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Domain: NY-004-D
Name: Children of the Lost Eden
Boundaries: New York City's 5 Boroughs, Weschester, and Long Island
Region: NE Region
Country: United States
Domain Coordinator: Ilan N.
Domain ST: Peter C.

Domain Staff

  • Domain Coordinator: Ilan N.
    • Assistant Domain Coordinator Chief of Staff: Jason K.
    • Assistant Domain Coordinator Socials: Stan S.

New york city evening wallpaper-normal.jpg

Domain Calendar

Games are held on the third weekend of every month.

Friday Night from 7pm-11pm: SPACE: The Infinite Edge
Saturday Afternoon from 1pm-5pm: Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Saturday Night from 7pm-11pm: Vampire: The Masquerade

Downtime meetups take place the second Wednesday after game weekends.

For more information, see the Domain Calendar

Site fees

$10 – per game

Cash at the door OR as always, PayPal ahead of time. Send PayPal payments to Please include your name, Cam/MES #, and games attending when making your payment via paypal.

Travel Info

Our site, The Center at West Park: McAlpin Hall, is conveniently located near subway stops, located at 165 W 86th Street (between Amsterdam and Columbus Ave).

MTA website, for maps and travel advisory for subways and buses, as well as New Jersey Transit and Metro North.
It is often easier to park outside the city and take public transit in!

If this is your first time in New York City, please be sure to check with the DC for help and tips. Some useful links for visitors:

The Official NYC Travel Guide
Parking? Parking.

Player Resources

Mind's Eye Society Homepage
Space Settings Docmuments and Approvals
CoD Reference Wiki
Werewolf Settings Docmuments and Approvals
Vampire Settings Docmuments and Approvals
Current Char sheets
How not to be bored at LARP


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Drive-Thru RPG online books