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Ninna Farakh

"Honour Nothing of Human Craft"

This tribe, following the eldest Firstborn; Dire Wolf (Huzuruth-Ur), embraces savagery and brutality.

Monsters, Recluses, Brutal Bullies

Oldest and most ruthless of the spirit wolves, Dire Wolf was Urfarah’s savage nobility given form. But what appeared as wisdom and temperance was often tainted with spite, for Huzuruth — utmost predator among predators — is one of the few Firstborn touched with true malice. It is the malice of a creature that knows its own power and fears nothing. The malice eats into his very being, souring his great wisdom and tainting all who bond with him.

Dire Wolf did not howl in sorrow at Urfarah’s death. He scuffed dirt over the body of his father, knowing that a creature weak enough to be destroyed by its own children deserved such a fate. The strong prosper and the weak die. Dire Wolf lives by the code of nature at its most primal: ultimately, the individual’s life is all that matters. He was the first to turn from the pleading Uratha — not because he felt rage at their slaughter, but because they had brought about the end of Pangaea. Selfish to the last, Dire Wolf cared nothing for those who wanted to follow in Urfarah’s empty steps. It did not matter to him that the two worlds were in chaos. What mattered to Dire Wolf was that his hunting ground — his predator’s paradise — was no more.

And he hated those responsible.

The Children of Dire Wolf are his savage and bestial reflection. They are hunters and stalkers and murderers, exalting in the kill. They hunt more for the sheer pleasure of the act of the kill than for sustenance. Strength is all to the Predator Kings.


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