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This is the venue page for the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA Cam/Anarch venue. Please read our Venue Style Sheet, as it contains important in character historical information and out of character venue specific rules not reprinted on this page.

Here is a link the the Calendar for our games in the area.

The below information is known in character to all Kindred PCs attached to a Portland area Camarilla VSS. Other Kindred may expend levels of Politics (Camarilla) to learn pieces of this information. Please send an email to the Cam/Anarch VST (Alastair Stuart) if you would like to expend levels of Politics (Camarilla) for this purpose.

The Praxis of Portland OR

Portland IC Map

Dynamic IC Domain and feeding territory map of Portland(Google Map)

Courtesies, the Lesser Traditions of Portland

1. Controlled Access. No Kindred shall take part in any feeding within 1 mile of a gathering site, or Elysium.

2. Proper Stratification. Court Officers, Elders and Primogen may approach the Prince directly. Ancilla and Neonates who bypass their Primogen to address the Prince directly with concerns will find themselves owing major boons to the Prince and Primogen.

3. The City of Roses is a Guardian of the Ivory Tower. All Independent travelers to our fair domain will submit all requests to the office of the Harpy no less than 48 hours prior to their intended arrival. Good residents of this domain.

4. The Power of Tradition. Primogen who have retained their Praxis-granted Right of Destruction over their clanmates will also hold this power over members of their clan visiting the city.

5. A Clan must be present to be represented. In order to be entitled to full representation on the Primogen Council, a Clan must hold significant sway (OOC: 5 total Abiding and Innate status).

6. Enemies will be shown no mercy. All Sabbat encountered within Portland are to be rendered unto torpor, and turned over to an officer of the court.

7. With privilege comes responsibility, or the duties of the Clans. The Prince expects the Primogen to not only take care of their own (policing feeding territories and vetting their visiting Clanmates), but also to take an active hand in hosting social events and providing some improvement to the city at large.

8 .Safe Passage. The Tradition of Elysium extends to include travel to and from the grounds only for those invited to attend by the Keeper of Elysium. Each invitation lasts only from sunset to the immediately following sunrise.

Court Officers

Prince: Sevynn
Seneschal: Greer Carson
Harpy: Ligeia Loxley
Keeper of Elysium: Marco Castellano
Sheriff: Samuel Graves

Primogen Council

Toreador: Cassandra
Tremere: Edward Salazar
Ventrue: Madame Saphire
Gangrel: Carson
Brujah: Eileen Vargas
Malkavian: Miss Elizabeth
Nosferatu: Dr. Sheldon Ashley

Notable Residents

  • Brujah
Laszlo dresses like a 1950s father figure, and carries an elaborate ivory pipe. He is generally very quiet and polite.
Eileen is a (usually) cheerful Brujah scholar, who tends toward casual dress and intense interest in new or rare things.
  • Daughters of Cacophony
Ligeia displays flawless manners as well as impeccable couture.
  • Gangrel
Xiuchoatl means business, and won't hesitate to demonstrate.
  • Malkavian
  • Nosferatu
  • Toreador
Ora can be found by her charming use of corsets, bustle and lavish make-up. she is also often covered in stains from her charcoal drawings, and at times dancing, drawing or running to fetch someone at her Grandsire's direction.
Red of hair and temper, but just as quick to laugh and offer a drink.
Curly blond hair and a fancy red dress.
  • Tremere
Edward Salazar can generally be found in a three piece suit, with a bowler, cane and pocket watch.
"The Dancing Tremere."
Asterisk usually wears a creatively modified T-shirt, and is seldom found without her laptop.
  • Ventrue
Madame Sapphire is a bold woman who wears tasteful and expensive clothing and jewelry.
  • Setite
Adam is usually very quiet, dressed in all black. Often seen by himself, or speaking to the Malkavians or Toreador.

Important Links

The correct form to use to update IC status most conveniently.

Status Spreadsheet for Portland area local characters.

Status mechanics Spreadsheet.

Discipline Attribute Foci Spreadsheet.

Google Drive Character sheet that does your math for you but isn't locked.


Multnomah County Central Library.

Feeding Grounds

As indicated on the map.

The Harpy's Desk

Portland, OR Masquerade