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“On the Third Day, there will be silence. The crows will feed on the carrion, plague will dance amongst the ruins, and the Antediluvians will make for themselves an Empire of Blood. They will rule with iron talons. They will wrench the hearts of all still alive, and the full sum of the earth’s living will come and live in the Last City, called Gehenna. And there will be a reign of one thousand years, and there will be no love, or life, or pity; the mighty will be made as slaves, the virtuous will be made foul; every good gift, every perfect gift will be tainted by the Father of Darkness, whose power will come from the nether realms.”

That’s the way it ends. That’s the way we’ve always known it ends. And that’s why we’re here, psychopaths and all. Some dude may have put the Ancients back to sleep with a Sarcophagus and a nursery rhyme, but whether the Campires want to accept it or not, the Ancients are still real. We know they lie dead but dreaming, and we’re waiting for them. But when they do wake up, ready to break their fast on the first part of us, the only Cainites they’ll find left are us, ready to spit in their eye. And I for one am not going quietly into that good night with a wine glass in my hand, pretending everything’s fine. I’m going out with my boots on. I’m going out with blood under my fingernails and ashes in my mouth, and I’m taking as many of them with me as I can. Who’s with me?”

- Rico Vega, Cardinal of the East


Pack Territories

Gathering Places


The "City of Brotherly Love" has time and again failed to live up to its moniker over the centuries since it was founded. Whatever its original intent as a safe haven from persecution, it has consistently been a fulcrum of change and occasionally chaos, interspersed with bouts of savage violence. Battles between mortals have echoed wars between supernaturals, whether entwined or in parallel; Camarilla battles Sabbat, Sabbat fights Camarilla. Mortals wielding shotguns, smartphones, and rosaries venture boldly into the night, and savage Lupines lash out from the wilderness against anyone who draws near. There is no rest for the truly devout and faithful, for Caine's enemies beset Philadelphia from all sides - within and without.


Prior to the arrival of the European settlers, the Delaware River Valley was dominated by two small vampiric lineages - one of Clan Gangrel, the other Nosferatu. They fought over territory and feeding rights, existing amongst the local Lenape Native American tribes in a curious mix of honored ancestor spirit and feared boogeyman. They united to fend off intrusions by the occasional European vampire who lurked among the Swedish and Dutch colonists, but were otherwise content to squabble with each other. This changed when William Penn's expedition arrived in the valley in 1681, for among his entourage was a elder Tremere named Gustavus, already plotting to tap the untamed power of the new world in ways the natives had never dreamed of. Subtle manipulations and influence 'persuaded' Penn to change the planned site of the settlement, and alter the shape and location of certain streets and buildings. Whatever purpose Gustavus had for these modifications, though, ultimately lay unfulfilled when he was killed in a clan power struggle, but Philadelphia remained, a mighty stronghold of Clan Tremere and the Camarilla.

This state of affairs lasted for some time, up to the middle of the 19th century. Sabbat forces Crusaded against Philadelphia's bulwarks again and again, thrown back by its defenses and supporting forces from nearby cities. In 1853, the Sword tried again, this time with the aid of treachery and deceit. Blackmailed by a double agent, the Sheriff of Philadelphia opened a gap in the city's defenses, and the Sabbat swarmed through with the Black Hand at its head. Under cover of massive immigration riots, Tower and Sword met in open battle in the streets, while gargoyle slaves and fleshcrafted beasts dueled through the skies. The destruction was immense, and would not be rivaled until the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, but in the end the Sabbat stood triumphant.

From that day on, the situation was reversed. The Camarilla attempted to retake the city, but the Sabbat now had a powerful foothold on the East Coast, and were loathe to relinquish it. Its mighty defenses stood firm, and 'thrived' as a breeding and feeding ground for Cainites plotting mischief against neighboring Camarilla domains.

Philadelphia's small population of Ravnos were devastated by the Week of Nightmares, but like so many other Cainites, the rest of the city's residents saw only triumph in the Red Star's omen. The call of Crusade was answered - many going south to besiege and conquer Washington D.C., others heading north to launch a hastily planned and catastrophically disastrous assault on New York City. The annihilation of the city's Antitribu Tremere and mass abandonment by its Assamites hurt, but the Sword had not spend a century and a half fortifying its borders for nothing, and they held despite opportunistic attempts to recapture it. Through the Nights of Turmoil, Philadelphia remained strong, even while city after city was swept by mortal hunters or stormed by Camarilla warriors. It was a rock against the tides of the Antediluvians, one the Tower simply started to bypass in hopes of slowly starving it by isolation.

Internally, the steady pressure of Camarilla attacks amidst the chaos wore on the mind of the city's Archbishop. He instructed the local Inquisition that defeatism and disunity were to be treated as heresy, and as he descended further into madness, the Inquisition became the de facto rulers of the city. At first, they did their duty fairly, but not even Inquisitors are immune to corruption. The panic engendered in the Nights led Cainites to denounce their enemies, then their rivals, then their friends. The trials turned to witch hunts and outright purges, but they had served their purpose by maintaining Philadelphia's integrity long enough to Temoch the Jackal and the Black Hand to successfully breach the siege cordon laid about the city in 2008. The mad Archbishop and his pack were struck down in sacred Monomacy, then formally executed by the Black Hand for their crimes against the sect. The Regent reprimanded the Inquisition for overstepping its bounds, but took no further action and departed, leaving Philadelphia stable once more.

Thus the city of Philadelphia stands. A bastion of the Sword of Cain, surrounded on all sides by Camarilla and Independent forces. Its enemies are many, and its allies few; Camarilla courts in Reading, Baltimore, and Edison isolate it from the rest of the country, while the Giovanni of Atlantic City prowl hyena-like at its heels. An Anarch domain, stylizing themselves as a military mercenary unit, abuts Philadelphia to the west around the town of Exton, having moved in and negotiated a non-aggression agreement with the Sword in 2012. The relationship has been tense but stable ever since, both sides constantly wary for betrayal but content to let the status quo sit; the Anarchs shelter beneath Philadelphia's shadow and well-earned reputation as a death trap for any Kindred, while the Sabbat get a free disposable buffer between their borders and the Camarilla domain of Harrisburg. The last serious attempt to conquer Philadelphia came in 2013, with a pair of elders leading their personal retainers to Doylestown and preparing to assault the city. Their plans failed when a war party stormed Doylestown and slaughtered nearly all of them, save a tiny handful of captives converted to the Church of the Dark Father at swordpoint.

Diocese Directory

The Diocese of Philadelphia

Character Name: Character Clan: Position: Pack Name:
Rico Vega Malkavian Antitribu Cardinal of the East Suicide Kings

Rosa Madero Brujah-Antitibu Archbishop of Philadelphia Bodycount

Levi Stone Toreador-Antitribu Bishop of Silence Suicide Kings

Marko Ortiz Pander Ductus Hermanos

Jack the Brujah Brujah-Antitribu Ductus Shadow Watch

Zia Amnell Assamite-Antitribu Ductus Bodycount

Emmeline LeBlanc Nosferatu Antitribu Ductus Occam's Razor

Samuel Gargoyle Priest Occam's Razor

Dorian Ravnos-Antitribu Priest & Abbott Shadow Watch

Victoria Sutton Toreador-Antitribu? Abbott Bodycount

Isaiah Valence Lasombra Abbott Occam's Razor

Filou Ravnos-Antitribu None Shadow Watch

Sebastian! Ventrue-Antitribu None Shadow Watch

Kassy Malkavian-Antitribu None Shadow Watch

Elizabeth Malkavian-Antitribu None Shadow Watch

Uriel Salubri Antitribu Black Hand Occam's Razor

Jaelle Ravnos-Antitribu Black Hand Bodycount

Father Xavier Thomas Lasombra Ductus The Experiment

"Smith" Tzmisce Abbot Tenebrous Legio

 ?  ?  ?  ?


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