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The Lasombra are a clan of Kings, the pillars of the Sabbat and masters of Shadow.


Lasombra Lore

Clan Disciplines




Known Lasombra

Lasombra Lineages

Lasombra Only Packs

  • Domitus Noctis: are a notable pack comprised only of Keepers, making a slow moves in arranging a personal Crusade against the Camarilla. Their history is somewhat short for a Pack so well thought of in their city though flattering for the amount of time the Keepers have been together. Called together by Dona Valerie and, the now Archbishop Don Enrique Luis Alfonso Rodriguez III, the Lasombra answered the call of the local Bishop. Some would move to say that they were together due to the adversity faced by the Bishop with the only pack in the city, the Unmentionables, who were unilateral fuckups. The rest would say that they gravitated to each other and the rest became history.