Portland, OR Requiem

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Requiem for Portland Oregon

Requiem PCs



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General Info

This will be the page for the Theater of Roses (OR-036-D) Requiem Venue.
VST Information: Name: Doug Stanford
VST Email: Requiem VST

The VSS can be found here

Court of Portland

Prince: Gwyneth Loreth

Seneschal: Kord Greenberg

Prince's Harpy: Bishop Andrew Lukas

Prisci Harpy:


Keeper: Carter Carlson

Prisci and Primogen of Portland

Daeva: Chance

Gangrel: Echo Greeneleaf

Mekhet: Vorzheva

Nosferatu: Charonelle DesJardins

Ventrue: Vacant

Carthian: Chance

Circle of the Crone: Kord Greenberg

Invictus: Gwyneth Loreth

Lancea Sanctum: Bishop Andrew Lukas

Ordo Dracul: Henrietta Walker

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