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"Bright is the moon, high in starlight. Chill in the air cold as steel tonight."
- Metallica, "Of Wolf and Man"


Game Information

Venue Name: North London Apocalypse
Venue Type: Apocalypse
Venue Storyteller: Liam Draper

Game Time and Location

4th Saturday

Venue Resources

Coming Soon

Venue Style Sheet

Part 1 - Basic Information

  • Venue: Werewolf the Apocalypse
  • Venue Name: North London Apocalypse
Storyteller Information
  • VST Name: Liam Draper
  • Membership #: UK2001061047
  • Passed Ordeal of the Storyteller: Y

Part 2 - Styles of Play

Action (Combat & challenges): 4
Darkness (PC Death and/or Corruption): 2
Intrigue (Politics and Negotiation): 3
Mystery (Enigmas & Investigation): 2
Spirits and the Umbra (How often do we interact with these): 3
Ratings Description:
1 - Never present
2 - Sometimes present
3 - Often present
4 - Usually present
5 - Always present

Part 3 - Description of the Venue


North London comprises the City of London and the London boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, and Westminster.
Present Day
The Garou in London, and in the UK as a country, have suffered greatly over the last quarter-century. Healthy and active cubs are prized, but Rites of Passage are hard – some would even say harsh, even for Garou.
London’s Packs and their allies maintain an uneasy concordance made up of primarily the Western Tribes and more urban Garou; homeless Bone Gnawers, city-kid Glass Walkers, back-packing Children of Gaia, Irish-blooded Fianna, street-tough Get of Fenris and moneyed Silver Fangs are common to the city, and over recent years, as social equality movements grow even stronger, the Black Furies have increased significantly in number in the city.
Shadow Lords have been less common in London and the UK over the almost-century since the start of the Great War, though recent immigration from Eastern and central Europe has changed that.
Far more rare are Silent Striders, Stargazers, Uktena and Wendigo; and, it is said, that the concord of Packs of the city has, over the years, run the Red Talons out of London completely.
But what is the city, to the Garou of London and the Home Counties? To some it is an infection, running pestilent on Gaia's skin; to others a trap set by the Weaver, but ultimately serving the Wyrm, a place of false hopes and broken dreams.
Some see London as an ever-expanding battlefield, on which honour, hearts and minds are fought for to the ragged end; but others still see it as a new and bustling organism made by man in concert with the earth, with its own messages and secrets, its own new trails and paths to follow. London is different to every Garou – and to every Kinfolk, and every human – regardless of Tribe or Breed. Finding solace in the city is hard for all, but finding magic, and connection to Gaia herself, is not as impossible as it first might seem.

The United Kingdom has been a dangerous place over the last century for the Garou and their Kin; ravaged by warfare both on the home front and by the loss of countless overseas, overshadowed by increasingly corrupt governments and big business, fraught with internal suspicions and conflicts.
The power of Pentex and its numerous subsidiaries, many unknown to even the wisest of Garou, has steadily grown as the nation has collapsed economically, and the Wyrm grows fat on the despair of a corpulent, television-fed, coalition-led nation.

The Ravaging: Legislative Interference

The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 hit the Garou harder than all of these things, though, and has left a scar on the Garou nation within the United Kingdom which cannot be erased; a generation lost, just as the world was changing, as the Millennium approached and Gaia seemed about to be empowered and protected by the human populace more than ever before – as it seemed the battle might just be won.
The Act was the culmination of a series of ‘attacks’ by ‘dangerous’ (large-breed or fighting-breed) dogs across the country, manipulated by the authorities for maximum media effect to whip up a frenzy of legislation and sanctioned cruelty to ‘animals’. Dogs of suspect breeds, size or build were identified for indiscriminate destruction or at least neutering, microchipping and muzzling; and with the public outcry against dangerous dogs, the Garou paid a heavy price.
1991 saw the British Garou taking heavy losses – a massacre, almost. In those terrible first few months, the Lupus were hit hardest of all, those who slept on the streets, those who made their home with Kin, those who had tried to run, executed under police fire, destroyed by laboratory drugs.
And the horror spread, to the homes of the Kinfolk, to those Garou in hiding across the city; and while mothers and fathers become indiscriminate casualties of the Act, shot down in acts of ‘violence’ defending their homes and families, it became clear that the real targets were the cubs.
A generation of the young and defenceless, the children of Garou and Kin, were taken from their homes – lost to the Tribes, to their families. Some say that the ‘Child and Youth Protection Act (CYPA)’, also legislated in 1991 and making it easier than even before for youngsters to be taken from their families and homes into state ‘care’, took them, that they were raised in schools and group homes like internment camps, with endlessly-supplying pharmacies. That those who survived a childhood of brutal experimental and mind-deadening drugs grew up sterilised and stupid, their blood heritage taken from them; that the Wyrm owns them now, and there is no home for their mending.
Others disagree, and spent the years searching for their stolen cubs; and over those years, group ‘care homes’ and ‘research facilities’ across the country have, from time to time, been the target of ‘terrorist attacks’. Some of the lost cubs and their siblings have been retrieved, out into the loving support of regrouping Kinfolk communities; they have suffered terrible withdrawal pains, even died from the lack of medications unknown to even the most skilled of Garou healers. Only a scant few of those who have lived have reached their First Change yet, and many are content to stare only at the television all day, to grow fat on fast food, to live wasted lives.
Empty icons dominate the psychological landscape of the nation, and these poor cubs seem the most susceptible of all; to the moneyed lust-mother television cook, to the suffocating father-judge talk show host. To the new gods of fake-tanned girls and fast-car boys, to the talentless boybands and manufactured stars. They are consumers, and nothing else. They are like more and more of the country’s human populace; they are void.
Though the Fianna, the Children of Gaia and the Black Furies have united in an uneasy concord to try to heal these broken souls, to try to mend the spirits crushed in those who lost their children or Kin to the Ravaging, but it seems to be an increasingly lost cause. Some mystics amongst the Garou believe that there is the influence of a Maeljin at work here, and that the battle must come, eventually, to more than one for individual shattered lives.
It is rumoured that the Ratkin, with their long-standing control of the city’s Tube network, gave some kind of assistance during the Ravaging, and perhaps saved some lucky cubs; but the two groups talk less and less these days, and none of London’s Garou seem to have much to say about the matter when asked.

Safe Havens and Hallowed Ground

But the news for London’s Garou isn’t all bad. Across London, there are several key spots known as safe for the Garou, and even for the occasional, tolerated Ratkin or Corax; Hunters’ Bar and Grill, a renowned steakhouse close to Borough’s high-end food market, is known to be owned by an enterprising Silver Fang, and to be staffed by Kin, and the Western Road Irish traveller site in Catford, West London is known to be the home of grizzled Fianna Elder Patrick ‘Honours-The-Fight’ Donnelly, and his son, Jack, known as ‘Whiskey-Like-Water’ and their solid, proud family of welcoming traveller Kin.
In his day, Honours-The-Fight was one of the most feared and proudest Ahroun in Britain, and his drinking and fighting skills and stories were the talk of the country’s Garou. But today, Honours is old and sick, corrupt with cancer no medicine of magic can treat; and his son, Whiskey Jack, seems reluctantly set to take his place, as his marriage to his childhood Kinfolk sweetheart approaches.
Within the same site, there is said, too, to be a talented ‘moonshiner’ Fianna, skilled in making the Tribe’s scared ales; a Ragabash of dubious tricks but with a good heart, up for the craic and for the protection of the Tribes’ heritage.
Battersea and its surrounds belong to the Battersea Boys, a Pack of Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers and their urbanized allies; truly seen as ‘urrah’ (tainted ones) by the rural Garou, embracing the wiles and ways of the city with each beat of their hearts, with their Gifts and Rites and souls. The world-famous Battersea Cats and Dogs Home is the site of a solid core of allies and a few Kin, and was where the Bone Gnawers rose in respect in the city during the DDA’s height, with Lupus cubs smuggled into safety there, at least temporarily.
The Tube, of course, belongs to the Ratkin, while the Tower of London and Tower Hill rumoured to be the purview of a small conspiracy of Corax, who have long had territorial and spiritual rights to the area. Both of these groups of shifters are known to be very tentatively open to dealing with the Garou, though their motivations and goals in such transactions should always be examined carefully.
There are a scant few Bastet in London; occasional rumours drift through the Corax network of a lone Bubasti or Ceilican in the capital, though such creatures are very rare and seem to have little to do with the Garou.
Should a formal gathering of Changing Breeds across the capital ever be needed, to handle disputes or talk of matters which affect all – and such events are very rare – the bronze Animals In Wartime memorial on Park Lane is the place to gather, where hidden glyphs mark out a secret door to the tunnels and rooms below. For now, the Ratkin watch over the site, but this honour and responsibility is shared, and shifts from Breed to Breed every five years.
A similar memorial and place of treaty also exists in Stockport, Lancashire, where a carved animal totem pole stands in a quiet grove in Woodbank Park.
Other places are sacred, too; the lone, fragile Caern that stands in the basement of a banking tower in Canary Wharf, the secret glade in Epping Forest, and, of course, the lush, beautiful Caern in the heart of Kew Gardens, maintained by the elderly Child of Gaia known to the human world as ‘Mr Underhill’. This heart-achingly lovely Caern, within a green-glass Victorian greenhouse, has stood unharmed for many years, a gift from the royalty to the people of Britain; and a place with true power at its heart. Mr Underhill has curated the gardens there for almost forty years, and is a Caern Guardian of much wisdom and renown.

Deadly Games and Dark Nights

Other places yet are known to be unfriendly; the Square Mile reeks of the Wyrm, and there are active targets across the nation to far outweigh even these passive threats. While Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands and parts of London are clearly bear the scent of the Wyrm on them, have been forced into conformity by the Weaver and her allies, Pentex and the Wyrm’s multitude of active, aggressive servants have to be the first focus of the British Garou; as do the pups, babies and cubs, and the families fighting to prevent further loss.
The vampires can wait, for now. Honours-The-Fight orders it, along with the rest of the country’s Concordiat. It is a time to heal, and to choose fights which can – almost always, or the challenge is gone – be won.
The dangers are the usual, in London, where the Wild is losing the battle against Weaver and Wyrm badly; Pentex is in a place of more power and influence across the nation than ever before, and their tainted products and servants are rife. Humans make choices more selfish and careless than ever, too, and money, power and fame are sought after by many from an early age indeed.
Formori and Banes, and the fallen Shifters, seem at times the least of the British Garou’s problems in comparison to the sad, sick nation they dwell in; but these are dangers it is fatal to ever forget.
And thorough the years, rumours have persisted of the yearly May Day ‘hunt’ through London, on-going for many centuries; thought to be a payback by the highest humans of the land for the horrors of the Impergium, which has over the years wiped out almost all of London’s once-numerous fox-shifters and claimed the lives of many young or careless Garou.
This terror comes but once a year, to London; but late at night, every night, the ‘dog catcher’ trucks roll across the city, seeking out those Dangerous Dogs...

Part 4 - Storytelling Mechanics

Player Characters

All character sheets and backgrounds must follow WTG/Shadows of Albion rules, and must be submitted to the VST for the approval well in advance (at least one week where possible) prior to being brought into play. Unless circumstances are exceptional character submission should be done via the Approvals Database (as all items and characters are at least Low Approval), and a copy of your sheet and character information must also be sent to the VST email account.
Sheets must, unless circumstances are exceptional, be built and sent to the VST at one week or more before entering play. It is recommended that the Character Development Document is also submitted with the sheet on the Approvals Database, prior to the character entering play.
All character ideas should be thoroughly discussed and agreed with the VST prior to starting play, and all Approval items must be Approved for play via the Approvals Database before being brought into play, and put onto the Approvals Database with enough time before the player wishes to play for all levels of the Approval to be dealt with.

Character Type Restrictions

Restricted character types within North London Apocalypse are:
  • Shadow Lords – considered fairly rare
  • Silent Striders, Stargazers – considered very rare
  • Uktena, Wendigo – considered extremely rare
  • Red Talons, Black Spiral Dancers – not available as PCs at this point within North London Apocalypse.
If you wish to play a character type considered rare within the VSS (regardless of overall Approval level), a full, appropriate and sensible character background and character document must be provided along with your sheet for discussion with the VST, and it is advised that you begin discussions with the VST prior to creating the sheet to help you merge into character backstory any special requests your VST may have of you in playing that character type.

Out of Domain Characters

In order to best plan our games, all visiting players should submit, at least 72 hours in advance, a character sheet and all details and information asked of local players in the section above, copying in their direct Storyteller. Character sheets may be provided at the game if pre-printed or on a phone, laptop or tablet, with Approval Numbers clearly visible.


WTG/Shadows of Albion rules regarding XP earning apply to all our games. The XP cap is a chronicle cap. This is a cap on your total earned XP in chronicle, and is based on the length of the chronicle.
For every month of chronicle, from (and including) May 2103, the cap increases by 6XP. For example: in November 2014, the chronicle will have been running for 19 months, and your total XP cap will be 19 x 6 = 114 XP.
Your will still have to earn the XP through downtimes, background/side scenes, proxies, attending games and other Storyteller awards.

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