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VSS for Nashville, TN (TN-011-D)

Athens in Ashes

The Ivory Tower

Nashville's Camarilla/Anarch Masquerade Venue
Domain Name: Nashville Nocturne
Domain Number: TN-011-D
Lead Venue Storyteller: Brennan Willingham
Games Hosted On: Every four Saturdays, from 5pm to 10pm cst
Next Game: Please see below calendar, or email the VST for more details

Athens in Ashes Event Calendar

Player Characters

The Nashville Court

Prince: Lily Able of Clan Ventrue
Seneschal: Ferren Holt of Clan Toreador
Sheriff: Volünd Lodinson of Clan Ventrue
Scourge: Jamison Porter of the Gargoyles
Keeper of Elysium: Michael of Clan Gangrel
Master Harpy: Hallary of Clan Tremere

The Primogen Council

Ventrue: Volünd Lodinson

  • Whip: empty

Toreador: Ferren Holt

  • Whip: empty

Tremere: Einar Hildrson

  • Whip: empty

Malkavian: empty

  • Whip: empty

Brujah: Corbin Brody

  • Whip: empty

Gangrel: Jacey

  • Whip: empty

Nosferatu: Murk

  • Whip: empty

Venue Style Sheet

General Information

Venue: Cam/Anarch
VST: Nashville C/A VST
DST: Brennan Willingham
Game Location: Cheshire Hall, 2117 Bernard Avenue, Nashville, TN
Game Dates: Every four weeks


Action Combat and Challenges4
Character Development Personal Dilemmas and Choices5
Darkness Corruption or Moral Challenges4
Death PC Death2
Drama Ceremony and Emotional Engagement3
Intrigue Politics and Negotiation3
Manners Social Etiquette and Peer Pressure2
Mystery Enigmas and Investigation4
Pace How fast stories emerge, develop and resolve3
Scale How big is the impact of the story3

Experience Guidelines

- 6 for attendance
- 1-5 for submitting a downtimes (1 per downtime, maxed at 5)
(XP is capped at 10 per month, 20 if currently eligible for Accelerated Growth Rate (AGR) )

Travel Risks

Coming from the East, any stops taking place within Cookville will find that they will quickly encounter the local, territorial Anarch Movement, who are quick to look for any incursions made by Camarilla or Sabbat alike.

Playing Elders

There is no current limit on Elder PCs, but that may be put in place as time goes on. Elder PCs are symbolized as those with 3 or 4 Dots in Generation (7th or 8th Generation). However, there will be much more responsibility placed on Elder PCs to ensure that they contribute in a large way to the venue.

Storyteller Role

The primary role of the Storyteller is to set the scene and ensure that an enjoyable game is had for all players attending. This includes mediating challenges, creating and maintaining the universe, and allowing player actions to interact and mold the world.

Influences and Downtimes

Influences actions are handled by the VST to place into game. Any downtime influence uses are done through email, sent to the VST by the Thursday before game. In-game Influence actions are generally handled on the spot by the VST and then sent during the VST report to the DST the next month.


Blood pool coming into game is settled with a test using the pool that the character would most often use, with a Target Number equal to 10 + variable difficulty, depending on how the player describes how the character is feeding. A win allows the Kindred to enter play with full Blood, a tie with the character at half-Blood, and a loss with a number of Blood equal to their dots in Generation (minimum of 1). This is done without taking a downtime action, and if they so desire, they can use one of the 3+ available downtimes to fill up to half of their total Blood by doing additional feeding, with no additional challenge.

City Positions, the Primogen, and Domains

The Camarilla City of Nashville currently has only five Primogen, the Ventrue Lily Able, the Toreador Joseph Broussard, dual resident of Nashville and Atlanta, the Brujah Vincent, the Malkavian Winifred, and the Daughter of Cacophony Karma DiAmond. Because of this the Prince's domain is strong, having more than 4 clans or bloodlines represented through a member of the Primogen Council.


The domains, under the praxis of Gideon Ash, have changed slightly, ensuring that every core clan of the Ivory Tower had a place under their control. Current domains are as follows.

The Rack

Nestled in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Rack encompasses the entirety of it, bordered on all sides by interstates (I-65, I-24, and I-40). Three current Elysiums and one former Elysium reside within this territory, and it is ensured that Kindred of the Ivory Tower have a space to feed and congregate in relative safety.

Anarchs are known to pop into gatherings within the rack from time to time, testing boundaries or collecting information. Precedence has been shown them, as long as they do not cause any trouble within the city; there is an accord of mutual respect for boundaries, and a partial-truce between the Anarchs of Murfreesboro and the Tower of Nashville.

The Brujah of Nashville are considered to claim the largest area of the city, encompassing some of Antioch, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, La Vergne, and all of the J. Percy Priest Reservoir. This is a historic claim, of which has been modified and enlarged to ensure they remain in control of the Reservoir, but enlarging it as some of Hermitage was granted to the Ventrue. Gideon Ash may have ruffled feathers on this, but it was done to ensure that all clans have their own domains within his praxis.

As a potential slight against the Malkavians given rumors of his distaste for the entire clan, the smallest clan domain within Nashville bellows to the Moon. This includes the southern end of Shelby Bottoms, Mt. Olivet Funeral Home and Cemetery, and borders the east side of the Rack and Downtown Nashville

Prior to the praxis of Gideon Ash, the Nosferatu had no publicly known domain as claimed by them. However, in an effort to ensure they feel welcomed within the Camarilla city of Nashville, Gideon Ash ensured they had publicly claimed territory. This is located in North Nashville, bordering the Rack in downtown and the north edge of the Tremere domain. Landmarks include the Ted Rhodes Golf Course, Tennessee State University, Bell Bend Park, and John C. Tune Airport.

Gideon Ash, when he took praxis, realized that the clan of the Rose held no domain within the city of Nashville. Because of this, he located the location for his primary haven and decided that the Toreador would find it a proper place to call a domain. He claimed the southern portion of the city of Brentwood and the entirety of Franklin as Toreador territory, as the heart of the music celebrities and production studios are located here.

The lack of a Tremere presence within the city has forced a modification within their territory, but due to the respect Gideon Ash held for the clan, he provided them with a more central position in the city. This includes numerous educational institutions and medical facilities, including Tri-Star Centennial Medical Center, Centennial Park, Trevecca Nazarene University, and Vanderbilt University and Hospital.

Previous to Gideon Ash's praxis, the clan of Kings, did not have a domain within the city. To accommodate them, the northern portions of Hermitage, bordering the city of Madison, were provided them. In the likeness of their name, this territory includes The Hermitage, the home of President Andrew Jackson. The Brujah and the Ventrue may have issues with the domain boundaries, as the Brujah's domain had to shrink from the presence of Hermitage to accommodate the Ventrue.

The Gangrel's historic claim to the city of Bellevue is well-known within Nashville, but has been extended to include Percy Warner Park, Edwin Warner Park, and Radnor Lake State Natural Area, including the surrounding areas of Belle Meade and Forest Hills.

The Giovanni, while not a part of the Ivory Tower, have had a working relationship with Gideon Ash's court, and he has thanked the Family's assistance with a claim of the majority of the city of Madison. They have not set official boundaries as of yet, but it is publicly known that Madison, as a whole, belongs to the family Giovanni.

Followers of Set
The Followers of Set are relatively new additions to the cityscape of Nashville, and have only made public the claim of a business in Smyrna called the Serpent's Den. This is a known place of iniquities, and representatives from both sects can be found here. It is said that former Prince Gideon Ash has a ghoul that is here as a liaison between the Camarilla city of Nashville and the Followers of Set.

Anarch Movement
Multiple members of the Camarilla city of Nashville have allies and working relationships with the nearby Anarch Movement of Murfreesboro. They claim the entire city, along with the suburbs of the primary city. They are known for being very territorial over their domain, and are defensive over it, ensuring that their claim is respected, with violent consequences for otherwise.


The Camarilla court of Nashville has fallen on hard times after three major Sabbat attacks against their city within the last 35 years. The first real Kindred presence in the city was Toreador elders who wanted to forget about the horrors and ugliness of the Civil War. Their influence can be seen even today with such examples as the title Music City or the vast medical institutions therein.

Hard times started in the summer of 1979 when the Sabbat set fire to several neighborhoods in East Nashville attempting to invade and conquer everything east of the Cumberland River. The city's Prince Neil McManus of clan Ventrue assembled his court and drove out the Sabbat hordes with a few casualties. It had taken almost twenty years for the Sabbat to regroup and make another attempt at the city in the fall of 1998 after a tornado had touched down in the middle of downtown.

With the Camarilla's influences tied up in disaster relief the Sabbat moved setting up shop in the projects east and north of downtown. The Sabbat infested the city of Nashville for over ten years smuggling drugs, dealing in prostitution and bringing in vast amounts of vagrants to feed their packs. Finally in 2010 Prince McManus retaliated by allying with Anarchs and even granting them territory outside of the city in Murfreesboro to help his court hunt down and give final death to the Sabbat haunting his city.

When the forces met the battle was brutal. Many Camarilla and Anarch kindred were turned to ash, including the Toreador Seneschal, but the war was won. After that battle the Prince became sullen and withdrawn; some say he was romantically involved with his Seneschal and was/is mourning her death.

It was not long. Sometime in early 2013, that the Prince succumbed to torpor, and the strongest Brujah representative, Vincent, claimed praxis over the city. However, through investigations, it was found that Prince McManus' true reason for being sullen and withdrawn was that the head of the Sabbat's forces, known only as Victor, was his sire, and was allied with McManus.

Kidnapping Prince Vincent, Victor tortured and rooted through his memories, looking for McManus' body to regain control of his childe's body. Because of his violation of his mental faculties, Vincent no longer felt worthy or safe in his place of praxis, and surrendered it. Taking up the mantle was Prince Gideon Ash, childe of the famous Victoria Ash, head of Clan Toreador at the time.

The shining light of Gideon Ash's praxis would be the Grand Ball, held in honor of Countess d'Adhemar, childe of the infamous and Red Listed Madame Guil, to celebrate her return to the Tower after the Inner Council cleared her of any suspicion from her sire’s fall. It was during this that Prince Ash maintained the domain with solid, political prowess, keeping other visitors to the domain for the Ball in line when they attempted to usurp his authority. During the end of the Ball, however, he succumbed to Final Death at the hands of assassins of unknown origin. With the Justicariate taking up the investigation, the position of Prince of Nashville fell into the hands of the former Sheriff, Shayde of clan Brujah, who is intent on holding this position until one as worthy as her coterie-mate, Gideon Ash, was while within the seat appears to take it from her.

The attention given the city has shed a spotlight on it, and the city has become a beacon to the Tower within Tennessee. There are now close ties with other, major domains of the southeast, but with the Sabbat rearing its head again, and assassins potentially around every corner, the city of Nashville has become a boiling cauldron of intrigue and suspense. Is it still safe within this domain, or are others intent on taking back their city or seeking revenge against the insults perceived from Prince Ash?


Nashville in the world of darkness is a city of faith and vice. The "buckle of the bible belt" contains literally a church for almost every religion, yet drugs and prostitution can be had for any who have the money. The surviving Camarilla kindred of Nashville still gather together about once a month at three notable Elysiums within the city.

1) The oldest active Elysium in the city now is the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC, owned by the Kindred City of the Camarilla. This center is a large, expansive space that has multiple meeting rooms, the most common of which is the rehearsal room for thespians and musicians who are scheduled to perform the arts. 2) The most recent Elysium is Rivergate Mall, to the north of town on the boundary between Nashville and Goodlettsville, and the most prominently attended room for Kindred is the business offices at the center of the mall, on the only part of the mall that has a second floor.

Formal court gatherings and events used to take place at the Music City Hall of Fame after hours, declared Elysiums at their founding, but no formal gatherings have been called there in some time.

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