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Clan Malkavian is twice damned: once by the curse of being Kindred, and again by the turmoil that disturbs their hearts and minds. Upon the Embrace, every Malkavian is afflicted with an insurmountable insanity that fractures her outlook for every night thereafter, making her unlife one of madness. Some consider this a form of oracular insight, while others simply consider them dangerous.

Clan Disciplines


Dementation or Dominate


Clanheads, Cohorts, & Ministries (US)

Office of the Clanhead

In June 2013, The Office of The Malkavian Clanhead, was held by Lucius Cattalus. It is unknown when exactly Clanhead Cattalus took office, however in March 2014 he made his first major act which was to appoint a Myrmidon (Phillip Avery Redgrave) and a Steward (Edward James Crowe, MD) to this office. Later in March 2014, Elder Pierrot le Fou led the call for a change of administration, followed by more than eight Malkavian Elders including members of his own administration. A politically-charged election followed suit bringing in a new Head of Clan Malkavian in the US.

In April 2014, The Office of The Malkavian Clanhead, was held by Chandra de Soissones. Her first major act which happened a week after her appointment, was to announce a Myrmidon (Pierrot le Fou) and a Steward (Dieci) to this office. Later in May 2014, Elder Chandra de Soissones announced the creation of a new system called Cohorts and Ministries to be employed by clan Malkavian. She appointed Malkavians around the country to serve in these positions. Later, (Alexander Wallace) known as Wallace the Murderer replaced Pierrot as Myrmidon.

In June 2015, at the national conclave in Roanoke, Virginia, Chandra de Soissones announced that Alice Lauderdale would be her new Steward.

  • Office of Malkavian Clanhead (US) (April 2015 - April 2016)

The Cohort System

In April 2014, the mission was to build infrastructure in Clan Malkavian. To this end the office of the Malkavian Clanhead implemented two systems for Clan Malkavian. One system was based on geographic location and primarily concerned itself with engaging Elders of Clan Malkavian as a resource for the benefit of the Clan - this was called 'The Cohort System'. The Cohort System was designed to deal with problems termed 'Clan hygiene issues', issues created by abuse, harassment, political leveraging, and other ill treatment. The Cohort System broke down the US Regions into 3 Geographic districts - Central, West, and East and called for the creation of a council of Elders organized by an appointed representative.

The Ministry System

The second system was called 'The Ministry System'. The Ministry System (or Ministries) were designed to facilitate common interests found within the Clan and to motivate members of Clan Malkavian to contribute to the Sect and Clan through support, mentorship, and increased visibility. The original Ministries were focused interests that seemed to be recurring themes found amongst the ranks of the children of the moon: Truth, Visions, and Education.

Office of the Clanhead (Canada)

Until Late May 2014, the Position was held by Dr. Jason Hyde. His isolating nature prompted him to resign his post for the betterment of the clan.

In June of 2014, Malkavians in Canada selected a new Clanhead after an active and unifying campaign by Viktor Cohen, Elder and Prince of Montreal at the time and Ockham, Elder of the Camarilla. On June 28th, Ockham was elevated to the position and confirmed by Archon Marsha Thiessen.

Ockham first appointed Tabetha Loth as Myrmidon and M. Sterling as Steward. Shortly after a nation-wide attack by the Sabbat, the Myrmidon seat became vacant and the Steward resigned to focus on his passions as a Seer.

  • Office of Malkavian Clanhead (Canada) (July 2014 - July 2015)
    • Malkavian Clanhead: [Blank]
    • Malkavian Clan Myrmidon: vacant
    • Malkavian Clan Steward: vacant

Malkavian Factions

Malkavian Lineages

Known Malkavians



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