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The City of Miami

The City of Miami

The Ivory Tower

Magic City? People disappear enough for a stage show, that's for sure.

The Court

Prince Petra , Clan Toreador

Seneschal Tristan, Clan Nosferatu

Master Harpy Salvadore Noventa of Clan Lasombra

Sheriff Cassin von Steinbrechner]], Clan Nosferatu

Keeper of Elysium Gaius Von Bek, Clan Ventrue

Scourge "'Marcus Abreu'" , Clan Ventrue

Primogen Council

Clan Brujah, unrepresented
Clan Gangrel, Isaiah
Clan Malkavian, unrepresented
Clan Nosferatu, Tristan
Clan Toreador, unrepresented
Clan Tremere, NPC
Clan Ventrue, Rene le Salle

Known Residents

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Frequent Visitors

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The Deering Estate

The early 20th century Deering Estate is a 444 acre wildlife and seabird preserve in Cutler Bay, Florida. International Harvester millionaire and prolific fine art collector Charles Deering built the two story mansion and renovated the historic Richmond Cottage to suit his retirement whims. A private boat harbor and off-shore island are among the site's many highlights.

Clan Domain Grants

Brujah - Kendall & South Miami
Gangrel - Homestead & the Redlands
Malkavian - Miami Beach
Nosferatu - Coral Gables
Toreador - Midtown & Wynwood
Tremere - North Miami & Aventura
Ventrue - Miami Proper, Brickell, & Key Biscayne

Other Locations

The Rack of Coconut Grove - This rack is open for all Camarilla Kindred in good standing.

Anarch Territories - The areas of Miami Gardens, Opa Locka, and Hialeah are cordoned off to the Anarch Movement.

**City residents of the Ivory Tower have taken to calling this territory the "Quarantine Zone".


The area known today as the Miami Metropolitan Area was home to ancient civilizations dating back thousands of years, who's peoples lived isolated on the Southern Florida coast and thrived. Their cultures were vast and unique, leaving strange and wondrous artifacts behind as the only remaining proof they ever even existed. Their downfall was heralded by the first Spanish Explorers to set foot on their land...

Age of Exploration

  • 1513: Ponce de Leon discovers Florida - rumor persists his expedition was attempting to discover the Fountain of Youth. He explores with a small fleet of three ships.
  • 1567: Pedro Menedez de Aviles travels South from St. Augustine bringing the Jesuit missionaries Brother Francisco de Villareal and Padre Rogel with him in an attempt to convert the Tequesta to Roman Catholicism. The tribe were indifferent to their teachings and the Jesuits returned to St. Augustine after a year.
  • 1570: The Spanish Mission is abandoned indefinitely.
  • 1743: The Governor of Cuba sends a small garrison of soldiers and Fathers Mónaco and Alaña,to establish a chapel and fort at the mouth of the Miami river. They are ordered back to Havana three months later. It seems any and all attempts to bring Christianity to the Native tribes have failed.
  • 1763: Spain surrenders all of Florida to the British. The remaining Natives are sent to Cuba, leaving the land free to be settled.
  • 1783: As part of a treaty ending the American Revolutionary War, Florida is returned to Spanish control.
  • 1817 - 1818: The first Seminole War.
  • 1821: Spain cedes Florida to the United States.
  • 1825: The lighthouse on Key Biscayne is built.
  • 1836: Dade County is created, the lighthouse on Key Biscayne is attacked and burned by Seminole Indians.
  • 1836: Fort Dallas is built on an existing sugar cane plantation. It would later become the official site of the 'Miami Village'.
  • 1836 - 1842: The second Seminole War.
  • 1847: The lighthouse on Key Biscayne is rebuilt.
  • 1891: Jullia Tuttle arrives with William Brickell, accompanied by other wealthy settlers from Ohio, who came to open plantations.
  • 1896: After a freeze that occurs in Northern Florida, devastating the harvest, the plantations in Dade County now hold the only viable crops. This was the final impetus to lead Henry Flagler to bring his railroad to the settlements. Miami is officially incorporated as a city.
  • 1906: A series of canals begin to be built, draining much of the standing water from the vast Everglades and allowing for further expansion West.
  • 1912: A large fire destroys all of the Northern part of Downtown. This caused it to be nicknamed 'the Great Miami Fire'.
  • 1913: Miami Beach begins to be developed, after the completion of the wooden Collins Bridge, connecting the island to the Mainland.

Prohibition and Expansion

  • 1920s: During the years of prohibition, Miami is known for it's lax laws on alcohol possession and most types of gambling being viewed as legal. The city experiences a big construction and development boom, and the population doubles.
  • 1926: A category four hurricane hits, nearly leveling the city. The aftermath of this powerful storm left an estimated 25,000 to 50,000 people homeless and truly ushered in the era of the Great Depression into the area. The rebuild, however, institutes the first use of universal and stricter building codes, becoming the first of 5,000 cities to do so.
  • 1930s: The Art Deco district of South Beach is developed, becoming a cultural phenomena.
  • 1941: The US becomes involved in WWII, and Miami has a population boom as it is used as a naval staging ground. Over 500,000 soldiers are trained here, and when the war ends, nearly half of them return with their families to begin new lives in the city.
  • 1959: Fidel Castro rises to power in Cuba, many Cubans flee to Miami and seek refuge. This transforms Miami into a major center of commerce, finance and transportation for all of Latin America.
  • 1979: Liberty City riots begin, spurned by the verdict in a case in which police officers charged with beating a young black man to death were acquitted by a jury. The riots raged on for four days, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, and the deaths of nearly two dozen people.
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  • Former Prince Alaric was commonly referred to as Prince "Sir-Kills-a-Lot" by much of the populous. Never within hearing distance of course.
  • Tensions between members of the Ivory Tower and the Anarch Movement are high.
  • Anything can be bought and sold in Miami, including the Praxis.
  • The Miami court is composed only of potent warriors and murderers, who frequently indulge their bloody whims.

The Miami C/A VSS

VST Rob C.

Games are held the fourth Saturday of every month. Check in begins at 7:30pm, with game on at 8pm.

Our game site is located at a local theater in South Miami.
Visiting players should email the VST and RSVP their attendance to be given the address.