Moon and Jonas Albrecht, Morningkills estranged grandson, fought over the throne and after Jonas Albrecht recovered the Silver Crown, took the throne.

King's Court

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Lodge of the Sun

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Lodge of the Moon

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Notable Heritage

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