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Lake Charles, LA Masquerade Timeline

The Domain of Lake Charles, LA

The Court

The Primogen

The Clans

OnyxPathBrujah.png OnyxPathGangrel.png OnyxPathMalkavian.png OnyxPathNosferatu.png OnyxPathToreador.png OnyxPathTremere.png OnyxPathVentrue.png
B Clay Dillinger M Erick White T Aldus De Targan Ned Barristan
B Rexx Cecilia Shivali N T Tr Rob Barristan
B G M N T Tr Wallace Flint
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V
B G M N T Tr V

Non-Pillar Clans


  • Shakanasa (Setite - NPC)


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