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Outside the strictures of the 13 great clans and the two sects lie a small set of independent bloodlines. A bloodline is a minor lineage, tracing its distinctiveness to a founder of generation weaker than an Antediluvian, or whose birthright has long since been stolen. Found only in tiny numbers, the bloodlines pursue specialized interests that rarely come into confluence with either sect. Some can and do join sects (the Camarilla and Sabbat alike boast some members of the bloodlines) but in general, members of the bloodlines are rare enough to be unknown to most neonates and objects of curiosity to elders.

Without any formal protection of a sect or clan heritage, vampires of bloodlines often find themselves persecuted by the more “established” lines. Still, they rarely come into direct conflict, since their interests are usually esoteric enough to preclude interacting much with other Cainites. Most cities do not even boast a member of a bloodline; these vampires are rare, often reclusive and usually possessed of highly specialized agendas. Furthermore, the full extent of their powers and capabilities is usually unknown to other Cainites, so established Kindred are loath to risk themselves by antagonizing unknown quantities. Ultimately, with the exceptions of a few individuals, the bloodlines are footnotes in the Jyhad.


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