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The Sundered Lands Domain - MA-005-D - Western Massachusetts

Welcome to the Sundered Lands, the Western Mass domain of the Mind's Eye Society. We are a new domain active in the Pioneer Valley and covering the 413 area code. If you think anything is missing from this page please feel free to add it or contact the Domain Coordinator for assistance.
Code: MA-005-D
Domain: Sundered Lands
Country: United States
DC: Brian Barnes

DST: Claudia S

Site fee may very depending on venue location. No site fee charged for new players or for students of the Five Colleges (UMass, Amherst, Smith, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke).

Western MA Lost - Distrustful of the Gentry

Do not travel off the beaten path and stay out of the forests. The land around here is a dangerous one. It changes, the seasons are all distinct and difficult. The Summer heat blazes for months. The winters have become more aggressive with more snow and deeper colds. Spring and Autumn have noticed that their seasons seem to be getting shorter. Everything shifts on the solstice and equinox, but the leaves turn brown and fall off quicker than they used to and do not color the world in brilliant hues for long. The winters now stretch long into spring, with only a brief respite before the summer heat kicks in. So far this has not effected the courts change of seasons, but it is troubling if you know the reason for the changes in court. Perhaps this climate change could lure the fae?

Venue meets on the first Saturday of the Month. 5:30 Check-In, 6:00 Game On.

Games held at the Amherst Unitarian Universalist Church, 121 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA. $5 site fee.

Accord - Shattered Crossroads

Accord IC Mailing List

Springfield has been a gathering place for the Accordists of the northeastern US for a handful of years now, but there has not been a citadel or an active cell in a few decades. No cell was needed, the Truth didn’t touch Western MA all that much, because it was focussed on Hartford and Boston.

In May 2016, that all changed. The Truth has turned its ‘eye’ on Western MA. A gigantic black obelisk came out of the sky and landed in the north end. The ensuing battle with the Avatar of the Truth has scarred the city,and it is now in marshal law. Supernaturals have been exposed to the world, and the city has been revealed.

Now… is the time for a cell to be formed in Springfield.

Venue meets on the first Saturday of the Month. 12:30PM Check-In, 1:00PM Game On.

Games held at the Amherst Unitarian Universalist Church, 121 North Pleasant St, Amherst MA. $5 site fee.

Cam/Anarch - Within Shadowed Roads

Western Mass is a place of limited resources, where population is few and far between and one of the largest sources of food is still under limited Camarilla control. Vast swathes of territory lies largely empty of human life and meaningful uses for Kindred. Small enclaves of humans dot the land, and where there are kine there are Kindred, even if the local population normally shouldn’t be able to handle the strain. College towns are highly contested, as are other large population centers. Envy and greed are a constant part of existence, and anything that endangers the herd is put down with immediate and ruthless efficiency.

But there is another side to the empty places; hidden things lurk in the darkness. Stories, monsters, lupines, and fair-folk, secrets and lost knowledge, and things Others don’t want people to find. They are the shadowed roads, routes, and paths that all kindred must travel to gather and plan. The jihad rages in the dark and unwelcoming wilderness as much as the city heart, and every kindred’s beast stirs in that darkness.

Venue meets Friday before the first Saturday of the Month (since sometimes the first Friday and first Saturday are on different weekends).

Games are held in the UMass Campus Center, from 6:30-11:30. Contact the VST as needed for updates on which room. Suggested site fee $5.

Black City on a White Field


For centuries, the battle against the Wyrm has raged on in Western Massachusetts and each inch of territory has been paid for in blood. It was thought that, with the loss of the great caern at the Sept of the White Field, The Garou Nation's loss in the region was complete. Then, the survivors of that Sept banded together once again for a valiant, violent final push to drive the Wyrm and its minions back to their stronghold in Springfield...but at great cost.

The Sept of the White Field has been all but destroyed, and the black city of Springfield still looms, menacingly...licking its festering wounds. Can a new generation of leadership rebuild what was once lost?

Meanwhile...the clock is ticking. 11:54:08pm

Contact Email for further details: Sundered Lands Apocalypse IVST

Boston, MA-003-D

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