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The Kiasyd are a bloodline descended from the Lasombra . Founded after a mysterious ‘accident’ involving a Lasombra named Marconius, the Kiaysd bloodline originated in Strasbourg, France around 400 AD. The ‘accident’ involved the Fae and the blood of something called ‘Zeernebooch, a god of the underworld’ (GtS), and resulted in drastic physical and spiritual changes. Marconius gained several feet in height, with chalky white skin and elongated black eyes.

The Kiasyd are a very sedate clan, noted for their fascination with ancient lore, their solitude, and their impeccably good manners. They are very Victorian in style and play, and even the most recently embraced are considered ‘old-fashioned’ by modern standards. A Kiaysd’s appearance is disturbing, to say the least. They are extremely tall (often reaching more than 7 feet), gaunt, and alien in their physical features. The cartilage in their ears, nose and cheeks seem to crystallize, becoming more angular and pronounced, and their pale skin has a bluish luminescence in the moonlight.

Because of their history with the Lasombra, Kiasyd are most often associated with the Sabbat, but this is not always the case. They rarely join packs or covens, and usually remain in their havens, providing a hermit-like resource to Sabbat scholars who are willing to pay for their lore in blood. Every 50 years, the bloodline gathers to discuss lores and mysteries. Every now and then, a Kiasyd may venture out of their lair to utter some cryptic warning, or charge a kindred with an unscrutable quest. They are patient, and no matter how much lore they unearth, a Kiaysd always chases knowledge, realizing that there is still far more to learn.

Other than this interaction, Kiasyd are solitary. They are also extremely territorial, and do not like visitors or interruptions, least of all from other Kiaysd, - whom they often consider to be an intellectual threat. If there is more than a single Kiasyd in a city, it is almost always a Sire and their Childe. The Lasombra view them with skepticism, occasionally referring to them as an abomination of the true blood.



Statistics & Lore

There are 3 Kiaysd specified in source, ranging from 5th to 9th generation. The eldest among them is Marconius (5th gen), Prince of Strasbourg, France since the late Middle Ages.

It requires Kindred Lore x3 to know of the Kiasyd, and Lasombra lore x3 or Sabbat lore x4 to know their general background as a bloodline of the Lasombra. Characters with Lasombra lore x4 know about Marconius’s experiments, and understand the details of his results.


Primary Sources

  • Storyteller’s Handbook to the Sabbat
  • Guide to the Sabbat
  • MET Sabbat Guide
  • Mind's Eye Theater- Masquerade (By Night Studios)

Secondary Sources

  • Lasombra Clanbook
  • METSabbat
  • Montreal by Night
  • Nights of Prophecy

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