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"Breed True, and let none from base stock into your ranks"

This tribe follows Silver Wolf, and respect that Firstborn's purity of thought and deed.

Sociopaths, Schemers, Dictators

The Ivory Claws place great importance in bloodlines and breeding. They follow Silver Wolf (Hathim-Ur), a totem of severe purity.

The Ivory Claws are a forward-looking Tribe. They are known as great planners and schemers. They are the Pure Tribe most likely to see complicated efforts to fruition. The Ivory Claws are also known for being cold and calculating. Where many other Tribes venerate the savage purity of the People, the Ivory Claws seek to divorce themselves for the weakness of emotions. It is this ability to plan far in advance that have made the Ivory Claws the de-facto leaders of the Pure. The Predator Kings are known for defaulting to Ivory Claw wishes, but if that is a result of genuine respect for the Ivory Claws or something else entirely is known only to the Kings themselves.

They, of all the Pure, are most often found within human society. Unfortunately for humanity, that is rarely a good thing.

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