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Lake Charles Accord

The world you know is at war; beset on all sides by The Truth, a nameless, faceless, reality-bending horror out to defile, destroy and consume all of reality in its never-ending thirst for the end of all of creation. Few know of this monstrosity, and fewer are told, for The Truth's power is tied to the number of people who know of it.

Into this comes your character. At some point you learned about The Truth, and your world warped permanently, and forever. You now know that your existence feeds it, your most powerful tools that could be used to fight it only makes it stronger, and than WHEN you die, your soul is consumed by it, making it yet more powerful.

Dark days are coming, but we will not go gentle into that good night. The Truth must be countered; the agents of the enemy must be scattered and its items of power broken. There is only one way back to the light, and that's through hell.

Join the Billy Club.


The Lake Charles Cell (originally called La Pac du Ombre) was formed by the Regional Council in reaction to several incursions reported during Hurricane Rita, said to be diverted from its path by a desparate Awakened to conceal the onset of a RQ950 event that was in progress and had to be contained. Aspects from the various courts and meta-types responded and helped to eradicate the situation, and the strengthening of the cell has gone after the event from 2005, the founder and Director of Lu Pac Du Ombre was Aaron Blood.

The cell was extremely formidable able to take on several incursions, that is until the Truth incursion in early 2013 that took the lives of several founding members.

Shortly after this time, the Founding Director Aaron Blood took the Hero's walk and decided to leave Silent Fang as the new director.

Silent Fang would lead the cell into many battles ending with victory for the rest of 2013 until his death on October 2014.

After this tragic incident, Jared Thibedeux became the new director of Lu Pac Du Ombre which lasted for about three months, with Jared giving up on being the Director.

At this time the cell decided they wanted Billy Masters as the new director. Billy ran the show for three months before deciding, that he wasn't ready to be a leader.

Anthony Rose would serve as Director for 6 months, then meet his end.

Billy Masters would come back to be the new director from that day forward. The cell's name would change a few months ago by Commander Billy Masters to be called The Compound. The Compound has been meet with several different challenges and seems to be still hanging on to this day


Commander [Cell Status 5]

Adjuncts [Cell Status 4]

Specialist [Cell Status 3]

Operative [Cell Status 2]

  • None

Recruit [Cell Status 1]

Exiled or Unwelcome [Cell Status 0]

Former Members [Left Cell]

Cell/Citadel Information

Cell Officers

Commander: Billy Masters
Councilor: VACANT
Warden: VACANT
Curator: VACANT
Meister: VACANT
Ritualist: VACANT
Quartermaster: VACANT
Parliament Representative Aiden Black

Citadel dots

This is a list of current and update items in the Lake Charles cell that go toward the Research tree:

Specific = dots specified by players

Generic = dots put in by players that didn't have a specific trait they wished to contribute to

Rating = total dots

Total Contributed Points: 25

Aspect Specific Generic Rating


Size 5 0 5

Brig/Vault 2 0 2


Occultation 1 0 1

Security 3 0 3

Wards 4 0 4


Armory 1 1 2

Cache 0 0 0

Doors. 1 0. 1

Power Sources

Hallow 0 0 0

Haunt 1 0 1

Location 0 0 0

Locus 4 0 4


Archive 2 0 2

Library 1 0 1

Medical Bay 0 1 1

Torture Suite 0 0 0

Workshop 2 0 2

Mystical Aspects

Geomantic Nexus 3 0 3

Rooms: Hedge 0 0 0

Rooms: Shadow 0 0 0

Rooms: Underworld 0 0 0

Mummy Only

Geometry 0 0 0

Cell Operations

Cell Members and Allies Lost in the Fight Against The Truth in Lake Charles

2013 Cell Members

  • Artemis Crown (Slain in combat in Operation Rising Phoenix)
  • Happy (Died in combat with Abomination during an attack on Changling court on 08/03/2013)
  • Dr. Michael Lanitoris (Died in combat with Abomination attack on Sam Houston High School on 08/03/2013)
  • Trevor (Died in combat with Abomination on Ryan St. on 09/07/2013)
  • Tyr (Died in combat with Abomination on Ryan St. on 09/07/2013)
  • Orpheeline (Died in combat with Pope's Abomination hoard on 10/05/2013)
  • Dr. Malkin Blackblood (Died in combat with Pope's Abomination hoard on 10/05/2013)
  • Detective Max Conrad (Died in combat with Pope's Abomination hoard on 10/05/2013)
  • Alexander Scourge (Died due-to complications from having his Promethean template stripped by the pope)


  • Elias Drathen (Died in combat with Pope's Abomination hoard on 10/05/2013)


  • Ambrose Santiago (Immolated by Ethan Little and beat with a cross by Silent Fang, for betraying the Accord and becoming a Servant on 01/04/2014)
  • Timothy Mills (Died of a heart attack on 01/24/2014 or was murdered by Aurora Lundqvist on 08/24/2005, depending on who you ask)
  • Darius Reigns (Was killed by an unknown assailant claiming to be the "Neighborhood Watch")
  • Chance Masters (Stayed behind to take the place of the Redeemed in Operation: Redemption 04/10/2014)
  • Frankie Miles (Stay behind to take the place of the Redeemed in Operation: Redemption 04/10/2014)
  • Raide (Was left behind in what seems like enemy territory and killed by the "Neighborhood Watch" 05/03/2014)
  • Captain Burt Zimmerman (Was killed during a infiltration of Dequincy 07/02/2014)
  • Silent Fang (Slain by Assassins)


  • Justice: (Walked into a tear during a conversation on how to close the tear)
  • Billy Masters: (Death by abomination)
  • Runs with Knives: (Died fighting to his last breath against an abomination 08/25/2016)
  • Johnny: (First death fighting against an abomination 08/25/2016)
  • Riddle: (Died fighting an abomination 08/25/2016)
  • James Hole: (Died fighting an abomination 08/25/2016)
  • Morto: (Died fighting an abomination 08/25/2016)

Oath of the Brotherhood of Shadow

I (state your name here) do solemnly pledge to the affirmed members of the Brotherhood of the Shadow that I, and all those partied to my being, shall uphold the secrecy of the truce and society known as “The Accord." Neither I nor any a part of me, shall not, by free will, state any actions, dealings, or information gleaned for the purpose of the defeat of the enemy by the aforementioned cell, its superiors, and associates so sworn, protected, and covered by The Accord, to any non-sworn individual, group, organization, or entity. I shall follow proper protocol for all information pertaining to the enemy with the Cell, provided no harm, or hindrance comes to our person, spirit, livelihood, or non-sworn associates which are not deemed enemies of “The Accord”, without my consent. I shall hold myself toward the protection of this knowledge should I willfully fuse with another, that I am held responsible for their actions and punished should they break my pledge. In return, the pledge and the Brotherhood of the Shadow shall provide greater mental capacity and assistance to the benefit of the Brotherhood of the Shadow. I swear, if I am to break this oath I shall not only lose the benefits of the oath but shall hold the burden of the loss of any further success and I shall not benefit. When asked of my betrayal may the light of truth only spill from my lips and not the blasphemy of further breaking my own words. I (state your name) pledge with full knowledge and accept this oath.

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