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The Rat Sees All

Venue Storyteller: Mike Mershon

Domain Storyteller: Keith MacArthur

City Positions

He Lives On Blood
  • Seneschal: Ziva Caroline Rosseter
  • Scourge: Kevin Stiles
  • Sheriff: Wyat Reed
  • Gangrel Primogen: Wyat Reed
  • Malkavian Primogen: Luke Thompson
  • Nosferatu Primogen: John Smith
  • Toreador Primogen: Vacant
  • Ventrue Primogen: Vacant

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • The Prince's Curiosities
1. Kindred, while acting in accordance with kine laws and affairs, may travel through the domains of other clans without reprisal. This privilege may be revoked by the presiding Primogen of the domain. The Primogen must make this revocation public knowledge prior to enforcing.
2. Kindred, who seek recognition of the Prince or permission to reside in the city and who are not represented by a Primogen or cannot find their Primogen at a gathering may seek out the Harpy to function as a surrogate.
  • Elysium
Location: Leu Gardens (, a place of safety, beauty, and peace.
1. It will be understood that any who bear a unpleasant deformity or other affliction that would potentially offend others or endanger the Masquerade is permitted to use the powers of Obfuscation or other powers of the blood to conceal such.
2. In addition to traditional creatures and beings not permitted upon the grounds, those who traffic with the Infernal are also forbidden.
3. Hunting is not permitted within a two mile radius of the Elysium.
4. The sanctity of objects extended to the flora and fauna of the gardens. Stepping on the grass is fine, willful damage of the beauty of the place is not.
5. The Keeper's words on Elysium grounds are law, and may punish or execute anyone who is in violation; by the authority of the Prince and the Traditions of the Tower.

OOC Information

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