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An order is a social organization for the furthering and betterment of mages, aiding them in honing their practice of the Art for the purposes and goals to which the order strives. Most orders claim a truly ancient pedigree stretching back to fabled Atlantis, although one of them is much more modern and seeks to unite the scientific and magical worldviews. While the orders often work together, each espouses its own goals and practices. These often cause conflict, especially where ownership of valuable magical resources is concerned. Although a character can be initiated into an order during character creation, he can later leave that order and join another (or go it alone as an “apostate”). Mages who leave their orders, however, are often reviled by their previous order and might even be distrusted by members of a new order. If a mage cannot demonstrate the discipline to stay with those who first nurtured and tutored him after his Awakening, perhaps he lacks the necessary resolve to attain mastery of the Art. Such mages can endanger others, especially if they are so fickle as to accept any alliance offered to them. Mages do not make easy friendships; they rely on the wisdom of their orders to weed out those unworthy of their attention and time.

Orders teach special magical secrets to their members. These are similar to Skill Specialties except that they concern only the casting of rote spells, those spells that have been codified by a master and practiced diligently by a caster. Specialties denote an entire Skill rather than a single specialized function of that Skill. Their benefits pertain only during the casting of a rote that utilizes the Skill.

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