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In the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent venue continuity, this city run as a GL Dark Places on the Map.

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This page contains information about Lansing, Michigan that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

Michigan Imperium

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Lansing was formerly part of the Michigan Imperium, which was ruled by the Malkavian Elder Mircea De Luna, who resides in Mt. Pleasant.

Court Officers

Lansing has only a small court. It is a petty domain, per BNS p. 375, p. 377 (sidebar).

Prince: Miles Turner (childe of Mircea)
Sheriff: Abel Griswold (Gangrel ancilla)

Primogen Council:
Brujah - n/a
Gangrel - n/a
Malkavian - n/a
Nosferatu - Edna Mayes (ancilla)
Toreador - Paul Henson (neonate)
Tremere - n/a
Ventrue - Linda Parker (neonate)

Eliza Kraft, Ventrue neonate
Lansing Harpy Reports

Former Residents and Visitors

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who were former residents of this city or whose activities in the city's history might be known to others. Completely clandestine interactions may be listed, but should be listed with a disclaimer making that clear.

Please provide the character's name with a wiki link, a date or date range, and brief information about the character's role in the city.

Former Residents

Historical Visitors

ST Contact

This city is run directly by the GL ARST Masq CAI.

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