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"Yet, as only New Yorkers know, if you can get through the twilight,

you'll live through the night.”

-Dorothy Parker

Eternity is a long time.
The first few years are exhilarating. The first decades are empowering. After the first century, though, things stop being unique. Time cycles through war and peace, ascendance and decline. Powers rise and powers falls. The things that once seemed enormous become petty. The things that were once trivial become the things that rule the world.

It’s been said that no place epitomizes American spirit and experience quite like New York City. If that’s true, then the spirit of immortality in America is a greedy deceptive bitch, because no where on earth has immortality become the gateway to desire, decadence and duplicity quite like New York. If they city takes you, alive or otherwise, you find a bit of darkness in your soul that sweet talks you into skipping down the golden paved path to hell.

When you’re looking at an eternity skipping down that path, and it becomes hard to tell your friends from your enemies. It also gets hard keeping a handle on the part of you that used to be human. Sure, some people turn into demon worshiping monstrosities what would just as soon jump rope with your entrails, but most are more subtle. Machiavelli and Ayn Rand stop being the idols or the rich and start being people who were onto something, but didn’t have the guts to take their ideas to their logical conclusions.

The golden façade hides a corruption that eats at the heart of the city. The center can’t hold forever, and after the days of wine and roses comes the deluge.


As of 2013/10/05. OOC: Names marked with an asterisk are NPCs and do not count towards Ascendancy/Eminence.

Ascendant: Circle of the Crone
Eminent: Mekhet



Ramiel Asteria - M, Acolyte, Heirophant
Genevieve Asteria - M, Carthian, Harpy
Owen Asteria – M, Acolyte, Prince
Maria Lorraine - Daeva, Carthian, Prisca


Rhona Asteria – M, Acolyte
Phoebe Asteria – M, Acolyte, Prisca
Nikolas Asteria - M, Carthian, Primogen
Winny Asteria – M, Acolyte, Unaligned representative
Melanie Dormer - D, Acolyte, Primogen
Johanne Fleischer - N, Invictus, Priscus
Marcus Macellarius Bari– V, Invictus, Primogen, Priscus
Simon Page - V, Ordo Dracul, Primogen


Abrafo – M, Hound, of Boston
Juniper Asteria – M, Acolyte
James Asteria - M, Dragon
Louis Capet* - V, Lancea Sanctum
Carlisle Campbell* – G, Unaligned, Sheriff
Joanna Clark - D, Lancea Sanctum, Bishop
Miles Faith – V, Unaligned
Rylan Fox – D, Carthian
Hashtag - M, Carthian
Gaius Macellarius Bari – V, Invictus, Minister of War
Kyle Matheson - Gangrel, Carthian Movement
Lon Merrick* – N, Carthian, Priscus


Aker - N, Lance
Alex Asteria - M, Acolyte
Jace Asteria - M, Acolyte
Dr. Harold Burke - V, Unaligned
Delilah – M, Carthian
Gerard Grylls* – G, Carthian, Priscus
Stella Hathaway* – D, Carthian
Charles Haythorne* - V, Invictus
Zara Haythorne - V, Invictus
Kyrie - G, Acolyte, Priscus
Raymond Martin* – V. Carthian
Mason – M, Carthian
Marchessa Daltress Moreno – M, Carthian
Marguerite Muscat - D, Acolyte
Mimir* - N, Invictus
Nolan Warrick - D, Acolyte
Sean Plame* – M, Carthian
Eve Sherwood – D, Acolyte
Harrison Stills – M, Dragon
Quicksilver – G, Acolyte
Rory Talbot* - N, Lance
Ian Talbot* - N, Lance
Victor – N, Carthian
Alexi Vladislov - D, Lancea Sanctum, Keeper of Elysium
Willard D Warren* – V, Invictus


Eve Sherwood – D, Acolyte

The Fallen

Floyd Wilson – M, Unaligned

Harpy Reports