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House of the Crimson Thorn - ME-008-D

Brief History

  • In 1870, the first Kindred wormed their way into the frontier society of the area around what would become the city of Presque Isle. They came to manipulate the lumber and trapping industries. Shortly before the railroad showed up in 1881, the first Prince (Jonathan Sebastian, Elder Ventrue) took his office. The railroad allowed the fledgling Camarilla foothold to branch out to different townships, taking power where they could.
  • The early 1900’s introduced the Kindred to the local werewolf population. The werewolves started picking off the Kindred. For almost ten years the Camarilla struggled to stay alive in the face of relentless foe who would kill and then vanish back into the wilds. A few towns lost their entire Kindred population to the wolves; they never regained them.
  • In 1911 the werewolf attacks ended entirely due to a truce bartered with the werewolves by the Elder Gangrel, Gottfrid Flemming.
  • The 1930s brought prohibition, and along with it came the Giovanni; they seeped in with the growth of organized crime. The Giovanni maintained a stable relationship with the court of the Camarilla. They became a local fixtures in Kindred politics until they vanished shortly after World War II; there were rumors of a great disturbance in the spirit realm. However, without any Giovanni to provide services, no effective investigation could be launched and no evidence discovered.
  • In the 1950s a Brujah named Joshua Stone left the Camarilla and established an Anarch presence in Fort Fairfield. By 1960s the local Anarch movement more than rivaled the Camarilla in numbers, but they could not compete with the power structures an organziation of the Ivory Tower.
  • In 1983, the local Camarilla had an upstart sieze Praxis. Eliza Rose, Clan Toreador, took the votes and power away from the prior Prince. The ex-prince vanished very mysteriously, making the Court uneasy with the new regime. Prince Rose ruled mostly through others, using a soft hand where the old Prince had used blatant force. Her rule, or more correctly misrule, aided the enemies of the Ivory Tower consolidate power.
  • In 1989 the local Camarilla and Anarch societies were almost erased by a Sabbat incursion that came from seemingly nowhere. The Anarchs had made several, unwise deals with the Sabbat from Canada. Instead of honoring the deals, the Sabbat used them as cover to invade. After a very quick battle with the Anarchs, the Sabbat leader, Lasombra Eric LaPage, diablerized Stone in the middle of an Anarch gathering.
  • Until 2014 the Sabbat have essentially dominated the area. The Carmarilla, having held on to their own territories by a thread, made a deal with the Anarchs to take the entire area back. The goal is to push the Sabbat back and hopefully eradicate the menace they represent. The Camarilla/Anarch relationship bore some fruit, but it reamined an uneasy one with the upstart Prince Rose engaging in what many felt was a poor rule.
  • 2015 brought a new year and sweeping changes. In Janurary, a general uprising against the Praxis of Prince Rose, fueled by intrigue and honest disatisfaction, led to her death as well as that of several other members of the Camarilla Court. The Anarchs seeing nothing but weakness and little value in their agreement with the Camarilla declared Presque Isle theirs. This wasn't, however, backed up with any real force or action against the remaining Camarilla. The chaos brought Archon Harrington Taunton-Phillips to the Domain to investiate the murder of a Prince. As no other Praxis had been declared, the uprising did not come off as a legitimate Praxis struggle. His investigation and relative light punishments made it clear that the Camarilla did not approve of such behavior, but that there was an understanding of the dead Prince's failings. After the Archon finished his investigation he appointed a Servire to watch the area and laid down a warning that anymore foolishness would land the Domain in bad standing. A short but bloodless Praxis struggle ensued and a new Toreador Prince, Finn Aidan O'Reilly took the throne as of February 2015.
  • 2016 proved to be a foundation building year for the new Praxis. During that time, the nearby Anarchs were destroyed by a combination of internal struggles, the Sabbat, and perhaps the slow machinations of Prince O'Reilly. The Praxis certainly infers it. A slow building struggle with the Sabbat seems to have likewise lead to the demise of the Independent Setites and Giovanni of nearby Mars Hill. Casualties among the Camarilla itself have proven to be light. The various Sabbat raiders seem to be either bleeding out, or at the very least consolidating down into a single group. The Domain, although a backwater, seems to be of some strategic value to the Sabbat for undetermined mystical reasons. What is more, it appears to be a crossroads between Canada and the United States. Regular envoys travel between the Camarilla Domains of Saint John and Montreal. It is rumored that a number of Canadian Camarilla keep Havens within the Domain with the permission of the Praxis. There have been a few ineffectual challenges to the O'Reilly Praxis, all of which were put down within a single night and without much fanfare which gives the impression that Presque Isle is as stable as Camarilla Domains come. Recently, O'Reilly has joined his Praxis into the 4th Empire of Dominions and adopted the title "Lord Governor General" as well. This appears to ally his Domain with potent European Courts.

The Court of Presque Isle


Prince: Finn O'Reilly ---"A Domain is like a well-made watch. Ye have to wind it up now and then."
Seneschal: Currently Vacant
Harpy: Inanna ---"The history of this Domain will be kind to me, because I intend to write it."
Keeper of Elysium: Griffin Marlowe
Sheriff: Bruce Hunter

Brujah Primogen: Coming Soon!
Gangrel Primogen: Bruce Hunter
Malkavian Primogen: Inanna ---"We are enlightened not deluded; thusly, wise Princes seek our counsel."
Nosferatu Primogen: Niel Bracton
Toreador Primogen: Dante Rose
Tremere Primogen: Douglas Blackstone
Tremere Whip Anastasia Romanov
Ventrue Primogen: unoccupied

The Curiosities of Domain

By Order of the Prince, O'Reilly Proclamations 2015

2015 Harpy Reports

Coming Soon... per Elder Harpy, Inanna of Clan Malkavian

All Members of the Ivory Tower

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Michael Oakenshield Bruce Hunter Inanna Niel Bracton Ayden Taylor Douglas Blackstone Dramand Croix
Coming Soon! Fafnir Coming Soon-10 Coming Soon-11 Finn O'Reilly Coming Soon-13 Coming Soon-14
Coming Soon-15 Jonah Lucas Coming Soon-17 Coming Soon-18 Grady O'Shea Coming Soon-20 Coming Soon-21
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Independents of Presque Isle

LogoClanGiovanniSmall.png LogoClanFollowersofSetSmall.png LogoClanAssamitesSmall.png LogoClanRavnosSmall.png
Andrew Claiven Coming Soon-S Coming SOon-A Coming Soon-R
Coming Soon-G Griffin Marlowe Coming Soon-A Coming Soon-R
Coming Soon-G Coming Soon-S Coming Soon-A coming Soon-R
Coming Soon-G Coming Soon-S Coming Soon-A Coming Soon-R
Coming Soon-G Coming Soon-S Coming Soon-A COming Soon-R

Anarchs in the Presque Isle Area

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Places of Interest

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