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-- Wiki page for the MES Requiem game in Huntsville AL.

This is the AL-009-D wiki site. We play Vampire the Requiem on the First Saturday of every month at The Deep Comics & Games. Sign in at 6 PM, Game on at 7 PM.
Go here if you need a character sheet template or to review our VSS FAQ.

This is the subscription link for our IC Mailing List: Huntsville AL Requiem IC Mailing List
This is our Venue Stylesheet for this game: Huntsville AL Requiem VSS
This is the Huntsville AL Requiem venue map: (Add Link)

If you would like to play a character in the "Big Fire Requiem" game, please contact our Venue Storyteller, Jason Clark.
If you need information about game sites or crash space, please contact our Domain Coordinator, Carrie Paulsen.


Meta-gaming Disclaimer
The information contained on and linked from this page is Out of Character Knowledge unless your character is an acknowledged member of this IC Court or unless your PC has been given specific information by a PC resident of the city - the sections on IC Rumors and Common Knowledge being the only exception. This page does not exist in this form, but rather as a collection of PC-to-PC recitations, personal memories, and Masquerade-safe notes recorded by past and current characters. We encourage tools that help players in remembering the knowledge their characters have accumulated over the centuries, and appreciate your abiding with the MES Honor System where the information found here is concerned. Metagaming, in any form, will not be tolerated.

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Bigfire Requiem

MES, Huntsville AL


Rocket City Boundaries

Praxis Seat: Huntsville AL and Madison AL, Northern AL
AL Counties: Madison, Jackson, Marshall, Lauderdale, Limestone, Morgan, Cullman, and Lawerence.

City Status for 2015, January

Eminent: Clan Gangrel
Contender: Clan Mekhet
'Ascendant: Circle of the Crone
Contender: The Carthian Movement

Rocket City Elysia

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Praxis Traditions


Praxis Calendar


The Praxis

Prince - Lucas Rookwood, a Invictus of Clan Ventrue
Seneschal - Pending
Master of Elysium -
Sheriff - Magdaline Roarke, A Ordo Dracul of Clan Mekhet
Harpy - Henry Martin, A Circle of the the Crone of Clan Mekhet
Scourge - Alexis, A Circle of the the Crone of Clan Gangrel



Local Leaders

The titles given below are taken directly from the MES Settings document on local and regional titles and positions. Please refer to that document if your understanding of these titles and positions (whether from the previous chronicle or as given in sourcebooks) differs from the published guidelines for our club for this chronicle.

Please also remember that the information presented below may not be public knowledge. Please err on the side of IC ignorance if there is doubt as to whether or not your PC would be aware of which PCs are local officers for groups other than his/her own.

Clan Leadership

Icon daeva.png Clan Daeva Icon daeva.png Succubi & Incubi Icon daeva.png

Priscus - None

Icon gangrel.png Clan Gangrel Icon gangrel.png Savages Icon gangrel.png

Priscus - Gregori
Whip - Nikoli

Icon mekhet.png Clan Mekhet Icon mekhet.png Shadows Icon mekhet.png

Priscus - Henry Martin

Icon nosferatu.png Clan Nosferatu Icon nosferatu.png Haunts Icon nosferatu.png

Priscus - Boggins

Icon ventrue.png Clan Ventrue Icon ventrue.png Nobles, Lords & Ladies Icon ventrue.png

Priscus - Lucas Rookwood

Covenant Leadership

Icon crone.png Circle of the Crone Icon crone.png Hags Icon crone.png

Hierophant - Gregori

Icon sanctified.png Lancea Sanctum Icon sanctified.png Martyrs Icon sanctified.png

Bishop - None

Icon ordo.png Ordo Dracul Icon ordo.png Dragons Icon ordo.png

Vizier - Magdaline Roarke

Icon carthian.png The Carthian Movement Icon carthian.png Upstarts Icon carthian.png

Icon invictus.png The Invictus Icon invictus.png Unconquered Icon invictus.png

Prince - Lucas Rookwood

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