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Lake Charles at night

For most of us this was a choice. Some regret it some don't. The reality of your situation is that you are no longer human. You have something inside of you now and you can feel it. At first it was strange but now you understand it. It's hunger, it's anger, it's fear, they are all apart of you now and sometimes they even take control. Every night you wake up and shun the sunlight you feel the thirst for blood. And every time you try to quench it you feel that nagging sensation in the back of your head that tells you to drain the poor sucker you've caught dry.

Before you lie two inevitable choices. You can rise above these urges and perhaps even become something greater. Or you can indulge the beast and show this world what darkness really means.

So join us while you can. Join those who embrace the darkness. Join those that seek power over all. Join those that seek to overcome this curse. Join those that herald our new morality. Join your brothers and sisters. Why you ask?

Because we understand you.

Kindred of Lake Charles

Court Officers

  • Prince: Alder Rakesh
  • Seneschal: Mr Deaveaux
  • Prince's Harpy: Sylvia Blackwell
  • Sheriff: Wycliffe

The Voice of the People

  • Daeva Prisci: No representation
    • Daeva Whip: No Whip named
    • Number of Daeva Status 4+ slots:

  • Gangrel Prisci: No representation
    • Gangrel Whip: No Whip named
    • Number of Gangrel Status 4+ slots:

  • Nosferatu Prisci:No representation
    • Nosferatu Whip: No Whip Named
    • Number of Nosferatu Status 4+ slots:

  • Ventrue Prisci: Alistair Paige
    • Ventrue Whip: *
    • Number of Ventrue Status 4+ slots:

  • Prisci Harpy: Vacant

Covenant Heads

(Purely OOC without IC justification)

  • Carthian Movement Prefect: Jim North
    • Carthian Movement Myrmidon: UNKNOWN (formerly Maxwell Gowen)
    • Number of Carthian Status 4+ slots:

  • Circle of the Crone Hierophant: UNKNOWN
    • Circle of the Crone Haruspex: UNKNOWN (formerly Darius)
    • Number of Crone Status 4+ slots:

  • Invictus Primus: Alder Rakesh
    • Invictus Magistrate:
    • Number of Invictus Status 4+ slots:

  • Lancea Sanctum Bishop: UNKNOWN
    • Lancea Sanctum Inquisitor:
    • Number of Sanctified Status 4+ slots:

  • Ordo Dracul Vizier: Alistair Paige
    • Ordo Dracul Arbiter:
    • Number of Ordo Status 4+ slots:

The Primogen Council

  • Thanatos (NPC)
  • Cameron (NPC)
  • Joker (NPC)
  • Mr Deveaux (NPC)


Admired [City Status 5]


Respected [City Status 4]

Valued [City Status 3]

Recognized [City Status 2]

Acknowledged [City Status 1]

  • Darren Aldridge (NPC)
  • Eric Aldridge (NPC)
  • Hendrick Morris Blackwell (NPC)
  • Seth Blackwell (NPC)
  • "Bonzo"
  • "Cameron" (NPC)
  • "Darius"
  • "Drizzy" (NPC)
  • Aenet Grayson
  • Beaux Graves (NPC)
  • Kalki Kamaraja
  • Clinton Leblanc
  • Light's Blade
  • Duncan Lynch
  • Dr. Eve Moonsong
  • Angelo Morello
  • Jean
  • "Red"
  • Nikolai Romanoff
  • "Sebatian"
  • "The Seeker"
  • Sir Vincent Sauvage
  • "Sylas"
  • Garret Webb
  • Zachriel

Acknowledged Visitors

  • Captain Alistair Page

Exiled or Unwelcome [City Status 0]

  • * Victoria Heller -- Executed by the Lance
  • Father Laurant -- Fled the city as a coward when made accountable for his missteps
  • "Loki" -- escaped the city after a masquerade breech
  • "Nero" -- exited the city after disobeying his Priscus
  • Martin Ramirez -- Betrayer of the city, destroyer of Ordo Domain
  • "Rythian"
  • Ryan Webb -- Alias of Rythian
  • Gabe Young -- mandated by the Mekhet Priscus for crimes against the family


  • Katherine Belleville
  • Phil Devenci
  • Alfonze Gatekeeper
  • Maxwell Gowen
  • Duncan Lynch
  • Dr. Marco
  • Harris Nightinggale
  • Cleophas Robin
  • Nikolai Romanoff
  • Apollo Teague

Honored Fallen

  • Donovan Horen -- death in an effort to stop the Crone army
  • "Jackal" -- death by Brood
  • Corbin Valentine -- death during crone army event



Clan Daeva
  • Mr. Deveaux (NPC)
  • Dr. J
  • Hemmorage
  • Mason (NPC)
  • Maxwell Gowen
  • Angello Morello (NPC)
  • Jim North
  • "Joker" (NPC)
  • "Red"
  • "The Seeker" (NPC)
  • Vincent Sauvage


Clan Gangrel
  • Deak (NPC)
  • Eric Aldridge (NPC)
  • "Drizzy"
  • Beaux Graves (NPC)
  • "Jessie" (NPC)
  • Dr. Eve Moonsong


Clan Mekhet
  • Chronos
  • Darren Alderidge (NPC)
  • Aenet Grayson
  • Lynn McLemore
  • Light's Blade
  • Nikolai Romanoff
  • Garrett Webb
  • Quentin Webb


Clan Nosferatu
  • Axel Anguis
  • Seth Blackwell (NPC)
  • Sylvia Blackwell (NPC)
  • "The Seeker" (NPC)
  • Victor Wyrm
  • Zachriel


Clan Ventrue
  • Hendrick Blackwell(NPC)
  • William Gordon
  • John (NPC)
  • Alistair Paige
  • Nathaniel Pennington (NPC)

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