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This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

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This page contains information about Mt.Pleasant, Michigan that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

VST: Jayson Turner

Regular Schedule: 3rd Saturdays of each month (Sign-In: 5:00 P.M., Game-On: 6:00 P.M.)

Moore Hall, Central Michigan University

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1884 map of Mt. Pleasant.


Isabella County was formed in 1831 from parent counties Saginaw and Midland, located close to the geographic center of the lower peninsula of Michigan. While primarily rural in nature, Isabella County is noted for its oil and gas production and the manufacturing of machinery for industry, food service, and wood products. White settlers first arrived in what is now Mt. Pleasant after the Graduation Act of 1854, allowing them to purchase land from the government at discount rates. The Treaty of 1855 relocated the Native American Ojibwa (Saginaw Chippewa Tribe) from Saginaw, Swan Creek, and Black River to land in Isabella County (Isabella Indian Reservation). Many non-natives soon moved to Mt. Pleasant, predicting prosperous relations with the natives. The Homestead Act of 1862 brought many new settlers to Mt. Pleasant to live on the free land that the government allowed them.

In 1875, a devastating fire started at the Fancher Building on the north corner of Broadway Street and Main Street. It eventually moved east down Broadway, destroying several buildings. Seven years later another fire would damage buildings on the south side of Broadway.

In 1879 the first library appeared in Mt. Pleasant. Known as "The Library, Literary, and Musical Association of Mt. Pleasant," the first books were the personal book collections of the board members. In 1890 W.A. Jordan started Mt. Pleasant Business College. Expanding in 1892, the school changed its name to Central Michigan Normal School and Business Institute. The school was operated by the city of Mt. Pleasant until 1895 when it was taken over by the State of Michigan and became Central Michigan Normal School. Central Michigan University, as it is now known today, became a four-year institution in 1918 and a university in 1959.

On January 3, 1893, the U.S. government opened an Indian boarding school called the Mt. Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School, otherwise referred to as the Mt. Pleasant Center. It operated for 40 years, closing in 1933. The building now stands abandoned--or so it would seem.

Fall of the Sabbat

In 1928, large quantities of oil were discovered in the Mt. Pleasant area and the mortal population boomed. The Sabbat established dominion over the area and by 1950 they were warring with Lupines over resources and territory. Mircea De Luna, an elder of Clan Malkavian, sent spies into the north to investigate whether the area could be recovered from the Sabbat while he was spending time in the city of Grand Rapids with his childe, who held praxis there. Working from the shadows at the behest of Mircea, this coterie used their influence to grow the city, aid the Lupines against the Sabbat, and plant the seeds of control amongst the mortals.

By 1961, the Sabbat was losing the war they had started with the local Lupines. Desperate to regain footing, the Sabbat began experimenting with the blood of the Lupines they captured. This experiment resulted in a powerful army of shock troops who were equally overconfident. When they stormed the Lupines, they found out the hard way that they were outnumbered nearly 3 to 1 and almost all of them were destroyed. Those who survived the onslaught returned to their stronghold at the Mt. Pleasant Center only to be met by Mircea and his coterie, who executed all of the surviving Sabbat members shortly after they arrived. While pillaging the stronghold, a torture chamber was found and inside it were Lupines hooked up to strange devices that drained their blood but somehow did not kill them. Mircea spent time reading the minds of the Lupines and he discovered how important these particular Lupines were to the rest of their kind. He convinced the Lupines to not attack him and his coterie as he slowly nursed them back to health and freed them. Later, the Lupines he let go were instrumental in paving the way toward a truce between the Camarilla and the local Lupines.

As a symbol of his conquest of the Sabbat, Prince Mircea took the Mt. Pleasant Center as the site of his Elysium and the seat of his Praxis, holding monthly gatherings there to this night.

Sin City

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Shortly after the Camarilla lost control of Detroit to the Giovanni in 1967, Clan Malkavian responded to the Giovanni’s growing power by securing Michigan from Lansing westward for the Camarilla. Mircea, having sired many of the Malkavian praxis-holders in Michigan became the Imperial Prince of Michigan, with vassal Dukes in Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. From his throne in Mt. Pleasant, he orchestrated campaigns against the enemies of the Camarilla within the Imperium. Mircea took his fight to the Assamites who fled Detroit to escape from Giovanni persecution, handing over their blood magic and rituals to those of Clan Tremere who aided his army. The Assamite sorcerers who were apprehended during the war effort were executed years later in 1976.

In 1984, a group of infernalists began a campaign of terror within the boundaries of the Imperium that resulted in the disappearances of numerous Kindred and nearly broke the truce between the Lupines and the Camarilla. Scandals broke out when it was learned that many of the infernalists were members of Clan Nosferatu seeking a means to undo their clan curse and they were finally hunted down and destroyed, but not before many innocent Kindred met Final Death.

During the 90s, efforts were made by the Imperium to establish open lines of communication between itself and Clan Giovanni in Detroit. Within a few years, some of the Giovanni visiting with Mircea, particularly Salvatore Giovanni and Titus Milliner were granted the hospitality of the Prince. This deeply offended the local Ventrue, who saw no reason to allow the competitors to reside within the domain. Mortal crime began to escalate and much of the blame was being placed on the presence of the Giovanni in the city.

Following the Giovanni's purchase of McLaren Central Michigan in 1996, the local Ventrue attempted to use their collective standing to force Harpy Angelica Byrne to recognize the Prince as scandalous for allowing the Giovanni to undermine his authority by allowing the necromancers into his domain; however, the Harpy turned the argument against the Ventrue when she revealed that it was in fact the Ventrue themselves who were scandalous for conspiring with an Elder Setite and his followers in order to raise the rate of crime in the city and justify the expulsion of the Giovanni, thus undermining the Prince. The Brujah and the Giovanni both provided evidence to back up her claim.

Ventrue who were present at the time were interrogated and it was discovered that one particular line of Ventrue in the city had not only conspired with the Setites to cause open war to break out between the Giovanni and the Imperium, this particular family of Ventrue were also learning the disciplines of the Setites in secret, including their blood magic, without the watchful eye of the Tremere, all while actively worshiping Set and teaching their childer to do likewise. Many of the Ventrue who were not present at the time got word of the scandal breaking out and fled the city. The Malkavians and the Tremere examined those who remained, destroying any of them who possessed Serpentis or Setite Sorceries. The Giovanni used their ghostly retainers to track down the Ventrue who had not fled far enough away, but failed to apprehend the Elder Setite that corrupted them. Afterward, the Prince outlawed the worship of Set throughout his see, including knowledge of Setite disciplines, and by the time the witch hunt was over, members of Clan Ventrue offered the Prince enough boons to right the wrongs of the Ventrue line that had cast doubt upon the rest of them. Allowing the clan to save face, Mircea accepted their boons. The blood hunt called against this Elder Setite was in place until it was fulfilled in February 2014.

Wolves at the door

In 2005, a gang of Anarchs from out of town attended a music festival that was taking place at the fairgrounds located on the local reservation, which is also Lupine territory. One of the Anarchs foolishly force-fed on one of the locals, killing her at the event. This caught the attention of the Lupines, who tracked down the Anarchs in order to kill them. Fleeing the scene, the Anarchs headed to the Elysium and quickly melded into the earth that surrounded it. The Lupines, unaware of where they were, called out the vampire they were tracking upon arrival, but when the Camarilla decided to respond with questions of their own, the Lupines raged on them, killing a few and wounding others before the Elders responded to the attack by killing one of the three Lupines. The other two Lupines, realizing they were outgunned, fled the scene, and the Eldest chased them to the border.

When the Anarchs attempted to flee after the Lupines were chased away, Sheriff Veronica Devries, who did not recognize the Anarchs but understood they were responsible for the Lupine attack, apprehended them. The Anarchs, fearing what would happen to them if they did not flee before the Elders returned, attempted to kill the Sheriff and her entourage; however, they were no match and three of the four were quickly dispatched. When the Elders returned, the Primogen Council called an emergency meeting and within an hour they announced that the truce with the Lupines was over. The Prince reminded those assembled to obey the Traditions and to remain in the shadows whenever possible, in order to outlive the wolves at the door.

The modern nights

In June of 2013, during the Summer Solstice, the body of a monstrous creature was recovered from the sewers and given over to the Lupines. They revealed that the creature was an ancient enemy of theirs that could have created more like it and that as thanks, a truce was declared between the Lupines and the Kindred of Mt. Pleasant, which would last until the Winter Solstice.

In October of that same year, Prince Mircea disappeared into the Shadowlands. At the court's insistence, Salvatore Giovanni gathered numerous members of his clan to try to locate the missing prince, but to no avail. With Mircea lost, Jack Mitchel claimed praxis over the city and the Michigan Imperium, a move that displeased Mircea's childer, John Smith of Grand Rapids and Robert DuBois of Kalamazoo.

Current Setting

Mt. Pleasant is the capital of the Michigan Imperium, which was ruled by the Tremere Ancilla Jack Mitchel. Also encompassed by the Imperium are the domains of Lansing and Kalamazoo. Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, once part of the Imperium, chose to leave shortly after the new Prince's ascension to praxis. Lansing's Prince Miles Turner has sworn allegiance to Prince Jack Mitchel of Mount Pleasant.


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Praxis - Jasper Casies
Seneschal - Elijah Westfall
Sheriff - VACANT
Keeper of Elysium - Veronica Devries
Scourge - Lincoln Adams

Primogen Council

Brujah - Skyler
Gangrel - Rick the Gangrel
Malkavian - The Sage
Toreador - Veronica Devries
Tremere - Zoe De Medici
Ventrue - Emmaline "Emma" Moreaux

Mt. Pleasant Harpy Reports

Others of the Court

Brujah -
Gangrel - Brandon Jacobs
Malkavian - Mircea De Luna, Drake Ashcroft, Edison, The Sage, Ariadne Black
Nosferatu -
Toreador -
Tremere -
Ventrue - Emiline "Emma" Moreaux

Others of the Court:

Former Residents and Visitors

This section is for listing PCs and NPCs who were former residents of this city or whose activities in the city's history might be known to others. Completely clandestine interactions may be listed, but should be listed with a disclaimer making that clear.

Please provide the character's name with a wiki link, a date or date range, and brief information about the character's role in the city.

Former Residents

Historical Visitors

Elysium location

Elysiums are currently the Ward Theater and the Gypsy Rose Inn, a historic estate on the outskirts of Mt. Pleasant (OOC: The interior borrows heavily from the Historic Webster House in Bay City, Michigan.)

Prior to January 2014, Elysium was held at the "abandoned" Mount Pleasant Center, a haunted mental institution and former Native American education center.

Mt. Pleasant Center