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Setting The Stage

Since the 1950’s, Phoenix has been ruled by the Camarilla. But in early 2009, Prince Locke, the ruler of Phoenix, closed the Domain amid rumors of sympathy for the Anarch Movement. By 2010, the city and its Kindred fell inexplicably silent. Neighboring Domains sent emissaries, scouts, and spies, but all they found was an Elysium covered in ashes. Now, with a power vacuum so great, Kindred have flooded back into the city looking for their chance to seize power.

Can the Ivory Tower resurrect the Domain of Phoenix or will new layers of ash be cast into the desert winds?

The Night Life


Orpheum Theatre
Desert Botanical Gardens
Heard Museum

Gathering Spots

San Marcos Resort & Hotel
The David Wright House

The Headlines

The Headlines - Through January 2016

Headlines - February 2016
Headlines - March 2016
Headlines - April 2016

OOC Information

VST: Chris W.
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Domain: Dead Man's Hand (AZ-010-D)
VSS: Enemies Unknown VSS
Last Update: 7.04.2016