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What is the Pink Mafia?

The Pink Mafia is a Social Group for members of the Camarilla Fan Club.

The Pink Mafia is made up of two groups:

  • The Princess Council: Made up of Queer (however you define it) Members of the Camarilla (GLBTQ). The Princesses are responsible for looking out for one another, ensuring a good time and upholding certain standards of behavior.
  • The Made Men: Allies, Friends, Loved Ones, and Supporters (usually heterosexuals of either gender) the Made Men are responsible for looking out for one another, ensuring the safety of members of the Mafia, ensuring a good time and upholding certain standards of behavior.

The Mafia is known for a playful, fun attitude and believes in Fun For Everyone.

This is a non-exclusive group. Everyone that wants to be Family can be.

Please note: The Code of Conduct is not enforced as this is not a sanctioned Camarilla function. HOWEVER ~ members are reminded that this is NOT the place to bring Drama and Hate. If you have an issue with someone in the Mafia or the Org, you are to follow the correct procedures outlined in the Membership Handbook.

The ULTIMATE goal of this is to have FUN.

A Message from the Original Fairy Godmother

First.. a big HEY! to the Family.

That said.. this group started as a small joke during the Auction at ICC 2k5. It quickly turned into something that we knew must stick around. Friends of ours had long referred to a few of us as the Pink Mafia, and so amidst snark and laughter we decided to come out of the shadows and salute those who worked so hard at ICC.

Alex T was the recipient of the first HEY! and it nearly broke him. It was at that moment we realized the true power we had.

So.. what is this all about?


Period. End of story.
Yes, we realize most of us are snarky bitches.
However, this does NOT mean we are serious.

In fact ~ if you've got a serious issue with someone, the Mafia is NOT the place to handle it or discuss it.

We expect you to be adults about things.
We expect you to handle yourself appropriately at Events.
We expect you to cause a scene.. not the types that leave people wincing, but the type of scenes that leave people desirous of more.

Expect theme parties.
Expect to make new friends.
Expect to look out for each other..
and to laugh with one another.

The second this becomes *not fun* something is seriously wrong.

Its important that we remember these things, and so this message will go out once a month.. and as we grow and our expectations change ~ this letter may change as well.

So with a big HEY and a tip of the tiara..
I remain,

The Original Fairy Godmother
Chair of the Princess Council
Godmother of the Pink Mafia

~Chris Rhodes~

Special Events

Special events are drives and efforts made outside of Camarilla Conventions. These last for a duration and are focused on community improvement.

Upcoming Events

These are events that will have a confirmed Family presence. More details will be added as each party is planned.

  • Things are in the works.. get on the list to find out about, suggest or plan something fierce!

Past Events

The Family tries to take advantage of Camarilla Conventions to get together, have a party and maybe raise some money for a good cause. These are some of our past events. Some are a little crazier than others, but the goal is always the same - to have some fun!

ICC - Our Birthday!

  • ICC 2005 - Phoenix, AZ - Our Founding!
  • ICC 2006 - Milwaukee, WI - Safehouse Party
  • ICC 2007 - Nashville, TN - Jammie Jam and Welcome Luncheon
  • ICC 2008 - Glam Rock City
  • ICC 2009 - Taken off in support of Succubus Club
  • ICC 2010 - Suits and Skirts!

National Events

  • USCC 2008 - Cleveland, OH - The Queen Bee Party
  • AbN 2012 - Atlanta, GA - Black and Pink at the Succubus Club

Regional Events


  • January 25th - ManShank Wellness Day - Do something good for your health! Get a massage, get laid, etc.


Below are the Princesses and Made Men of the Pink Mafia. Feel free to add yourself and your contact information if you're a member. Including the story of how or why you got your name would also rock! Not a member? See below for how to join the Family.

Click here for a list of members by Affiliate and Region.


Pink Mafia.jpg

Fairy Godmother (formerly Princess Timing) - Jenn Eiland
Princess Areola - April Horinek Douglas
Princess Big N Rich - Kenny Cole
Princess Bossy Boots - Valerie Pless
Princess Bone-ified - Stan Stanley
Princess Brassy - Michelle AKA Dave Mapes
Princess Brilliance - KiTTiE
Princess Cafe` Noir - Ericka Skirpan
Princess Cake - Matt Adrian
Princess Cherry-Bomb - Crystal Remy
Princess Classic - Rebecca Nichols
Princess Charming - Marco Terrazas
Princess DeLorean - Krista Ward
Princess Dionysus - Aaron "Duckie" Lirette
Princess DoomPants - Eric Panter
Princess Wicked Dixie (Formally Princess Wicked) - Beth Moore
Princess Double Trouble - Jay Schneiderman
Princess EBay - Kara Trickett
PrincEss O'Teric - Isaac Everett
Princess Fabrege - AshBee
Princess Floggin' Poly - Katherine King
Princess Forget-Me-Not - Ian Fabry
Princess Foursnaps - Marina
Princess FreeDom - Jayce
Princess Furry - Scott Shnider
Princess Gimme - AJ Thompson
Princess GLaDOS - Matthew Horoszowski
Princess Halfn2Step - John Osbourne
Princess Hardcore - Walter Holt
Princess Harley - Dani Sullivan
Princess Hentai - Lucas
Princess Honey Badger - Matt Quillen
Princess Hush - Erynne Ostberg
Princess Illuminated, High Queen of the Queers - Chris R.
Princess Impaler - D. Scott McQuiston
Princess Jaded - Juliet K
Princess KingDom - Ilan N.
Princess K.I.N.K - Chris Beck
Princess Leather n' Lace - Brittney East
Princess Mafioso - Frank Marcelli
Princess Mama Bear - Katie Harwood
Princess Mistress - Erin Warren
Princess Mommy Dearest - Kimberly Perkins
Princess MoneyPenny - Heather Nestorick
Princess Nap - Nikki Hauser
Princess NC-17 - Jessi Kidgell
Princess Oink - Lee Harrington
Princess Original Sin - Colin A. Douglas
Princess Painter - Tyler Brown
Princess Platinum - Gretchen Adragna
Princess Priceless (Formerly Poison) - Michael McGough
Princess Pony - Robert-Sean Harley
Princess Princess - Mickey Sanford
Princess Pure Elle - Tim Binns
Princess Rainbow Storm - Angelhughes79
Princess Rock-a-Fella - Donald Bell
Princess Run Around - Wendy Misuinas
Princess SUB-Marine - Ashley Morris
Princess Shhh! - Erynne Ostberg
Princess Shiny - Jamie Wilkinson
Princess Sir - Matthew Cotterill
Princess SlipNSlide - Franki Holt
Princess Smart Cookie - Margaret R.
Princess Starfucker - Rowan C.
Princess Stilettos - Karina D.
Princess Sweet Hands - Kelsey Greene
Princess Teacher - Denise Rohleder
Princess Tender Wood/Princess Kick Ass - Rob P.
Princess Touch-Me-Not - Valerie Taylor
Princess Veritas - Gregory Glenn
Princess Victorian Secret - R. McCarthy
Princess Wiccat - Kat
Princess Wookiee-Prime - Claude Covington

The Made Men

The Only Honorable Don Mandatory Roughness - Brian Hanna
Barbie Man - Braden McCampbell
Big Dirty IrishMan aka Big DIM - Sean M
Cemetery Man - Alex Adragna
Cherry ComMando- Jesse Benge
ComMand Line - Jeff Schaller
Dame Man - Damian Broccoli
Dammit Man!! - Toby Halverson
Dirty Old Man - Jerry Steele
FlaskMAN - David Schwartz
Godiva Man - Jared Bentley
GoldManSacks - Brian Misamore
Hammer Man - Mike Bramnik
Lady HandyMan - Jen Bussell
Man Bender - Laura Simpson
Man-Gina - Richard Francher
ManDate - David Bounds
Man Eater - Michelle Webb
Man-Eating Snark - Tara Deenihan
Man Hunter - Kellie Eiland
ManDingo - Christian Stephenson
Manhandle - Brendan Hutt
ManHattan Project - Vic Cross
Man-iac - Rachel Steiner
Manicure - Eddy Webb
MANic Monkey - Cris Picado
Manolo - Abby Estes
ManShank - Shuniqua Dietz née Rodriguez
ManSlaughter - Abby Peterson
Many Flavors - Trina Nilson
Mayo Man - Jason Hamon
Marlboro Man - Mitch Remy
Mr. RoMANtix - Tim Roane
Muscle Man - Bryan York
Pants Man - Dave "Pants" Segil
Point Man - Chris St. Louis
Secret Agent Man - Jon Herrmann
The Idea Man - Michael King
The Majestic Man - RC "Moose" Mansker
The Man Churian Candidate - Shawn Howland
Wo-Man - Alex Stack/Francher
Gentle WoMan - Cindy Jackson Cynthia Jackson

ITALICS Indicate that an individual is No longer a member of the Camarilla, but they still hold their position in the Mafia.

Gone From the World, but a Mafioso Always

A list of our members who are no longer with us
M~andolyn - An Doyle
Princess Quagmire - Mariano "Max" Jimenez

Other Items of Interest

How to Join

Want in on the fun? We mean it when we say fun for all, so welcome! You can contact any of the Princess Council or the Made Men, who will submit you to the email list with your suggested name (you can offer a suggestion or leave yourself at the mercy of the Mafia). Once the name is finalized, we add you to the list. And names can be changed, so you're not branded forever. It's as easy as that!

Fun Tools

  • This wouldn't be the Cam if we didn't have an email list!
  • Some Cam Pride and Pink Mafia apparel available at Cafe Press. Thanks to Princess Impaler!
  • Strut your stuff with a Pink Mafia Sash! Include your name, your tag line, whatever you enjoy! They start at $24.99 at
  • Mafiosos looking for some motivation and fun while meeting their fitness goals should join the PM Fitness Group. Contact the FGM for information!