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Domain Information

  • Domain Code: IA-007-D
  • Domain Title: Shadows over Ankeny
  • Location: Ankeny, Iowa

Domain Staff

Venues Pages

Changeling: The Lost

Ankeny Unmasked
Venue Storyteller: Jack T.

Mage: The Awakening

Ankeny Unveiled
Venue Storyteller: Skyllar R.

Vampire: The Masquerade (C/A/I)

Ankeny Masquerade
Venue Storyteller: Mike A.

Vampire: The Requiem

Shadow over Ankeny
Venue Storyteller: Jay B.

Game Locations

Our games are normally held at the home of our Domain Coordinator. Please email [1] for the address.

Other Iowa Games

Des Moines: The Asylum (IA-001-D)

Ames: Red Queen's Race (IA-005-D)

Quad Cities: Arsenal Nights (IA-008-D)


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